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Fighter Talents

As a fighter gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him and confound his foes. Starting at 2nd level, the fighter gains one fighter talent. He gains an additional fighter talent for every 2 levels of fighter attained after 2nd level. Unless specified otherwise, a fighter cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Table: Fighter Talents

Fighter TalentPrerequisitesBenefits
Abundant Tactics (Ex)The fighter adds his chosen weapon bonus to the number of times per day he can use a combat feat he has that allows a limited number of daily uses, such as the Stunning Fist feat.
Agility (Ex)Dexterity 13, Weapon Finesse The fighter can add his Dexterity modifier to his Attack and Damage rolls as well as CMB with his chosen weapon, instead of his Strength modifier. The fighter does not gain bonus damage from wielding his chosen weapon in two hands. Fighter abilities keyed off of strength are now keyed off of Dexterity.
Athlete (Ex)A fighter adds half his fighter levels as a bonus to all Acrobatic skill checks. A fighter is considered always taking 10 on any Acrobatic skill checks. The fighter can also take 20 in half the time.
Combat Maneuver Defense (Ex)When the fighter is wielding his chosen weapon, his chosen weapon bonus applies to his CMD against all combat maneuvers attempted against him, instead of just against disarm and sunder combat maneuvers.
Dazzling Intimidation (Ex)The fighter applies his chosen weapon bonus to Intimidate checks and can attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize an opponent as a move action instead of a standard action. If he has the Dazzling Display feat, he can use it as a standard action instead of a full-round action.
Effortless Dual-Wielding (Ex)Fighter 6, Two-Weapon FightingIf the fighter’s chosen weapon is a one-handed weapon, he treats it as a light weapon when determining his penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons.
Extreme Effort (Ex)Strength 15A fighter that selects this talent may perform feats of extreme physical effort. When making a strength check, the fighter doubles his strength bonus. At 11th level, triple the strength bonus, and at 16th level, quadruple the strength bonus. The fighter may always take 10 on any Strength checks.
Fast Movement (Ex)A fighter that selects this talent increases his base speed by 10 ft.
FeatA fighter may select any Combat feat instead of a talent. A fighter must still meet all prerequisites for this feat, including ability score and base attack bonus minimums. This talent may be selected multiple times choosing a new Combat feat each time.
Fighter’s Reflexes (Ex)The fighter applies his chosen weapon bonus to Reflex saving throws. He loses this bonus when he is flat-footed or denied his Dexterity bonus to AC.
Fighter’s Tactics (Ex)All of the fighter’s allies are treated as if they had the same teamwork feats as the fighter for the purpose of determining whether the fighter receives a bonus from his teamwork feats. His allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually have the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat for the fighter to receive the listed bonus.
Hardened Fortitude (Ex)A fighter only requires half as much sleep or meditation as normal and can survive twice as long without food and water before needing to make checks. In addition, the fighter gains a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution checks made to continue running; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march; Constitution checks made to hold his breath; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments; and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation. And the fighter may sleep in medium or heavy armor without becoming fatigued.
Martial Arts TrainingA fighter gains the ability to make an unarmed strike as per the feat Improved Unarmed Strike, his unarmed damage is equal to that of a first level monk of his size.
Melee DefenseWhen wielding a melee weapon, a fighter gains a +1 shield bonus to his AC. This shield bonus stacks with that granted by any shield he wields. If fighting with two weapons, he gains a +2 shield bonus to his AC. At 11th level, this bonus increases to +2/+4.
Melee PowerA fighter with this talent adds +2 to damage with all melee weapons. In addition, the fighter may reroll 1s for damage with melee weapons.
Parry (Ex)Fighter 4, Melee DefenseThe fighter can negate a melee attack by rolling an opposed attack roll, DC = the opponent’s attack roll. This uses one of the fighter’s attacks of opportunity (if he has more with Combat Reflexes) for the round in which it is used. He receives a –5 penalty to his attack roll every time he uses this after the first. He must have a melee weapon in hand, and he must be aware of his foe and not flat-footed.
Provoke (Ex)A fighter that selects this talent adds half his fighter levels as a bonus to all Intimidate checks to taunt. This also reduces the DC check by 2.
Rain of Blows (Ex)Fighter 6When wielding a melee weapon that a fighter has Chosen Weapon with, he may, as a full attack action, make an extra melee attack at his highest BAB, but all such attacks receive a –2 penalty. This does not stack with anything that grants additional attacks (such as haste).
Riposte (Ex)Fighter 6, Melee Defense, ParryOnce per encounter, as an immediate action, a fighter may make a melee attack against an opponent whose attack the fighter successfully parried this round.
Steel Headbutt (Ex)While wearing medium or heavy armor, a fighter can deliver a headbutt with his helm as part of a full attack action. This headbutt is in addition to his normal attacks, and is made using the fighter’s base attack bonus – 5. A helmet headbutt deals 1d3 points of damage if the fighter is wearing medium armor, or 1d4 points of damage if he is wearing heavy armor (1d2 and 1d3, respectively, for Small creatures), plus an amount of damage equal to half the fighter’s Strength modifier. Treat this attack as a weapon attack made using the same special material (if any) as the armor. The armor’s enhancement bonus does not modify the headbutt attack, but the helm can be enchanted as a separate weapon.
Strong Back (Ex)A fighter that selects this talent adds +4 to his strength score to determine his carrying capacity. In addition, the fighter can wear medium armor without the reduced speed. At 11th level, a fighter can wear heavy armor without the reduced speed.
Trained Initiative (Ex)As long as he is wielding his chosen weapon or is able to draw such his chosen weapon (even if he is not currently wielding it), the fighter applies his chosen weapon bonus to Initiative checks. In addition, if he has the Quick Draw feat, he can draw that weapon as a free action as part of making an initiative check.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex)Fighter 6The fighter can react to danger before his senses would normally allow him to do so. He cannot be caught flat-footed, even if the attacker is invisible. He still loses his Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A fighter with this ability can still lose his Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against him. If a fighter already has uncanny dodge from a different class, he automatically gains improved uncanny dodge (see below) instead.
Warrior Spirit (Su)Fighter 6The fighter can forge a spiritual bond with his chosen weapon, allowing him to unlock the weapon’s potential. Each day, he designates his chosen weapon and gains a number of points of spiritual energy equal to 1 + his chosen weapon bonus. While wielding this weapon, as a swift action, he can spend 1 point of spiritual energy to grant the weapon an enhancement bonus equal to his chosen weapon bonus. Enhancement bonuses gained by this talent ability stack with those of the weapon, to a maximum of +5. The fighter can also imbue the weapon with any one weapon special ability with an equivalent enhancement bonus less than or equal to his maximum bonus by reducing the granted enhancement bonus by the amount of the equivalent enhancement bonus. The item must have an enhancement bonus of at least +1 (from the item itself or from warrior spirit) to gain a weapon special ability. In either case, these bonuses last for 1 minute.
Weapon Aptitude (Ex)The fighter can spend an hour in practice to change his Chosen Weapon. He must have the newly designated weapon available during his practice session to make this change. For example, if he wishes to change his Chosen Weapon from greatsword to longsword, he must have a longsword available to practice with during his practice session.
Weapon Sacrifice (Ex)When damage would cause the fighter or an adjacent ally to be knocked unconscious or killed, as a swift or immediate action the fighter can instead direct the damage to his chosen weapon that he is wielding. The original target takes no damage, but the weapon receives only half its normal hardness. The fighter can use this talent a number of times per day equal to the fighter’s chosen weapon bonus. He cannot use this option with unarmed attacks.

