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1/1/2018 - Major update - Happy New Years! I barely squeaked out this major update in time. And while I didn't get the website finished, I did upload the Bestiary to the new website ( Over the next few weeks/months, the functionality of the new website will improve and eventually, it will become the new FFd20 site. So please be patient with me :)


Roegadyn - New base race from FF14, the burly sailors of Limsa Lominsa.


  • Gladiator (Fighter archetype) - Fixed an error.

  • Inventor (Engineer archetype) - Renamed from Puppetmaster.

  • Puppetmaster (Engineer archetype) - Renamed to Inventor. New Puppetmaster (from FF11).

  • Sea Wolf - New Roegadyn-only Fighter archetype.


  • Astrologian - Few status ailment curing spells added.

  • Black Mage - Few new 4th level black magic spells, as well as a new 1st level spell.

  • Blue Mage - Over 50 new blue magic spells, too many to list!

  • Dark Knight - Couple of spells added, Dread Spikes/Dread Spikes II.

  • Geomancer - Couple of new spells added, Rain and Downpour.

  • Holy Knight - Few status ailment curing spells added.

  • Necromancer - Couple of spells added, Dread Spikes/Dread Spikes II

  • Red Mage - Few status ailment curing spells added.

  • Summoner - 10-15 new summoning spells added.

  • White Mage - Few status ailment curing spells added. Holy and Holy 2 changed. Saintly Beam added to 9th. Couple of new spells added, Rain and Downpour.


Over 250 pages worth of new monsters and updated old monsters. These monsters are on the new website, not on the old one. I've also compressed the PDFs into a file in case you want to download them, located at:

11/4/2017 -
Another update - I keep missing things. D: and people keep exploiting things! (Looking at you, ArchmageL.)


  • Bard - Added (Ex) to Bardic Performance. Added (Su) to Minor and Major Auras.

  • Black Belt - Added (Ex) to Unarmed Strike.

  • Black Mage - Modified Ultima Beam limit break. Added (Ex) to Black Magery.

  • Blue Mage - Added (Ex) to Blue Magery.

  • Dancer - Added (Ex) to Unarmed Strike.

  • Dark Knight - Added (Ex) to Sneak Attack.

  • Engineer - Added (Ex) to Automaton and Support Droid.

  • Freelancer - Clarified abilities to be bought must have (Ex), (Su), or (Sp). Added Cantrips to Spellcasting as a packaged deal.

  • Gambler - Added (Ex) to Throwing Cards.

  • Holy Knight - Added (Ex) to Holy Strike.

  • Medic - Added (Ex) to Medical Specialist.

  • Necromancer - Added (Ex) to Undead Body.

  • Ninja - Added (Ex) to Sneak Attack.

  • Red Mage - Added (Ex) to Red Magery.

  • Sword Saint - Added (Su) to Talent Trees.

  • Thief - Added (Ex) to Sneak Attack and Trapfinding.

  • White Mage - Added (Ex) to White Magery.


  • Archon (Holy Knight archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Tree.

  • Assassin (Thief archetype) - Added (Ex) to Poison Use and Save Bonus against Poison.

  • Azure Dragoon (Dragoon archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Tree.

  • Battlefield Minstrel (Bard archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Tree.

  • Battlerager (Beastmaster archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Tree.

  • Corsair (Fencer archetype) - Added (Ex) to Sneak Attack.

  • Duelist (Sword Saint archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Trees.

  • Elementalist (Black Mage archetype) - Added (Su) to Elemental Perfection.

  • Field Specialist (Medic archetype) - Added (Ex) to Field Medic Expertise.

  • Guitarist (Bard archetype) - Added a new ability and fixed a minor error.

  • Lady Luck - A new Gambler archetype.

  • Machinist (Gunner archetype) - Added (Ex) to Autoturrets.

  • Magitek Operator (Engineer archetype) - Added (Ex) to Magitek Armor and Improved Magitek.

  • Mystic Knight (Knight archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Trees.

  • Paladin (Holy Knight archetype) - Added (Su) to Oaths.

  • Reaver (Dark Knight archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Tree.

  • Rune Knight (Holy Knight archetype) - Added (Su) to Scribe Rune and Rune Eruption.

  • Skullshield (Necromancer archetype) - Added (Su) to Fused Bone Commander.

  • Soldier (Fighter archetype) -  Added (Su) to Mako Infusion.

  • Sorcerer (Black Mage archetype) - Added (Ex) to Bloodline Arcana.

  • Squire (Fighter archetype) - Added (Su) to Talent Trees.

  • Streetrat (Thief archetype) - Added (Ex) to Streetwise.

  • Synthesist (Engineer archetype) - Added (Ex) to Base Constructor.

  • Technomancer (Engineer archetype) - Added (Ex) to Magical Salvage.

  • Warlock (Necromancer archetype) - Added a new ability, improved Blast damage, and gave them 3/4ths BAB.

  • Warmech (Engineer archetype) - Added (Ex) to Battle Armor and Improved Battle Armor.

10/26/2017 -
Quick minor update - All white magic cures, heals, bless spells below 6th level now hurt undead. Red Mage's Spellstrike ability clarified and changed.

10/23/2017 -
Major update - Variety of fixes, couple of new races, several new archetypes. Unfortunately, the Bestiary update isn't here yet. It will be the next update though.


  • Made a few language changes to several races. It was added to Linguistics skill.

  • Ixal - New beastman tribe race.

  • Kojin - New beastman tribe race.

  • Varg - Got a new and improved Scent alternate racial trait.


  • Astrologian - Clarified Star Globe ability.

  • Bard - Fixed minor placing error.

  • Black Mage - Removed Quad Cast, changed 1 MP Spell. Removed Overchannel limit break, replaced with Ultima Beam. Corrected minor error.

  • Blue Mage - Changed 1 MP spell.

  • Dragoon - Added to the Jump ability to be able to leap forward than their movement speed.

  • Engineer - Changed starting armor for Automatons, added prerequisites for a few engineer gadget tricks.

  • Freelancer - Fixed minor placing error, made it easier to read and understand.

  • Fighter - Critical Strike talent was moved to Advanced Fighter Talents, and slightly nerfed.

  • Geomancer - Fixed level error for Geomancy.

  • Illusionist - Changed 1 MP spell.

  • Medic - Changed First Aid, Improved First Aid, and First Aid Mastery.

  • Monk - Corrected Ki Strike level error.

  • Ninja - Added missing ability (Shadow Step).

  • Red Mage - Changed 1 MP spell.

  • Samurai - Removed and replaced several bushidos. (from Kayos) Clarified Action Without Thought ability.

  • Sword Saint - Changed Swordplay for Advance and Master skills to be gained at 6th/12th.

  • White Mage - Removed Quad Cast, changed 1 MP Spell.

Prestige Classes

  • Kingsglaive - Bolt and Blaze got a damage upgrade.

  • Turk - Fixed some minor grammar errors.


  • Azure Dragoon (Dragoon archetype) - New abilities added (from Kayos).

  • Biskmatar - New Sword Saint archetype.

  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype) - Removed and replaced combo finishers (from Kayos).

  • Elementalist (Black Mage archetype) - Fixed error from Quad-Cast removal.

  • Field Specialist (Medic archetype) - Changed and added new abilities.

  • Gun Mage (Blue Mage archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Invoker (Summoner archetype) - Added evolutions.

  • Monk of the Wild (Monk archetype) - Change the Expert ability for Ape.

  • Mystic (Astrologian archetype) - Added Star Globe ability as part of Mystic Bolts replacement. Added a new Limit Break to replace Kinetic Card.

  • Mystic Knight (Knight archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Paladin (Holy Knight archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Pen Mage - New Black Mage archetype. Created by NapazTrix.

  • Pluto Knight (Knight archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Primal Mage (Blue Mage archetype) - Dropped different Armored Mage ability.

  • Psychic (Astrologian archetype) - Revised and changed the 1st level ability and removed Lightspeed as a replacement for Phrentic Poo..

  • Red Warrior (Red Mage archetype) - Increases BAB/HD, changed insight bonus to enhancement bonus for stats.

  • Sage (Red Mage archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Skylancer (Dragoon archetype) - Added more range to dimensional jump and the ability to strike with two weapons.

  • Songstress - New Bard archetype.

  • Spell Dancer (Red Mage archetype) - Fixed minor errors.

  • Stonelord (Holy Knight archetype) - Fixed a minor error.

  • Synthesist (Engineer archetype) - Corrected placement error.

  • Warmech (Engineer archetype) - Added more clarification to Rapid Shield Repair.

  • Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype) - Fixed minor errors.

  • Wrestler (Black Belt archetype) - Fixed minor error.


  • Astrologian - Added new 9th level spell, Black Hole.

  • Necromancer - Fixed Ghoul Touch, moved back to 2nd level. Fixed Suffocation, moved up to 5th level.

  • Time Mage - Fixed a minor error for a 9th level time mage spell that I forget because its been so long. Get it? A time mage joke? Someone kill me, please.


  • Removed the sneaky Techomancer from the skill list, added Astrologians and Samurais.

  • Added languages to Linguistics skill.

  • Added Extra Ki Power feat, clarified the Overchannel feat.

  • Removed Overpowered Grip trait and fixed a couple of minor errors from other traits.


