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Archetypes (Summoner)

Table: Summoner Archetypes

CallerMost summoners forge a bond with a single, powerful avatar, but some summoners seek to control a variety of creatures. The caller sacrifices the power of his avatar in favor of summoning a plethora of otherworldly creatures to aid him.
EvokerSome evokers choose to summon a planar creature rather than an aspect of a primal or deity.
InvokerSometimes it’s not enough to summon a rampaging engine of destruction to the battlefield. Sometimes, you have to become one yourself!
Mirage KeeperOften referred to as “breakers”, these summoners break the rules to capture and summon creatures, avatars and even humans they fight, to fight with them in a form known as stacking, combining their strengths and weaknesses to make a single powerhouse.