Fighter Advanced Talents

At 12th level, and every two levels thereafter, a fighter can choose one of the following fighter advanced talents in place of a fighter talent.

Table: Advanced Fighter Talents

Fighter Advanced TalentPrerequisitesBenefits
Adaptable Training (Ex)The fighter can use his base attack bonus in place of his ranks in one skill of his choice from the following list: Acrobatics, Climb, Disguise, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (engineering), Profession (soldier), Ride, or Swim. The fighter need not be wearing armor or using a shield to use this option. When using adaptable training, the fighter substitutes his total base attack bonus (including his base attack bonus gained through levels in other classes) for his ranks in this skill, but adds the skill’s usual ability score modifier and any other bonuses or penalties that would modify that skill. Once a skill has been selected, it cannot be changed and the fighter can immediately retrain all of his ranks in the selected skill at no additional cost in money or time. In addition, the fighter adds all skills chosen with this option to his list of class skills. A fighter can choose this option up to four times.
Armor Specialization (Ex)The fighter selects one specific type of armor with which he is proficient, such as chain shirts or scale mail. While wearing the selected type of armor, the fighter adds one-quarter of his fighter level to the armor’s armor bonus, up to a maximum bonus of +3 for light armor, +4 for medium armor, or +5 for heavy armor. This increase to the armor bonus doesn’t increase the benefit that the fighter gains from feats, class abilities, or other effects that are determined by his armor’s base armor bonus. A fighter can choose this option multiple times. Each time he chooses it, he applies its benefit to a different type of armor.
Armored Sprint (Ex)The fighter gains Run as a bonus feat. If the fighter is proficient with heavy armor, he treats heavy armor as if it were one category lighter for the purpose of determining how fast he can move while running in armor.
Arsenal (Ex)Weapon Aptitude, Exotic Weapon ProficiencyThe fighter gains proficiency in all exotic weapons. In addition, the fighter may change his Chosen Weapon as a Full-Round action.
Critical Strike (Ex)Improved Critical featThe fighter can choose to take a cumulative –2 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 bonus onto his critical threat range on all attacks with any weapon he has Improved Critical for to a maximum of +5. This bonus is applied after doubling the critical threat range of the weapon from the Improved Critical Feat.
Devastating Melee Smash (Ex)Melee PowerOnce per encounter, before making the fighter’s attack roll, he may choose to add his fighter levels to damage with a melee weapon. If he misses, this attempt is wasted. This talent may be selected multiple times, each time granting one additional attempt per encounter. This talent may be selected multiple times, each time granting one additional attempt per day.
Expert Weapon Qualities (Ex)A fighter that selects this talent chooses a specific weapon they have Chosen Weapon for, such as the longsword, lance, or greatsword. One of the following weapon qualities may be added to the weapon:

Disarm: With this weapon, the fighter gets a +2 bonus on combat maneuvers made to disarm an enemy (including the roll to avoid being disarmed if such an attempt fails).