  • Removed the sneaky Techomancer from the money list, added Astrologians and Samurais.

  • Added clarification for Buster Swords (and nerf their critical threat range), Power Rods/Staves, and changed Spiked Chains.

  • Fixed Demolition and Undead Materias.

6/14/2017 -
Quick minor update - Small fixes, added new favored classes to most of the races, and added a new archetype for Samurai, the Bladecaller.


  • Most of the races received more favored class options. Tarutaru got some new optional race traits.


  • Bladecaller - A new Samurai archetype. Created by Luphey.

  • Sword Captain - Fixed a minor error.


  • Updated FFd20 Slim and FFd20 Class Archetypes books with the updates.

6/12/2017 -
Minor update - Regretfully, I did not get to update the Monster Compendium nor add the new Blue Mage spells. But in the meantime, I've changed the Samurai archetype into a Samurai hybrid class with the help of Nelo and a few new archetypes. I'll try, eventually, to get the other stuff done. Sorry!


  • Bard - Changed Resonance ability to reflect the change in Dissonance.

  • Freelancer - Added more clarification to ability cost.

  • Gambler - Removed Advantageous Avoidance gambler trick. It was too similar to Bad Draw.

  • Holy Knight - Changed the duration of the Judgment Blade to 1 round. (Both the main class and the Holy Swordsman archetype)

  • Knight - Changed Roused Defense ability a little bit.

  • Monk - To be honest, I have no idea what I changed, but I updated it anyways. I'm sure it was an error or something with a combo finisher.

  • Samurai - A new Knight/Monk hybrid class.

  • Thief - Changed Trap Spotter to a passive Perception check. Easier on the GMs.


  • Apothecary - Added a new ability.

  • Caller - Dropped Augment Summoning and added clarification to the Summon Monster ability.

  • Duelist - A new Sword Saint archetype.

  • Ki Warrior - Fixed an error.

  • Pugilist - Not sure what I did to Pugilist, but updated anyways.

  • Sage - Fixed errors.

  • Samurai - Archetype scrapped and removed.

  • Skylancer - Nerfed Dimensional Leap's range and other properties.

  • Sword Captain - A new Sword Saint archetype.

  • Warrior Monk - A new Samurai archetype.


  • Character Sheets - Finally added a Spell List sheet for casters.

  • FFd20 Slim and FFd20 Class Archetypes updated with the new changes.

4/25/2017 -
Minor update - I've created FFd20 Character Sheets finally, located in the PDF section. 1st one is the standard 2-part character sheets. The 2nd file includes all 5 parts of the character sheets plus an Animal Companion and Familiar character sheets. In addition, I've added a new (optional) class, the Freelancer. The Freelancer is basically a classless system to make your own class as you level up. This is an OPTIONAL class. Consult your DM before you decide to play it. DMs, I highly recommend reading over it. While, I have tested some of it, I haven't gone over it with a fine comb. I'm sure someone will attempt to break and abuse it. Over the next 3 months, I will be planning a massive Monster Compendium update along with new Blue Mage spells.


  • Freelancer - New (optional) class that allows you to build your class as you level up.


  • FFd20 Character Sheets

  • FFd20 Expanded Character Sheets

  • FFd20 Animal Companion Character Sheet

  • FFd20 Familiar Character Sheet

3/16/2017 -
Minor update - Two new races, the Garif and Tonkin. Several races got looked over and changed. Several new archetypes. Over the next couple of months, I'll be working with a forum user, ForTheSeen, on updating the FFd20 Monster Compendium as well as I'm working on a side project for a type of "classless" system for FFd20.


  • Garif - New race of peace-loving masked people.

  • Tonkin - New race of an off-short tonberry people.

  • Bangaas, Gria, Moogles, Nu mous, Seeq, and Viera each got some minor upgrades and in a couple of cases (Moogles and Grias have their flight nerfed) some downgrades.

  • Varg - Added a racial Astrologian archetype, Mooncaller. And added Astrologian to their favored class.


  • Cleric - Added Armored Mage ability.

  • Gambler - Changed Double or Nothing ability so the player MAY use it.

  • Ninja - Gave Finesse Training as a ninja trick.

  • Scholar - Fixed a minor error involving the pet's 3rd spell-like ability, corrected to 11th level.


  • Battlefield Minstrel - Fixed error, it is now an Archer archetype as it should be.

  • Card Shark - Moved Re-Draw to 13th level and replaces all or nothing instead.

  • Dark Swordsman - Removed Maneuver Mastery.

  • Holy Swordsman - Removed Maneuver Mastery.

  • Hunter - A new Thief archetype.

  • Knife Master - A new Tonkin Thief archetype.

  • Mooncaller - A new Varg Astrologian archetype.

  • Parivir - A new Garif Monk archetype.

  • Performer - A new Fencer archetype.

  • Raptor - A new Thief archetype.

  • Sage - Added new abilities.


  • White Wind (Blue Mage spell) moved to 3rd level on the Blue Mage Spell List.


  • Improved Deft Pugilist added to Racial Feats


  • Removed example where it shows that you can have more than one materia slotted.

2/3/2017 -
Minor update - Finished updating the FFd20 Slim Book as well as the Archetypes book with my poor Photoshop skills put to the test to make a cover for it.


  • Bangaa - Fixed a minor error and gave them Black Belt favored class.


  • Mercenary - Made them more player friendly.

  • Mime - Slight nerf to their limit breaks, added a HD restriction.

  • Fixed a bunch of minor grammar errors too numerous to remember.


  • Fixed a pesky error with Grave Reel and the Arise spell.

1/01/2017 -
Minor update - Happy New Years! We have a campaign module created by Luphey and Royal Arms equipment created by Nelo. Enjoy!


  • Campaign Module - Chaos Shrine - Designed for characters from 1st-3rd level. Created by Luphey. Located in the PDF section of the website


  • Royal Arms - Semi-artifact weapons from Final Fantasy 15. Created by Nelo. Located in the magical items section of the website.

- Major update (Part 2!) - Ho ho ho, Merry Kefkamas from your ol pal, Viladin and Santa Kefka, bringing the gift of the big update. We have new classes, new archetypes, new prestige classes, new everything!


  • Bard - Dropped the Perform check requirement to maintain bard songs. Changed Dissonnance abilities to swift or immediate actions.

  • Black Mage - More mage talents!

  • Blue Mage - Removed Bonus Feats, added new abilities to replace them.

  • Cleric - New base class with deific orders (Draconian, Lunarian, and Kefkanite to start) that worships gods.

  • Dark Knight - Changed Shadow Burst and Auras.

  • Engineer - Added new engineer talents!

  • Fighter - Added new fighter talents!

  • Gambler - New base class that uses luck more than skill to win his battles.

  • Holy Knight - Changed Holy Burst and Auras.

  • Knight - Added new knight talents!

  • Necromancer - Changed Shadow Burst into Harm Touch.

  • Ninja - Added new ninjutsus!

  • Red Mage - Added some class skills.

  • Summoner - Added new abilities!

  • Thief - Added new thief talents and changed the Mark class feature.

  • Time Mage - Added Fly and Flight spells to their spell list.

  • White Mage - Changed Holy Burst into Lay on Hands and added new mage talents!


  • Animist - New Red Mage archetype.

  • Arithmetician - New Scholar archetype.

  • Agent of Inquiry - New Bard archetype.

  • Beast Rider - New Chocobo Knight archetype.

  • Bishop - New Cleric archetype.

  • Card Shark - New Gambler archetype.

  • Celebrant - New Cleric archetype.

  • Conjurer - New Scholar archetype.

  • Corsair - Changed from Prestige class to Fencer archetype.

  • Devout - New Cleric archetype.

  • Dragonkin - Renamed from Skald.

  • Fusilier - New Fencer archetype.

  • Gladiator - New Fighter archetype.

  • Green Mage - New Scholar archetype.

  • Guitarist - New Bard archetype.

  • Juggernaut - New Shindroid Knight archetype.

  • Juggler - New Bard archetype.

  • Machinist - New Gunner archetype.

  • Mercenary - New Fighter archetype.

  • Merchant - New Thief archetype.

  • Mime - New Blue Mage archetype.

  • Mirage Keeper - New Summoner archetype. Created by Nelo Angelo.

  • Morpher - New Blue Mage archetype.

  • Mystic - New Astrologian archetype.

  • Pluto Knight - New Knight archetype. Created by Nelo Angelo.

  • Psychic - New Astrologian archetype.

  • Ravager - New Shindroid Ninja archetype.

  • Skald - New Bard archetype.

  • Spiritmaster - New Black Belt archetype.

  • Streetrat - New Thief archetype.

  • Thaumaturge - New Black Mage archetype.

  • Tinker - Renamed from Machinist.

  • Valkyrie - New Dragoon archetype.

  • Vampire - New Necromancer archetype.

  • Warlock - New Necromancer archetype.

  • Warrior - New Fighter archetype.

  • Witch of the Coven - New Scholar archetype.

Prestige Classes

  • General - The Emperor's own Generals takes the fight to the commoners. Created by Nelo Angelo.

  • Lucian Knight - An off-shoot of the Kinsglaive. Created by Nelo Angelo.

  • SeeD Operative - Cadets of Balamb Garden. Created by Nelo Angelo.


  • Some new feats: Extra Astrology Secret, Extra Draw, Extra Luck Pool, Extra Gambler Trick.

