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Mako Weapon Specialist

Some engineers enter battle with powerful energy weapons capable of obliterating targets. These weapons can take the shape from complex rods, high-powered energy crossbows, firearms, swords or axes made entirely of energy, or even more exotic and strange devices.

The mako weapon specialist is an archetype of the engineer class.

Mako Weapon (Su)

The mako weapon has statistics equal to the base weapon it is constructed from, with a +1 class bonus to damage. It receives a number of charges equal to 1/2 the engineer’s level + Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). The charges renew after 8 hours of uninterrupted non-usage.

Regardless of the shape it takes all mako weapons generally function the same. The mako weapon specialist must be proficient with the weapon used as the base for their mako weapon, as well as physically possess it, either through purchase, discovery as treasure, or through a feat, trait, or other ability. It takes one hour to fit the weapon with the mako generator. If the mako weapon is lost or destroyed, the mako weapon specialist must provide a new weapon to create a new mako weapon, similar to the normal steps in building an Automaton. If the mako weapon specialist wishes to create a new mako weapon, and the original is still intact, he must either destroy the mako generator upon the old weapon, or disassemble the old weapon. Disassembling a mako weapon is a Craft (weaponsmithing) check with a DC equal to the mako weapon specialist’s level + Intelligence modifier + any enhancement bonuses that the weapon possesses. Success indicates that the mako core has been removed and can be placed on a new weapon with only an hour’s work. Otherwise the mako weapon must be rebuilt from scratch, as normal. Only the mako weapon specialist that created the mako weapon knows the intricacies of the operating it.

A mako weapon, through the expenditure of 1 charge as a swift action, grants a feat to the wielder. If the mako weapon is based on a melee weapon, the mako weapon specialist may choose from Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dazzling Display, Power Attack, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (mako weapon), or Two-Weapon Fighting. If the weapon is ranged, it may grant Deadly Aim, Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, or Weapon Focus (mako weapon). The mako weapon specialist does not have to meet the feat’s normal qualifications, but retains the feat only for a number of minutes equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 0), as long as they are wielding their mako weapon. If the mako weapon is dropped, lost, or destroyed, the feat is lost. The mako weapon specialist may replace the current feat by using an additional charge and a swift action. The base mako weapon can only grant a single feat at one time.

This ability replaces support droid.

Mako Weapon Upgrade 1

A mako weapon specialist may add this upgrade to their mako weapon at 8th level. The mako weapon becomes sturdier and more difficult to destroy. It gains an additional 5 hp. The following feats become available to the mako weapon specialist with his mako weapon if it is a melee weapon: Cleave, Improved Trip, Improved Sunder, or Weapon Specialization (mako weapon). If it is a ranged weapon, he may choose from Double Tap, Manyshot, Shot on the Run, Rapid Reload, or Weapon Specialization (mako weapon). Finally, when he expends a charge to be granted a feat, he may choose up to two feats instead of one to activate.

This ability replaces support droid upgrade 1.

Mako Weapon Upgrade 2

A mako weapon specialist may add this upgrade to their mako weapon at 12th level. The class bonus to damage of the mako weapon increases to +2. The following feats are available to choose from by expending a charge if it is a melee weapon: Critical Focus, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Lunge, or Vital Strike. If it is a ranged weapon, he may choose from Critical Focus, Improved Critical (mako weapon), or Improved Precise Shot.

This ability replaces support droid upgrade 2.

Mako Weapon Upgrade 3

A mako weapon specialist may add this upgrade to their mako weapon at 16th level. When the mako weapon specialist expends a mako weapon charge, he may now choose three feats to be activated. Additionally, as a swift action, he may expend a charge to add his Intelligence modifier as a luck bonus to all damage rolls made with his mako weapon for one round.

This ability replaces support droid upgrade 3.

Mako Weapon Master Upgrade

A mako weapon specialist may add this upgrade to their mako weapon at 20th level. The mako weapon gains hardness 10 and 15 more hit points. The following feats may be selected upon expending a charge: Bleeding Critical, Greater Weapon Focus (mako weapon), Greater Weapon Specialization (mako weapon), Exhausting Critical, or Stunning Critical. Finally, by expending charges when confirming a critical hit, they may add the number of charges expended (up to their Intelligence modifier) to the confirmation roll.

This ability replaces support droid master upgrade.