Light: The fighter may choose this option only for a one-handed weapon. The weapon is now considered light for him. He may use the weapon in his off-hand without penalty, and he may use the Weapon Finesse feat with the weapon.

Mounted: The weapon deals double damage when used from the back of a charging mount. If the weapon is two-handed, the fighter may use it one-handed while mounted. This does not double the double damage while using a lance.

Set: The fighter may choose this option with a one- or two-handed weapon (but not a light weapon). If he uses a ready action to set his weapon against a charge, he deals double damage on a successful hit against a charging opponent. This does not double the double damage while using a lance.

Thrown: The fighter may throw the weapon. It gains a range increment of 10. If the weapon does piercing damage, it gains a range increment of 20.

Trip: The fighter can use the weapon to make trip combat maneuvers. If he is tripped during his own trip attempt, he can drop the weapon to avoid being tripped.

This talent may be taken multiple times.
Expert Weapon Reach (Ex)Chosen Weapon [two-handed weapon]A fighter that selects this talent chooses a specific two-handed weapon they have Chosen Weapon for, such as the greatsword, greataxe, or long spear. The fighter gains reach with the weapon. (Typically, this doubles his natural reach.) If the weapon already has reach, this talent allows him to attack adjacent foes.
Ferocity (Ex)A fighter that selects this talent may continue fighting without penalty until his hit points reach –10 + his Constitution score. Prerequisite: Diehard feat
Hustle (Ex)Fast MovementWhenever the fighter would be allowed to take a ‘5 ft. step’ he may take a ‘10 ft. step’ instead. Any ability, effect, feat, or rule that applies to a ‘5 ft. step’ now applies when he takes a ‘10 ft. step’.
Improved Fast Movement (Ex)Fast MovementA fighter that selects this talent increases his base speed by 10 ft.
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex)Uncanny Dodgehe fighter can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a thief the ability to sneak attack the character by flanking him, unless the attacker has at least four more thief levels than the target does. If a character already has uncanny dodge (see above) from another class, the levels from the classes that grant uncanny dodge stack to determine the minimum thief level required to flank the character.
Indomitable (Ex)Hardened FortitudeThis talent allows a fighter to add his Constitution modifier to his Will saving throws instead of his Wisdom.
Inspiring Confidence (Ex)A number of times per day equal to his highest chosen weapon bonus as a swift action, the fighter can allow one ally within 30 feet to attempt a new saving throw against an ongoing fear effect that causes the ally to cower or to become frightened, panicked, or shaken. If the ally succeeds at the save, the effect ends.
Item MasteryThe fighter gains an item mastery feat as a bonus feat, which functions with any magic weapon he wields, even if the magic weapon does not meet the feat’s normal requirements. He must meet all of the feat’s prerequisites.
Martial Arts Master (Ex)Improved Unarmed Strike feat or Martial Arts, Chosen Weapon [Unarmed Strike]The fighter gains the unarmed strike damage of a monk whose level equals his fighter levels. Additionally, he adds half his fighter levels in nonlethal damage to the damage dealt by his unarmed strike.
Mettle (Ex)If a fighter makes a Will save or Fortitude save that has an effect on a successful save, he takes no effect on a successful save (i.e., ‘Will half’ & ‘Fortitude partial’ become ‘Will negate’ and ‘Fortitude’ negate).
Reactionary (Ex)Hardened FortitudeThis talent allows a fighter to add his Constitution modifier to his Reflex saving throws instead of his Dexterity.
Riposte Mastery (Ex)Fighter 14, Melee Defense, Parry, RiposteAs per riposte, however, the fighter may make an additional riposte for each attack he has successfully parried, however, all ripostes after the first receive a –5 penalty to his attack roll for each time used after the first one.
Second Wind (Ex)Once per encounter, as a standard action, the fighter may regain a number of hit points equal to twice his fighter level plus his Constitution modifier. Any hit points he would gain from this ability over his maximum total are lost.
Solid Frame (Ex)Strong Back, Strength 17A fighter that selects this talent lets him function in many ways as if he was one size category larger. Whenever he is subject to combat maneuvers, he is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. The fighter is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him. He can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. . This talent does not stack with Powerful Build racial trait.
Staredown (Ex)ProvokeThe fighter may attempt the Demoralize action on all opponents within 30 ft. as a movement action.
Storm of Blows (Ex)Rain of BlowsWhen wielding a melee weapon that the fighter has Chosen Weapon with, he may, as a full attack action, make two extra melee attacks at his highest BAB, but all such attacks receive a –4 penalty. This does not stack with anything that grants additional attacks (such as Haste) nor the Rain of Blows ability.