11/17/2016 - Minor update (Part 1.99999999): I know, I know. Another small update, just stuff keeps piling up. As usual, if there's something that I changed and you want the pdf of the original, all you need is to ask and I'll gladly send you a copy. No need to rant, scream, yell, or throw a tantrum. :p


  • Astrologian - Nerfed Coat of Shining Stars.

  • Black Mage - Shiny new stuff added! Exciting!

  • Magicite Knight - Reverted into a Knight archetype. I know I know, I *just* added it. *shrug*

  • Ninja - Added new Ninjutsu! Exciting!

  • Summoner - Shiny new stuff added! Exciting!

  • White Mage - Shiny new stuff added! Exciting!

Archetypes (Sorry if I'm less descriptive, I'm a bit tired.)

  • Azure Dragoon - Dragoon archetype. Created by NeloAngelo!

  • Bombardier - Added new stuff! Exciting!

  • Blademaster - Sword Saint archetype. Created by NeloAngelo!

  • Dwarven Crossbowyer - Dwarf Archer archetype.

  • Flintlock - Gunner archetype.

  • Gunblade Specialist - Made some revisions and added new stuff. Exciting!

  • Heaven Knight - Holy Knight archetype.

  • Magicite Knight - Knight archetype, formerly a base class.

  • Nightblade - Ninja archetype.

  • Onion Knight - Knight archetype. Created by Luphey!

  • Pictomancer - Illusionist archetype. Created by What's in the Box?!

  • Samurai - Nerf nerf nerf. Noone told me that the DC saves were at level instead of half of level.

  • Scaled Fist - Au ra Monk archetype.

  • Sky Pirate - Thief archetype, removed Sky Pirate and Consair prestige classes.

  • Winddancer - Dancer archetype.


  • Added a few more traits! Exciting!

11/8/2016 -
Minor update (Part 1.75): Yup, a small update. A few more archetypes and bunch of error fixings.


  • Archer - Replaced Rapid Shot and Manyshot with Bullseye Shot and Improved Precise Shot.

  • Astrologian - Nerfed the Draw ability by adding a number of times per day limitation.

  • Engineer - Added two more gadgets (Air Compressor and Multivision Goggles).

  • Holy Knight - Added Divine Sacrifice ability.

  • Magicite Knight - Added the PDF to the PDF section.


A plethora of spelling error fixings and other stuff.

  • Archmage - Added a MP table for them.

  • Battlefield Minstrel - An Archer archetype that inspires his allies onward to battle.

  • Drunken Master - A Black Belt archetype that mixes drinking and martial arts together (usually a bad thing).

  • Medicine Woman - Made a few changes that were needed.

  • Mystic Knight - Changed from a Prestige class to a Knight archetype.

  • Pugilist - Changed from a Monk archetype to a Black Belt.

  • Swordmaster - Changed from a Thief archetype to a Fencer.

10/28/2016 -
Major update (Part 1.5): A partial update. I have so much on my plate and it was just building up, so I'm releasing what I have now (again).


  • Astrologian - A new healer base class that uses tarot cards and divines the unknown through the stars.

  • Monk - Finished the combo finishers finally.

  • Magicite Knight - A new base class that empowers himself through the use of materia. (Created by LucarinZer0, edited by me)

Hybrid Classes

  • Kingsglaive - I changed this class into a prestige class, it seemed to fit better that way.

Prestige Classes

  • General - A new prestige class who uses abilities from magitek powers. (Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me)

  • Kingsglaive - Is now a prestige class.

  • Mystic Knight - Limit break changed a little.

  • Oracle - I returned Oracle back as a prestige class.


  • Archmage - A Scholar archetype who forgoes the familiar for more power, at the cost of his own health. (Created by MagusBlack, edited by me)

  • Chronodancer - A Time Mage archetype who utilizes powerful dance to master time and space. (Created by Dionon, edited by me)

  • Invoker - A Summoner archetype who forgoes summoning an avatar to instead increase his own power with invocations. (Created by Dionon, edited by me)

  • Ki Warrior - A Monk archetype who powers up with transformations.

  • Medicine Woman - A Medic archetype who uses herbs and other spiritual techniques to heal and protect. (Created by Moriah, edited by me)

  • Monk of the Wild - A Monk archetype who emulates animals as martial art styles.

  • Primal Mage - A Blue Mage archetype who devours its foes to gain spells.  (Created by MagusBlack, edited by me)

  • Shinobi - A Ninja archetype who utilizes special ninjutsu powers. (Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me)

  • Skylancer - A Dragoon archetype who uses two large piercing weapons, giving up reach for more attacks. (Created by LucarinZer0, edited by me)

  • Squire - A Fighter archetype who utilizes his own special techniques.  (Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me)

  • Wrestler - A Black Belt archetype who masters the wrestling ring.


  • This is what took up my time for a good solid couple of weeks. I painstakingly moves all spells/summons/songs under each spellcaster's list of spells as well as added links to the separate spell levels for easier spell searching. In addition, I've added spells (too numerous to mention here).

9/22/2016 -
Major update (Part 1): Another long update overdue. I decided to go ahead and update what I had finished instead of waiting until I finished everything to post a big update. Part 2 will (hopefully) include everything else that isn't included here.


  • Bard - Dropped Concentration from performing songs, it now requires Perform skill checks.

  • Black Mage - Rewrote description of magery.

  • Engineer - Fixed a few typo errors and added Technologist feat at 1st level.

  • Gunner - Replaced Power Shot limit break with Evasive Maneuvers.

  • Red Mage - Rewrote description of magery.

  • White Mage - Rewrote description of magery.

Hybrid Classes

  • Fencer - Added their class table finally.

  • Kingsglaive - A new hybrid class (Red Mage/Thief) that uses the King's powers to warpstrike his enemies.

  • Sword Saint - Overhaul this class, removed Auras and added Talent Trees.

Prestige Classes

  • Removed Arithmetician, Dragon Disciple, Green Mage, Lucky Gambler, Magicite Knight, and Oracle prestige classes due to Part 2 Update changes. If you need the pdfs of these, they are still currently available under the PDF section.


  • Archon - A new Holy Knight archetype that uses the Sword Saint's stamina pool and talent trees.

  • Ark Knight - A new Dark/Holy Knight archetype that seperates good and evil. Created by MagusBlack, edited by me.

  • Battlerager - A new Beastmaster archetype that uses the Sword Saint's stamina pool and talent trees.

  • Blood Mage - A new Necromancer archetype that infects allies with a parasite to heal them and drain his enemies.

  • Druid - Added a table for their MP and spell level limit.

  • Forgemaster - Fixed an error.

  • Ironskin Monk - Fixed an error.

  • Magus - A new Black Mage archetype that likes to make big explosions even if their party doesn't like it. Created by MagusBlack, edited by me.

  • Necrotic Healer - Removed White Necromancer, as it was a useless ability.

  • Reaver - A new Dark Knight archetype that uses the Sword Saint's stamina pool and talent trees.

  • Redeemer - Fixed a typo.

  • ShinSect - A new Fighter archetype whose job at Shinra is security and wielding a heavy club. Created by MagusBlack, edited by me.

  • Temporal Knight - A new Knight archetype that use time magic and temporal talents to manipuate time in protecting his allies.


  • Removed the duplicate Extra MP feat from the Class feats section.

  • Added Extra Engineer Tricks, Extra Sword Saint Talents, Extra Kings Exploits, Extra Kings Reservoir, and Familiar feats.


  • Fixed the Shell spell line to change from morale bonus to resistance bonus.

  • Fixed Contingent Action and Moment spells.

  • Added Distort Speech bard song.

  • Fixed the Elemental Threnody bard song line.


  • A plethora of traits created by MagusBlack and edited by me have made their way onto the website.

Limit Breaks

  • ALL Limit Breaks should now say per 4 (or 2 levels for prestige classes) after 1st level.

3/29/2016 -
Major update: Long time no see! 9 months later and finally an update. Sorry about that. A plethora of archetypes, a new race, a couple of base class editings, and lots of errors fixed. On the next update: Monk combos, Arithmetician base class, Green Mage hybrid class, Astrologian base class, and Sword Saint overhaul.


  • Au Ra - A mysterious draconic race from the lands of FFXIV.


  • Engineer - Slight overhaul. Automatons were fine-tuned and upgraded. New engineer tricks.

  • Knight - Minor error fixed.

  • Necromancer - Bone Commanders got a slight change in stats.

  • Time Mage - Finally get Clear Mind.

  • White Mage - Minor error fixed.

Hybrid Classes

  • Technomancer - Changed from hybrid class to an Engineer archetype.

Prestige Classes

  • Arithmetician - Requirement changed from Knowledge (Math) to Knowledge (Arcana).

  • Turk - A new prestige class involving the famous Turks from FF7. Created by RedDingo777, edited by me.


  • Abyssal Knight - A new Dark Knight archetype that channels the dark side to fuel his powers. Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me.

  • Arcane Archer - A new Archer archetype incorporating magic wtih archery. Created by Luphey, edited by me.

  • Dark Swordsman - A new Dark Knight archetype that focuses on the Dark Sword Arts. Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me.

  • Paladin - A new Holy Knight archetype that blends offense and defense effortlessly. Created by NeloAngelo, edited by me.

  • Puppetmaster - A new Engineer archetype that builds multiple automatons and inventions.

