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Archetypes (Fighter)

The following table lists the archetypes for the fighter class. Racial prerequisites are in bold.

Table: Fighter Archetypes

Airborne AmbusherDriven by suspicion and hatred, aegyl doggedly guard their territories, making deadly use of their flight. Using swift strikes from above, aegyl plummet onto their foes with lethal force. Available only to aegyl fighters.
DefenderA defender focuses on both offense and defense, blending weapon and shield in perfect balance to impede his enemies while delivering deadly blows, and even turning the shield itself into a formidable weapon. These fighting school benefits apply when wielding a weapon and a shield simultaneously.
Dirty FighterThe dirty fighter laughs at concepts like honor and fair play. He cares only for victory, no matter how he achieves it, and spends as much time mastering sneaky combat maneuvers as he does drilling with weapons or learning how to wear armor. Available only to seeq fighters.
FoehammerWhile the axe is the most famous dwarven weapon, the hammer is at the heart of dwarves' heritage as forgemasters and warriors alike. Available only to dwarf fighters.
GladiatorMost fighters battle out of necessity, with each battle a contest of life and death. Some, however, fight for glory and for the adulation of the crowd. The gladiator is both a cunning warrior and a consummate performer, knowing life and death are balanced not only on a sword’s edge, but also on the cheers or jeers of the crowd.
Gunblade SpecialistThe fighter masters the art of fighting with a difficult weapon, the gunblade. These warriors learn to time their shots to heavily damage creatures hit in melee.
LanistaTo hear most lanistas talk, battles are won by heart and grit, by sharp iron and mighty hews. Yet the lanista knows that the key to victory is the mind behind the mettle, the training that guides the blade, and the knowledge of when and where to strike.
MercenaryMercenaries fight for money or other recompense instead of fighting for ideological interests, whether they agree with or are against the existing government. Still, gold buys loyalty. As a result, they are well equipped and dedicate themselves to training in small-unit tactics, quickly communicating strategies and tricks to handle any threat to their charges.
Nimble StrikerIxal warriors are proficient with a wide variety of weapons, but they are especially adept with swords. Disdaining the use of heavy armors, the ixal fighting style focuses on quick movements, prodigious leaps, and dexterous sword-play. Available only to ixal fighters.
Sea WolfA sea wolf is a pirate who focuses on shipboard combat relying on his strength of arms over his agility. He specializes in traditional pirate weapons, but often wears heavier armor than is normally seen on a ship. A sea wolf moves and fights easily in his armor, however, even in the water. Captains value sea wolves because of the skill they exhibit in defending the ship and in boarding actions. Available only to roegadyn fighters.
ShinSectShinra Security Division (egregiously shortened to ShinSect) is one of the many semi-military divisions found in Shinra Inc. Unlike their more military brethren, ShinSect deals with internal security, riot suppression and general security of various installations. Technically, ShinSect is a Branch Division under the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department (aka: The Turks) and are to report to them directly. In practice, the Turks tend to call on them seldom and mostly just make sure all the proper paperwork is in order and that everyone’s doing their job. Trained almost exclusively to minimize the potential collateral and to take alive any prisoners (if need be), these hardcore men and women tend to be often overlook by media in favor of the more ‘charismatic’ Divisions. But what they lack in fame, they make for with fervor.
SoldierSOLDIERs are experimented warriors developed by the Shinra Corporation. They are infused with Mako energy to become stronger and tougher, but are slightly weakened in other aspects by the Mako poisoning.
SquireFighters had to start their humble beginnings somewhere, as a squire. Some take it as a full-fledged duty.
VikingThe sagas of the northern people are filled with stories of mighty warriors sailing south to raid the peoples of warmer climes and returning with longships filled with plunder. The northerners call these warriors vikings, and their deeds are sung in the longhouses during the long winter nights. A viking strikes fear into the heart of her foes, and in battle can fly into a terrible rage. Many vikings wear the pelts of bears or wolves, drawing on the strength and ferocity of these beasts in battle. Vikings do not wear heavy armor, but are skilled at fighting with an ax or spear in conjunction with a shield.
WarriorOn the northernmost edge of Abalathia’s Spine exists a mountain tribe renowned for producing fearsome mercenaries. These men and women learn to harness their inner-beasts and translate that power to unbridled savagery on the battlefield. In former times which saw war waged ceaselessly in Eorzea, the warriors featured prominently on the frontlines of battle. With the arrival of peacetime, however, their art has descended into the shadows of obscurity, where it remains to this day.