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Ark Knight

It’s often thought that all of those touched in divine power are ignorant of the world they inhabit; heads too far in the clouds (or in dark places) to pay heed of mortal affairs. Alas, this is often more the case than many may realize, yet not all such beings are quite as distant to the world. There are those that lead lives of epic struggle of Good and Evil with earthlier grace and wisdom, and are perhaps more dangerous because of it. These more level-headed knights are known as Ark Knights, and while they are less mystical than their fellows, they make up for the loss of divine power with greater worldly know-how.

The ark knight is an archetype of the dark knight or holy knight class.

Worldly Knowledge

With less empowerment from divine sources, the ark knight must make his own way through the world by his own merit and ability. At 1st level and every level thereafter, he gains 2 extra skill points that can only be spent on Wisdom- or Intelligence- based skills and all Intelligence-based skill are now considered Class Skills for you.

This ability replaces harm touch or lay on hands (as appropriate).

From the Earth

Often overlooked are those whose talents lack the flash and flare of the more supernatural bent, yet these skill-sets have nonetheless gave rise to the foundation of legends and empires, something an ark knight understands better than most. At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, he may gain a Fighter Talent or Thief Talent, treating his effective level in both classes for the purpose of talents as your class level – 2.

This ability replaces defile or blessing (as appropriate).

Boring Yet Practical

While the flash and flare may inspire or terrify the common man, the stronger foes will nary be impressed; at times like these it pays to have a solid foundation. An ark knight at 3rd, 9th, 12th and 15th level may select any Combat feat that they meet the prerequisite for.

This ability replaces shared offense or shared defense (as appropriate).

Silence and the Fury

Just as the knights of darkness and light stand opposed to one another so two are those that are fueled by passion and serenity. Those of passion work themselves into a unstoppable fury becoming whirlwinds of action and energy. Those of serenity center themselves into an unmovable pillar that weathers all storms with cool efficiency. The unstoppable force and the unmovable object, few battles are as epic as such. At 9th level, an ark knight may select either the ability to Rage or to enter the Defensive Stance like a Beastmaster or Knight equal to half his class level (rounded up). Once chosen, it cannot be latter changed.

At 11th level and every two levels thereafter, he may replace an Aura ability instead with a Rage Power or Knight Talent (whichever was chosen) in its place. This is an optional choice.

This ability replaces last resort or holy shield (as appropriate) and may replace any-and-or all auras.