  • Skald - Now has full BAB and d10 hit dice.

  • Skirmisher - A new Archer archetype that assassinates in the shadows from afar. Created by Luphey, edited by me.

  • Synthesist - A new Engineer archetype that builds magical items on the fly.

  • Technomancer - Changed from a hybrid class to an Engineer archetype that blends magic and science.


  • Extra MP - Now grants 2 MP when obtained and 1 per level thereafter.


  • Bard Song - Foe Requiem fixed (now deals 2d6 instead of 1d6).


  • Variant Multiclassing - Changed Fighter's variant.

6/13/2015 -
Minor update: My operation has been pushed back for a little while so I decided to do another update! Hooray. Necromancers get a variety in their bone commanders, Fencers are now a hybrid class. And a new holy knight archetype.


  • Necromancer - Necros can now choose between a Warrior, Rogue, or Wizard bone commander.

  • Fencer - Fencers are now a hybrid class (Fighter/Thief) instead of a thief archetype.


  • Holy Swordsman - A holy knight archetype that specializes in holy sword techs instead of spells.

5/31/2015 -
Major update: Wih the release of Pathfinder Unleashed, I updateed and revised the Beastmaster, Monk, and Thief classes as well as their archetypes. Before I go on with the update, just wanted to say that this *might* be my last update. I will be having eye surgery in the next couple of weeks and if it doesn't go right, I'm afraid I won't be able to do any updating anymore. Wish me luck! Anyways, to the meat and potatoes...


  • Shindroid - Are now immortal and unaffected by age spells and effects.


  • Beastmaster - Changed Animal Companions to utilize any animal instead of outdated 5 starting ones. Removed the animal bonses to rage and updated rage to the new unleashed version.

  • Knight - Defensive stance got a similar update to mimic the rage from beastmaster.

  • Monk - Monk HD is up to d10, full BAB, will saves are now poor, and new ki powers. Removed outdated abilities that ki powers now mimic.

  • Thief - Thieves get Dex for damage for weapons now, new thief talents, delibilating injuries from sneak attacks, and skill unlocks.

  • Time Mage - Time Mages now get Clear Mind!

  • White Mage - Removed a duplicated clear mind error.

Prestige Classes

  • Dragon Disciple - Now updated with the new Monk update.

  • Elemental Fist Disciple - Now updated with the new Monk update.and abilities now use Ki points instead of MP.


  • Beastmaster, Monk, and Thief archetypes are now updateed with the new stuff.

  • Evoker - Now changed to the new Summoner's eidolon stuff.


  • Skill Unlocks - With the Skill Unlock feat, you can specialized in certain skills to do a variety of effects.


  • Extra MP - Changed how this feat work. Flat bonus instead.


  • Adoration and Time Shutter now in their perspective places.


  • Variant Multiclassing - Allows an alternate way to multiclass. Optional rules.

4/7/2015 -
Minor update: Converted another PRC into an archetype, made some changes in some classes and archetypes, and added new Technology Gear and Lifestyles.


  • Blue Mage - Fixed a minor grammar error.

  • Knight - Switched around Armor Training and Active Defense levels.

  • Red Mage - Nerfed the amount of uses per day for Convert.

  • Time Mage - Made Temporal Hiccup able to affect allies and enemies.

Prestige Classes

  • Arithmetician - Fixed a minor error for the Numbers. Changed it so that any two different spell-casting classes can access the prestige class.


  • Druid - A new Beastmaster archetype that loses all rage powers and abilities for access to Geomancer's spells.

  • Fencer - Converted Fencer PRC into a Thief archetype.

  • Generalist - Nerf a few of the archetype's abilities.

  • Sentinel - Upgraded some abilities.


  • Shindroid - Made some minor changes to their alternate racial traits.


  • Pesky Time Shudder spell is now in the spell description.


  • Added new techological gear and lifestyles. Will be working on vehicles and airships soon.

2/21/2015 -
Major update: Did a few prestige class converting into archetypes and one hybrid class. Fixed a few errors, updated a few archetypes.

PDF Files

  • Updated a printer-friendly slimmed down version of the FFd20 PDF file. Located here:


  • Knight - Changed Shield Guard ability into Steel Defense ability.

  • Necromancer - Changed Grave Touch ability into Bolster ability.

Hybrid Classes

  • Black Belt - Changed Exploit Weakness ability into Close Weapon Mastery ability.

  • Ninja - Converted from PRC to a Thief/Monk hybrid class.


  • Berserker - Made a few changes to the entire archetype.

  • Elementalist - Converted from PRC to Black Mage archetype.

  • Necrotic Healer - Made a few changes to the entire archetype.

  • Phantom Blade - Converted from PRC to Illusionist archetype.

  • Samurai - Converted from PRC to Fighter archetype.

  • Skald - Converted from PRC to Bard archetype.


  • Added Extra Ninja Trick and Extra Ninjutsu feats.

Minor update: A quick update, fixed a few minor errors, added a couple of traits, and updated the main FFd20 book. You will notice that I removed all instances of technology (including classes, skills, and feats). It will be all put into the new book, the FFd20 Technology Book. Enjoy!

1/23/2015 -
Major update: A new update in the year 2015! Finally! More procastinating and games. :) I, at least, made this update big. New stuff, 4 new hybrid classes (Black Belt, Scholar, Sword Saint, and Technomancer) and new feats, spell changes, and armor changes. (EDIT: 1/25/2015: Added two new traits, Magitek Jockey and Mechanic.)


  • Shindroid - Changed Plating to Composite Plating (with changes) as well as changed a couple of Shindroid feats.


  • Blue Mage - For some reason, I forgot to update the changes to the Blue Mage onto the website for the changes in the Knowledge skills. My bad.

  • Engineer - Made minor changes for the Support Droid. Fixed minor errors.

  • Fighter - Changed Agility fighter talent (removed the Int mod).

Hybrid Classes

  • Black Belt - A Fighter/Monk hybrid that drops the mysticism for raw fighting ability.

  • Scholar - A former PRC, now a Black Mage/White Mage hybrid that summons a grimoire and a fairie familiar to help with spellcasting.

  • Sword Saint - A Dark Knight/Holy Knight hybrid that uses special sword techniques in an array of defensive and offensive abilities.

  • Technomancer - A Black Mage/Engineer hybrid that specializes in creating Buster Weapons, Constructs, Gadgets, and Power Suits.


  • Changed all the iconic starter spells (Aero, Blizzard, Dark, Fire, Light, Stone, Thunder, and Water) back to Ranged Touch attacks.

  • Added Mage Armor to a few spell lists.

  • Fixed a few errors on spell listing.


  • I have reverted the armor system back to Pathfinder and dropped the Cloth/Leather/Chain/Plate name scheme.


  • Added a whole slew of Class Feats pertaining to the new hybrid classes and added a few from the old classes.

  • Converted two spellcaster feats (Arcane Shield and Arcane Blast) due to a suggestion.


  • If you haven't heard, I have started to use Patreon as a way for others to donate and see what I'm doing at the same time. You don't have to donate, it won't impede on updates if you don't. I have gotten emails about asking to donate, so I figured this would be a better alternative. If you become a Patron, you'll hear what I'm working on currently and see the previews of anything I've finished that I haven't updated to the website yet.

10/15/2014 -
Major update: A new update, its been awhile. I blame Archeage for that. Fun addicting MMO. Anyways, a new Hybrid Class: The Dancer (and yes, it has been removed as a PRC) and various of error corrections. Future hybrid classes I'm thinking of making: Black Belt (Fighter/Monk) and Scholar (Black Mage/White Mage).


  • Mandragora - Fixed a minor error for Dark Roots.

  • Varg - Added a new feat (Varg Exemplar) courtesy of Timothy Palmer.


  • Archer - Fixed a minor error under Precision Shot.

  • Blue Mage - Fixed a grammar error.

  • Chemist - Added a line for their Craft Alchemical Items that allows them to use their chemist level as their caster level.

  • Holy Knight - Fixed a few minor errors under Blessings.

Hybrid Classes

  • Dancer - A Bard/Monk hybrid that uses dances to inspire, deter, and empower herself and others.


  • Necrotic Healer - Fixed an error. Moved Protective Aura to 20th level instead of 17th, and added Charisma modifer to the ability.

  • Red Warrior - Added Limit Breaks and fixed a minor error.

  • Warmech - Added Limit Breaks.


  • Buster Sword - Removed the Monkey Grip feat requirement.

  • Alchemical Items - Fixed some errors.


  • Added a new racial feat (Varg Exemplar).

MP Chart - Updated MP chart to reflect the changes to the caster spell progression.

8/23/2014 -
Major update: Yay, another update finally. Added two new sections: Cybertech and Firearms. Added a new archetype and a few more feats.


  • Shindroid - Slightly overhauled the shindroids, made them less robot, more humanoid. Remove some penalties.


  • Dark Knight - Reduced the damage from some of the dark sword techs.

  • Engineer - Changed the name of the Engineer Talent of Overdrive to Improved Power and clarified number of uses.

  • Holy Knight - Reduced the damage from some of the holy sword techs.

  • Red Mage - Added new ruby arcanas.

Prestige Classes

  • Skald - Changed shouts back to a swift action and changed Whirlwind shout.


  • Assassin - Fixed a minor error where Death Attack uses half of the assassin's level and not full.

  • Evoker - Fixed a minor grammer error.

  • Red Warrior - A new red mage archetype that ditches spellcasting for mastery of the arcane pool and defending others.

  • Templar - Increases hit dice from d6 to d8.

Skills and Feats

  • New Skills - Added Craft (Electrical), Craft (Explosives), and Craft (Mechanical)

  • New Feats - Added a few Shindroid racial feats: Empathy, Extra Surges, Living Construct, Nanite Disruption, Rapid Recovery, and Rapid Repair. Added a few general and technology feats: Builder, Craft Cybernetics, Cybertech Savant, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Simple Firearms, Advanced Firearms, and Artillery Firearms), Gear Head, Operator, and Technologist.


  • Cybertech - Added a new section involving cybernetic technology.

  • Firearms - Added a new section involving simple, advanced, and artillery firearms. As well as explosives.

7/20/2014 -
Minor update: Yup, I lied. I overhauled the Magitek section (converted to Pathfinder the d20 future Mecha with some added magitek stuff). Added more feats.


  • Base races and the Nu mou race got a minor change for Red Mage for favored class option.


  • Red Mage - Fixed some minor errors.


  • Assassin - Assassins lose Disable Device and gain Survival as a class skill.

  • Soldier - Fixed a minor error. Stat bonuses gain from Mako Infusion are now inherent bonuses.


  • Added the following feats: Shield Ward (General), Prolong Spell (Metamagic), Builder (Technology), Gearhead (Technology), Stun Magitek (Technology), Thruster Blast (Technology), Operator (Technology), Vehicle Dodge (Technology), Vehicle Expert (Technology), and Vehicle Specialization (Technology).


  • Added a new Bio Materia to the Spell Materia section.


  • Converted the d20 Future Mecha into customizable Magitek with extra FF flavoring.

7/17/2014 -
Minor update: I know I know, another minor update. Promise this one will be the last for awhile. Anyways, made changes to the Bard class, converted Soldier PRC into a Fighter archetype, added a slew of bard songs, added more class feats, and general error fixes.


  • Bard - Bards are now a d8 HD class, with 3/4ths BAB, but with less MP progression and now Bard Songs are only up to 6th level. Added Jingles (Cantrips for Bards) as well.

  • Red Mages - A slight nerf for Convert and added some new Ruby Arcanas.


  • Soldier - Converted from PRC into a fighter archetype.

Prestige Classes

  • Ruby Magister - Add a duration to Chain Spell limit break.

  • Skald - Shouts now require a standard action instead.


  • Added a few more class feats. Too lazy to list them, but you'll see what's new.


  • Added a slew of new bard songs.


  • Added a slight nerf due to the way my players were abusing them. They now only gain MXP through combat and require weapons with materia attached to be either wielded or drawn to gain MXP.

7/14/2014 -
Minor update: Added a slew of necromancy spells. Changed Time Mage to Base class from prestige class and added a bunch of chronomancy spells. Separated feats into different categories.


  • All base races and Nu Mou - Added Time Mage for favored class.


  • Time Mage - Changed from PRC to Base Class.


  • Chronotrigger - Time mage archetype that uses firearms.


  • Separated feats into sections - General and Combat, Class, Racial, Item Creation, Metamagic, Bard, Burst, and Technology.


  • Added a bunch of necromancy and chronomancy spells.

7/10/2014 -
Major update: Added a slew of racial and burst (channeling) feats, two new (relatively) races (Al Bheds and Mandragoras), and a few more archetypes.


  • All races - Added their racial feats to the race themselves.

  • Al Bhed - I've changed them from a racial package of humes to a whole race by themselves.

  • Aegyl - Added and modified a racial trait.

  • Mandragora - A new small plant-like humanoid race.

  • Shindroid - Modified their Force Field racial trait, added a new weakness as well as a new alternate racial trait.


  • Bard - Changed auras to morale bonuses.

  • Gunner - Changed Gun Smithing from gaining additional firearms to gain bonuses with to gaining extra damage instead.

  • White Mage - Changed holy burst to 30 feet radius, but can either heal living creatures or harm undead, not both.


  • Charlatan - A medic archetype that pretends his magic is just miracles of modern technology.

  • Evoker - A summoner archetype that prefers the presence of an outsider creature than an aspect of a primal or deity.

  • Field Specialist - A medic archetype that uses firearms over piercing weapons.

  • Generalist - A hume red mage archetype that doesn't focus on any particular area of expertise. (Created by dairius_chi, edited by me.)

  • Machinist - Changed archetype to be an al bhed only engineer archetype.

  • Skyseer - An aegyl geomancer archetype that gains a hawk companion and masters the skies.

  • Tree Guardian - A mandragora beastmaster archetype that uses plants as companions.

  • Warmech - Modified the battle armor to give an enhancement bonus instead of an untype bonus to stats.


  • Burst Feats - Added the following burst (channeling) feats to fit within this system: Alignment Burst, Burst Endurance, Burst Smite, Burst Viciousness, Clarifying Burst, Command Undead, Elemental Burst, Extra Burst, Fateful Burst, Forceful Burst, Improved Burst, Ki Burst, Liberation Burst, Poisoner's Burst, Protective Burst, Selective Burst, Siphon Burst, Steelskin Burst, and Trailblazing Burst.

Racial Feats:
Added a total of 78 feats (not including feats from Dwarf and Hume which used Pathfinder).

  • Aegyl - Airy Step, Cloud Gazer, Stretched Wings, and Wings of Air.

  • Al Bhed - Arcane Ruin, Booby Trap, Jury-Rig, Monkey Wrench, and Spring Loaded.

  • Bangaa - Greater Swimmer, Rending Claws, and Tail Terror.

  • Burmecian - Tangle Feet

  • Elvaan - Discerning Eye, Elvaan Battle Training, Shared Insight, Shared Manipulation, and Sociable.

  • Galka - Beast Rider, Bullying Blow, Ferocious Action, Ferocious Resolve, Ferocious Tenacity, Galka Weapon Expertise, Horde Charge, Improved Surprise Follow-Through, Ironhide, Resilient Brute, Reverse-Feint, Surprise Follow-Through, Tenacious Survivor, and Trap Wrecker.

  • Mandragora - Cactuar Affinity, Deep Roots, One with Wood, Paragon Mandragoran, and Sun Loving.

  • Moogle - Bargain, Blundering Defense, Cautious Fighter, Desperate Swing, Lucky Moogle, Moogle Gunner, Risky Striker, Surprise Strike, Tangle Feet, and Uncanny Defense.

  • Nu Mou - Arcane Talent and Servitor’s Diplomacy.

  • Qu - Agile Tongue, Fantastic Tongue, Grasping Tongue, Improved Stability, and Tongue Lash.

  • Ronso - Focusing Blow and Ronso Discipline.

  • Seeq - Grudge Fighter and Resolute Rager.

  • Shindroid - Construct Lock, Improved Resiliency, Jaws of Death, Mithral Fluidity, Second Slam, and Shocking Fist.

  • Tarutaru - Arcane Aptitude, Arcane Craft, Arcane Talent, Scavenger’s Eye, Stoic Pose, and Tangle Feet.

  • Varg - Taste of Blood.

  • Viera - Attuned to the Wild, Guardian of the Wild, Leaf Singer, Light Step, Mage of the Wild, Natural Instinct, One with Wood, Spirit of the Wild, Stabbing Shot, and Vieran Accuracy.

6/30/2014 -
Minor update: Added a slew of metamagic feats and racial feats, a new race (Burmecians), and a few more archetypes. Also corrected some minor errors.


  • Burmecian - An anthromorphic ratfolk who live in Burmecia and Cleyra.


  • Dragon Knight - Made changes to the DK dragoon archetype. It is now a burmecian-only archetype and I added new abilities.

  • Gulch Gunner - A burmercian gunner archetype that uses firearms up close and personal to deadly effect.

  • Plague Bringer - A burmecian chemist archetype that creates plague vials to infect his enemies.

  • Pugilist - A bangaa monk archetype that uses an unique form of fighting style.

  • Warmech - A shindroid engineer archetype that helps protects his allies with his force fields and battle armor.


  • Metamagic Feats - Added the following metamagic feats to fit within this system: Bouncing Spell, Burning Spell, Dazing Spell, Disruptive Spell, Ectoplasmic Spell, Elemental Spell, Flaring Spell, Heighten Spell, Intensified Spell, Lingering Spell, Merciful Spell, Persistant Spell, Piercing Spell, Reach spell, Rime Spell, Selective Spell, Sickening Spell, Threatening Illusion, Thundering Spell, and Umbral Spell.

  • Racial Feats - Added 6 varg racial feats: Bone-Crushing Jaws, Desert Runner, Pack Tactician, Spotter, Throwdown Trip, and Tripping Bite. Added 2 burmecian racial feats: Burrowing Teeth and Sharpclaw.

6/21/2014 -
Major update: Another? So soon? I know, I was feeling pretty bored over the week. Two new races and 38 archetypes (including racial archetypes). The FFd20 main book will be updated... tomorrow. I don't think I could stomach dealing with bookmarks again so soon. :p


  • Shindroid - A Shinra-created Construct humanoid race.

  • Varg - A 'werewolf'-like race of bipedal wolfmen.



  • Dragon Herald - A gria bard archetype that worships a dragon type.

  • Prankster - A moogle bard archetype that loves to cause mischief.


  • Feral Gnasher - A ronso beastmaster archetype that uses its fangs to get its point across.

  • Pack-Bonded Hunter - A varg beastmaster archetype that bonds with its allies rather than with an animal companion.

  • Wild Shadow - A viera beastmaster archetype that uses the terrain to her advantage.

Black Mage

  • Arcane Bomber - A black mage archetype that combines bombs and magic for exploding fun.

  • Arcanist - A black mage archetype that uses primal magic to fuel some of his spells.

  • Sorcerer - A black mage archetype that develops powers from his bloodline.

Chocobo Knight

  • Fell Rider - A galka chocobo knight archetype that rides a powerful beastly chocobo.

  • Order of the Bird - A tarutaru chocobo knight archetype that uses his mount to guard tarutarus and their villages.


  • Airborne Ambusher - An aegyl fighter archetype that masters the sky for battle.

  • Dirty Fighter - A seeq fighter archetype that uses dirty tricks and sneakiness to enhance his prowess.

  • Foehammer - A dwarf fighter archetype that uses hammers to smite his foes.


  • Feral Child - A hume geomancer archetype that befriends an animal companion.


  • Buccaneer - A hume gunner archetype that learns to master the decks of boats and airships.

  • Experimental Gunsmith - A moogle gunner archetype that uses an experimental firearm and explosives.

Holy Knight

  • Redeemer - A qu holy knight archetype that tries to redeem evil and monstrous creatures to the path of good.

  • Stonelord - A dwarf holy knight archetype that masters the powers of earth.

  • Tranquil Guardian - A ronso holy knight archetype that tries to spread peace and tranquility.


  • Shadowcaster - An illusionist archetype that focuses on mastering shadow magic.


  • Sentinel - A knight archetype that masters the tower shield.

  • Tactician - A knight archetype that uses teamwork to aid his allies.


  • Diminutive Adept - A tarutaru monk archetype that uses his small stature to one-up anyone bigger than him.

  • Ironskin  Monk - A galka monk archetype that focuses on hardening himself against attacks rather than speed.

  • Student of the Stone - A dwarf monk archetype that masters the power of earth and stone.

  • Treetop Monk - A viera monk archetype that uses the trees to her advantage.

  • Wanderer - A hume monk archetype that masters his movement, often being quicker than his opponents.


  • Necrotic Healer - A necromancer archetype that focuses on healing others than summoning the undead.

Red Mage

  • Elemental Knight - A nu mou red mage archetype that elemental energies surging through their blood.

  • Spell Dancer - An elvaan red mage archetype that performs a unique dance that enhances his form.


  • Deadly Courtesan - A viera thief archetype that masters manipulation and deception.

  • Eldritch Raider - A nu mou thief archetype that searches for artifacts and relics in destroyed homelands.

  • Filcher - A tarutaru thief arcfhetype that empathizes on becoming the perfect theft artist.

  • Skulking Slayer - A galka thief archetype that focuses on brute force than agile and dexterity.

  • Street Magician - A thief archetype that focuses on magic and tricks.

  • Swordmaster - An elvaan thief archetype that masters the six deadly sword trances.

  • Trickster - A gria thief archetype that uses charm and persuasion to get what she wants.

White Mage

  • Forgemaster - A dwarf white mage archetype that focuses on enchanting armor and weapons with runes.


  • Advanced Construction - A new shindroid feat that changes the metal of its body.

6/18/2014 -
Major update: Eight new archetypes, a new Primal monster, removal of spells and replaced with new ones, and FFd20 Main Book updated and finished (tentatively). With the photoshop help of Bren McGuire, he has created me 2 new covers, one for the FFd20 Monster Compendium (which is almost finished, whenever I can finish Leviathan and Garuda primals) and the new book I'm working on: FFd20 Technology Book. You will noticed that I removed all instances of technology from the main book (gunner, engineer, medic classes, as well as archetypes and prestige classes that has dealt with technology), so I can put them all in the new book.


  • Chocobo Knight - Increased hit points from d10 to d12.

  • Gunner - Decreased hit points from d10 to d8 and decrease BAB from full to 3/4ths.

Prestige Classes

  • Skald - Increased hit points from d8 to d10.


  • Caller - Summoner archetype that allows the summoner to summon monsters even while his avatar is out.

  • Cannoneer - Gunner archetype that specializes in cannons and the like.

  • Defender - Fighter archetype that prefers defense over offense.

  • Lancer - Dragoon archetype that uses mounts to deal their deadly lancer damage.

  • Marauder - Beastmaster archetype that uses large two-handed weapons to overcome their foes.

  • Mog Knight - A moogle-only Chocobo Knight archetype that specializes in pouncing their enemies. (Created by Gabriel Waisaith)

  • Ranger - Archer archetype that hunts down their favored foes, using their favored terrain to their advantage.

  • Viking - Fighter archetype that strikes fear into the heart of her foes, and in battle can fly into a terrible rage.


  • Black Mage - Removed all 6th and 8th redundant aoe spells, replaced them with other spells.

  • Geomancer - Added a couple of new spells at 6th and 8th.

  • White Mage - Added a couple of new spells at 6th and 8th.

Monster Compendium

  • A new Primal has been added: Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno.  On the horizon, the next to be created are: Garuda, Lady of the Vortex and Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl.


  • Armor values of most of the armor has been changed.

6/5/2014 -
Minor update: Minor overhaul on the Thief class, updates to certain spells and the Red Mage spell list, and changes to the Accessory magical items.


  • Blue Mage - Added wording to Simulation and Assimulation to include Standard actions.

  • Dark Knight - Corrected a minor word error for Smite Good.

  • Necromancer - Added a couple of necromancer spells.

  • Red Mage - Spell list given a slight overhaul.

  • Thief - Added a whole slew of Thief Talents. Changed Improved Steal and Greater Steal into Improved Theft and Theft Mastery. These will help the thief with their Sleight of Hand skill checks and Steal combat maneuvers.


  • Magitek Operator - Removed Powered by Magic and added Improved Magitek.


  • Mage's Ballad - Mage's Ballad was removed from the Bard song list. It was deemed unbalancing.

  • Raise spells - Removed the material component for all raise-type spells and added limited timers.

  • Esuna spells - Changed how esuna-type spells functioned (the wording was confusing to alot of players and myself). Esuna was raised to 4th level, Esunaga raised to 6th. New spell: Greater Esuna, 7th level spell. New spell: Greater Esunaga, 9th level spell.

  • Red Mage spell list - Removed the majority of the current 6th level spells and added new ones as well as added a few illusion spells.

  • Detect Magic - Detect Magic cantrip was added to all the spell lists.

  • Dispel - Changed the wording to fit the Pathfinder Dispel Magic spell.

Magical Items

  • Craft Accessory was removed as it was no longer necessary with the change over to Pathfinder. All the Accessories were converted into Wondrous Items or Rings and the prices were changed for most of the items.

  • New swords (courtesy of Kaiser6012) were also added to the list.

5/23/2014 -
Major update: A new class, a new prestige class, new archetypes, and new spells, oh my!


  • Blue Mage - Removed Knowledge (Beast Lore) and now Blue Mages now need most of the Knowledge skills to learn spells and use your class features. Upgraded their Skill Points per level from 4 to 6.

  • Dark Knight - Removed black mage spells and added their own spell list. Changed the wording for Aura of Spell Resistance to start off at 20.

  • Dragoon - Readded bonus damage to their Deadly Lancer ability for jumping beyond 10 feet.

  • Holy Knight - Removed white mage spells and added their own spell list.

  • Illusionist - A new spellcasting base class that utilizes (you guessed it!) illusions.

  • Necromancer - Added a couple of new necromancy spells.

  • Red Mage - Readded spellstrike with a slight change. Added Magic Weapon and Greater Magic Weapon to their spell list.

  • White Mage - Added new lower level (2nd) stat buff spells.

Prestige Classes

  • Berserker - Removed as a prestige class and added as a Beastmaster archetype.

  • Ninja - Hit points upgraded from d6 to d8.

  • Phantom Blade - A new prestige class for Illusionists (mainly) that aims to be a melee illusory weapons master.


  • Berserker - Removed as a prestige class and added as a Beastmaster archetype.

  • Death Knight - Changed wording from black mage spells to dark knight spells.

  • Fell Knight - Slight wording change.

  • Rune Knight - Changed wording from white mage spells to holy knight spells.

  • Saboteur - New archetype for the Thief class.

  • Sniper - New archetype for the Archer class.

  • Tamer - Archetype fixed and readded to the Beastmaster class.

  • Templar - New archetype for the White Mage class.

  • Temple Knight - Slight wording change.

  • Trickster - New archetype for the Thief class.


  • All base races have Illusionist added to the favored class options. Several blue mage favored class options edited to fit the blue mage change.


  • Added a whole slew of illusionist, dark knight, and holy knight spells.

4/20/2014 -
Major update: Changes to the MP system, a whole slew of blue magic spells, and a few changes here and there to classes.


  • Bard - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change.

  • Black Mage - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change.

  • Blue Mage - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change. Removed all blue magic spells that were part of other mage's spells and added a whole slew of new blue magic spells in replacement.

  • Dark Knight - Changed all abilities (including spellcasting) that used Intelligence modifier to Charisma modifier instead. All auras were changed to Charisma modifier for bonuses/penalties.

  • Dragoon - Removed Sweeping Fend ability and added Shellbreaker ability in replacement.

  • Geomancer - Added Clear Mind ability to 10th level because I forgot to give them this ability.

  • Holy Knight - Changed all abilities (including spellcasting) that used Wisdom modifier to Charisma modifier instead. All auras were changed to Charisma modifier for bonuses.

  • Kefkanite - Added Clear Mind ability to 10th level because I forgot to give them this ability.

  • Knight - Added Shield Training at 2nd level, to allow them to take shield-related feats that were fighter only.

  • Necromancer - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change.

  • Red Mage - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change.

  • Summoner - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change. Added a new ability, Paragon Summons at 15th level.

  • White Mage - Moved Clear Mind ability to 10th level because of the MP system change.


  • Fell Knight - Changed mount to yellow chocobo at 5th level, then upgrades to black chocobo at 10th.

  • Temple Knight - Changed mount to yellow chocobo at 5th level, then upgrades to white chocobo at 10th.


  • Tarutaru - Changed the wording on their Detect Magic racial spell-like ability.

Spells/MP System

  • Added a whole slew of new blue magic spells and removed all spells that were borrowed from other mage's spell list.

  • MP now regens at a slower rate. After at least 8 hours of rest, characters may meditate for 30 minutes to restore their amount of magic points equal to their caster level plus their primary casting modifier.


  • Items now only have one slot to affix a materia onto. I may be open to suggestions for additional slots, but with the current magical items, it is pretty powerful.

Monster Compendium

  • A set of monsters I will be creating for my players in homage of FFXIV, the Primals. I have created the first one (I hope that my players will not look at this. /glares at Eman-Ritan) called Primal Titan.

4/3/2014 -
Minor update: More changes, good and bad.


  • Archer - Tweaked the Hawkeye ability. Removed Extended Range and replaced it with High Ground. Moved Expert Archer from 5th to 4th level. Added Hunter Tricks at 5th level. Changed Master Archer ability.

  • Blue Mage - Scan and Libra now allow creatures to resist with a successful Will save.

  • Dragoon - Tweaked the Jump ability to allow dragoons to jump as part of a charge. Dropped the additional d6's of damage for Deadly Lancer for jumping farther. Deleted Dragon Knight ability, moved Leaping Charge to its place, added Mighty Charge in replacement. Added Fighter Training at 6th level.

Prestige Classes

  • Skald - Tweaked the Base Attack Bonus requirement from +3 to +2.


  • Dragon Knight - Added the Dragon Knight ability from the Dragoon class that replaces Leaping Charge.

  • Skirmisher - Deleted the archetype and melded the abilities into the Archer class.


  • Mithra - Changed the starting racial modifiers for the Liono subtype from +2 Dex/Wis, -2 Cha to +2 Str/Cha, -2 Wis.

3/26/2014 -
Minor update: What? So soon? This is madness!


  • Archer - Added Hawkeye (at level 2) ability.

  • Black Mage - Changed Cantrips ability to Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

  • Blue Mage - Added Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

  • Dark Knight - Added Shadow Burst (at level 5) ability.

  • Geomancer - Added Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

  • Holy Knight - Added Holy Burst (at level 5) ability..

  • Knight - Removed Quick Strap, Irresistible Advance, Supreme Armor Mastery, and Shield Saint abilities. Added Armored Defense, Shield Buffet, Fortification, Stalwart, Shield Guard, Shield Ward, and Indestructible. Moved Defend Ally ability from 2nd level to 1st. Moved Stand Firm ability from 3rd level to 2nd. Moved Active Defense ability from 7th level to 3rd. Moved Fortress of Defense ability from 9th level to 8th. Lowered Skill Points per level from 4 to 2.

  • Necromancer - Added Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells

  • Red Mage - Added Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

  • Summoner - Added Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

  • White Mage - Changed Cantrips ability to Cantrip spells (0 level). Added a list of 0-level spells.

3/20/2014 -
Major update: Finally! An update! Sorry for the long delay. In addition to this major update, changing how it looks for people to understand what has changed. With furtherado, here it is:


  • Bard - Did a major overhaul of the bard's songs. Moved a few songs to higher levels and added new single target songs. Moved Additional Song ability to 5th level and added 3 more bardic performance abilities at 1st level.

  • Blue Mage - Added a couple of new spells (Fearful Bay and Mournful Howl). Going to eventually remove all non-blue magic spells from their spell lists.

  • Dark Knight - Added a new Sense Good ability.

  • Dragoon - Nerfed the amount of bonus Acrobatics skill gained through Jump from double class level to class level. Added a new ability at 10th level, Springing Charge.

  • Fighter - Added CMB to the Agility fighter talent.

  • Geomancer - Added a new base class, removed from prestige class. Has their own spell list as well.

  • Gunner - Removed Rapid Reload feat as it does nothing for them. Added a couple of new abilities (Can't Out-cast a Bullet and Belly Shot)

  • Holy Knight - Added a new Sense Evil ability.

  • Summoner - All the Avatars' limit breaks now say they affect enemies only. Added a new summon spell, Unicorn Horn.

  • White Mage - All raise spells now require a material component to cast. All esuna-type spells now require a caster level check.

Prestige Classes

  • Fencer - Changed the wording of Natural Dodge to make it more clear.

  • Geomancer - Removed as a prestige class and added as a base class.

  • Mime - Increased the Aptitude Focus bonus from 1-5 to 2-10.


  • Bombardier - Removed Overdrive limit break and added Perfect Bomb.

  • Death Knight - Added "song" to the wording for the Special Command.

  • Tamer - Removed the archetype until I can fix it.


  • All core races now have geomancer listed under favored classes.


  • Added Hero Points system from Pathfinder.

  • Changed the costs for Phoenix Down and Mega Phoenix alchemical items.

11/22/2013 -
Minor update: Added 6 subraces for Mithra (based after Thundercats). Made a couple of changes to the Beastmaster's Beast Shape ability and Feral Combat Style. Added a whole slew of talents, tricks, and techniques for Beastmaster, Chemist, Engineer, Fighter, and Thief, created by Nihilarian, as well as a new Archetype for Beastmaster, the Tamer. Changed Spellcraft skill a little bit for detecting magic and identifying magical items.

11/3/2013 -
Minor update: Changed Summoner's avatar starting stats and added a 7th level upgrade for each of them. Changed Holy Knight's and Dark Knight's Holy/Dark Sword Techs, retuned them. Did minor error fixes on spells and spell lists. Added Medic favored class options to the core races. Added Medic skill points and money to the appropriate charts. Modified Red Mage's Dual Spellcasting Limit Break. Modified the Archer's Aim ability. Modified the Bard's Funeral Ballad ability. Changed all Raise-type spells to Full Round Actions.

10/17/2013 -
Major update: Finished the Medic base class. Removed some redundancy deeds from the Gunner class. Added/changed some archetypes (created by Nihilarian). Changed the Esuna spell to require to spend more MP to cure higher level status effects. Changed pricing on Power Rods/Staves and added a damage component equal to the caster's casting modifier. Changed Green Mage's first ability to increase duration of the appropriate type rather than +1 round. Made a few fixes on typos and suggestions on different wording (with help from Cycopaethtic), though I'm not done with it.

10/4/2013 -
Major update: Lowered the spell levels of most of the spellcasting classes starting from 3rd level and higher (basically Wizard progression from Pathfinder). Also changed MP for all the spellcasting classes. Added new mage talents for black mage and white mage. Modified Rune Knight archetype for holy knights, changed scribe runes from 1 hour to a full-round action.

9/29/2013 -
Minor update: Made a few changes to the Monk class, added a couple of new abilities. Edit/Cleaned up the Monk Archetypes due to the change. Since the new Esuna change, I removed all the spells that are no longer required (Stona, Vox, Poisona, Cleanse, etc). Removed Toxify, changed Poison/Bio a little bit. Added two new Necromancer spells (Zombify, Mass Zombify), and added new blue mage spells that were created in my FFd20 campaign. Thanks to Cycopaethic (forum user) who sends me walls of text on suggestions to fix errors or make suggestions, he has been invaluable.

Edit: The night is young! Also made changes to the Gunner class, filling out a few problem areas that seem empty as well as removing gunblades from the class and dropping the lightning shot ability (as rapid shot feat mimics it). Made a few changes to the firearms as well.

9/26/2013 -
Minor update: Made some minor adjustments to the Necromancer class, changed out its capstone ability. Added new summon undead spells to the necromancer spell list. Changed the classic spells' bonus damage to +1 per level instead of what it was before.

9/24/2013 -
Minor update: Removed Natural Talent from Bards and added a set of new abilities called Dissonance. Made overall changes and fixes to the Engineer class. Made minor corrections to Engineer's archetypes and a few spells.

9/21/2013 -
Minor update: Due to the spell change, I made a revision on the Red Mage class, removing Spellstrike and adding an Arcane Pool and Ruby Arcanas. In addition, I overhauled the Ruby Magister prestige class, removing and changing alot of its abilities.

9/19/2013 -
Major update: Changed all the classic ranged touch spells (Aero, Blizzard, Dark, Fire, Light, Stone, Thunder, Water) to non-ranged touch. This wasn't a light decision. Also, removed the number of affected allies limitation on all area effect healing spells. Protectra, Shellra, and Renew got a 3rd level version as well as changing the morale bonus to resistance bonus for Bar-status, Bar-element, and Shell spells. Esuna changed to a 1st level spell and majorly changed as well as Esunaga as a 3rd level spell. Minor errors corrected on a few classes.

8/22/2013 -
Minor update: Changed Bard's aura size to 15 feet. Also changed Bard's Inspiration and Grant Move Action abilities from standard actions to move actions. Changed Dark Knight's Blood Weapon limit break to heal half of the damage dealt instead of full. Made some minor editing on every class. The new Starting Gil list has finally been updated.

8/19/2013 -
Major update: Created a new archetype for white mages (Netherseer). Minor changes/nerfs to Blue Mages (Some changes to Blue Magery and Azure Physical). Major changes to Engineers (changed Support Droids). Minor changes to Archer (added a couple of new abilities). Minor nerf to Monks (changed Full BAB to 3/4ths). Added a new optional Action Point system (lifted from d20 Modern). Located under Miscellaneous Rules.

7/31/2013 -
Major update: Created a few archetypes (with the help of Nihilarian). Some aren't done. And I'm far from being done, but wanted to put this update up for the few I do have done.

7/26/2013 -
Minor update: Converted a few of the Ability Materia over to Pathfinder feats. Added 2 more Independant Materia (HP and MP Materia). Changed the costs for Spells, a bit more expensive, more on line with FF1's spell cost, but less:

1st level scrolls: 200 gil
2nd level scrolls: 400 gil
3rd level scrolls: 800 gil
4th level scrolls: 1,600 gil
5th level scrolls: 3,200 gil
6th level scrolls: 6,400 gil
7th level scrolls: 12,800 gil
8th level scrolls: 25,600 gil
9th level scrolls: 51,200 gil

Spells are and should be more powerful and this change reflects the costs. Scribe Scrolls feat reduces this cost, but by the time mages get to the higher levels, they should have enough money to spend carefully on what spells they want.

7/25/2013 -
Minor update: Overhauled the Magiteks, looking buffed and scary now. Kinda regretting giving my current group 2 of them. But they probably forgot about them.

Went over the Monster Compendium once again and fixed a few errors. I also added the entries onto the website instead of just PDFs. (Finally.)

7/24/2013 -
Major update: Finished the Monster Compendium Pathfinder conversion. All monsters got tweaked, nerfed, enhanced, and buffed. Blue Mages got a few more spells and a couple revised ones as well. Summoner got a new spell to summon their avatars if dead.

On the Horizon:
More Blue Magic Spells based on Pathfinder monsters
Illusionist and (maybe) Medic base class
MagiTeks Overhaul

7/20/2013 -
Minor update: Changed A Knight's Protection Limit Break from the Knight class. Also changed Diamond and Onyx Magister's Limit Breaks as well.

Still working on the Monster Compendium Pathfinder conversion. Its a long process. I've included a few in the PDF section. Finished A - D.

5/15/2013 -
Update: Finally finished the Summoner class. Also added some new spells to the Summoner Spell List. Fixed some minor errors under skills and some spells.

5/1/2013 -
Update: Finally finished the Summoner Spell List. Over the next week or so, will be doing an overhaul on the Summoner class, changing how their pets work and a few class abilities.

4/24/2013 -
Update: Changed the Limit Break system. I was kinda unhappy with how it was (and still kinda am after the change), reverted back to how it was before with an added feature. Limit breaks are special abilities that all base and prestige classes get at 1st level. To activate a limit break, most require a standard action (though some limit breaks allow swift actions to be used) and you can only activate a limit break while your health is 50% or less. At 1st level, you get 1 limit break usage per day, and every 4 levels thereafter, you gain an additional limit break usage. With this new change, most of the limit breaks got a minor change.

4/15/2013 -
Minor Update: Fixed prestige classes with high amount of skill ranks needed, lowered the requirements.

4/13/2013 -
Update: STILL working on Summoner's spell list. Change (read: nerf) damage on a few black mage swift combo spells. I had not intended for the Black Magery damage upgrade to affect them, so I fixed it. Added Heal skill back to the White Mage's skill list. Added a line about Engineer's Automaton if its destroyed. Blue Mages now start off with spells at 1st level and gain new ones with each level gained. Fixed Soldier Prestige class, lack of Monkey Grip feat in Pathfinder. And finally, due to boredom and someone challenging me to make a base class based off Kefka, I created this, the Kefkanite ( You may snicker now, but I love it. :)

3/28/2013 -
Epic update: I have fully changed over to Pathfinder for FFd20. Though, still working on Summoner's spell list.

11/14/12 -
Major update: Melded the Holy/Divine Knight classes and the Dark/Fell Knight classes, dropped Divine/Fell Knight prestige classes.

11/3/12 -
Major update: Major overhaul of the spell database, updated all spell lists to reflect this major change. Created and edited the Necromancer base class. Summoner's Greater Summon ability changed. New Blue Mage feat (Azure Learning). Critical hit system going back to normal, all weapons will be converted back to their multiplying damaging ways. Fencer prestige class (created by Nihilarian, edited by me) created.

- Minor update - Samurai and Mystic Knight got an overhaul. Elemental Fists Disciple changed to a mana-based system. Minor editing. Made changes to the Knight class, fleshed out more talents and moved stuff around.

- Major update - Changed out Fighter's Bonus Feats for Fighter Talents. Changed Monk, dropped the whole Ki system and added a few random abilities. Added a few random Gunnery talents for Gunner class.

- Minor update: Chocobo Knight and Beastmaster receive starting stats for their respective pets. Chocobo Knight gaining the various colors of chocobos as well. Chocobos themselves have been updated. FFd20 book now updated as well. Still working on correcting the website though.

10/8/2012 - Minor update: Number of Materia slots for Armor has changed. Listed here:

- Minor update: New Bard (Bardic Performance) feats. Listed here:

10/6/2012 - Minor update: Changes to the Beastmaster's natural weapons to a feral fighting style. Minor nerf to Beastmaster's trip bonus from Wolf companion. Added new rage power. Changed Blue Mage back to an Int caster. White Mage talents changed.

10/5/2012 - Minor update: Minor changes to Skald prestige class, and major overhaul to Judge Magister prestige class.

10/4/2012 - Minor update: Salvage removed from feats, added to Engineer class as a class feature.

10/3/2012 - Minor update: Minor overhauls were applied to Holy Knight and Dark Knight. Minor adjustments were made to Bard and Knight.

10/2/2012 - Major update: Engineer got a massive overhaul and Knight got tweaked again.

9/30/2012 - Major update: Bard got an overhaul as well as bard songs. Knight got a minor overhaul. Working on Black/White Mage next as well as spells. Finished with a minor overhaul on Black and White mage classes. Will have spells eventually done over the week.

9/27/2012 - Minor update: Archer's 5th and 10th level abilities changed from Deadly Aim and Improved Precise Shot to Rapid Shot and Manyshot. Gunner's 5th and 10th level abilities changed from Rapid Shot and Manyshot to Double Tap and Burst Fire. The modern feats will be put in the Feat Section.

9/9/2012 - Major update: Archer class got a minor overhaul. Beastmaster's natural weaponry got tweaked and lowered to 1st level. Added two new feats (Improved Deadly Aim and Supreme Deadly Aim). Added Thievery skill to replace Open Locks and Sleight of Hand. Added Greatbow to the weapon section.

9/3/2012 - Changed the Materia Proficiency feat. Reduced Galka's speed to 20 feet. Monk's Aurablast was changed.

8/4/2012 - Monk's Aurablast was changed.

4/10/2012 - Minor HP change to Archer and Gunner base class, upgraded to d8's. The FFd20 main book pdf updated with all the new changes.

4/4/2012 - Minor change to all of the FF races and added three new ones (Aegyl, Gria and Seeq). I dropped all the negative stats.

3/8/2012 - Major change - Lost the forums I had been using, temporary (or permanent) forums under the Forums link. Added this News and Updates section.

2/22/2012 - Major changes to Bard and Summoner base classes. As well as slight changes to bard prestige classes (Dancer, Mediator, and Skald).

2/20/2012 - Minor change to Mastercrafted weapons and armor. The bonus to weapons also ignores damage reduction. Armor now receives additional DR at a cost of armor to DR ratio at half (round up for armor). For example, an adamantite plate armor +5 would normally be +10 armor, 5/- DR. With the new way, it would be +8 armor, 7/- DR.

2/9/2012 - Updated the website with the new changes as well as added new feats for Monks, Dark Knights, and Holy Knights. Changed the accessories that grant the Toughness feat to grant a static amount of HPs instead. Drop some prices for accessories.

2/8/2012 - Azure Magister renamed to Sapphire Magister and Beastmaster got another overhaul.

2/3/2012 - Materia section revamped and added new Summon Materia.

1/28/2012 - Skald prestige class created (Skyrim themed Bard prestige class). And a slight Fighter nerf.

1/27/2012 - Monk base class's Ki system got reworked. Ninja prestige class got an overhaul, adopting Monk's Ki system. Chemist got a minor change to their discoveries. White Mage's Holy Burst nerfed down to 15 foot radius.

1/22/2012 - Blue Mage upgraded from d4 to d6 hit points. Fighter's Reliable Strike got upgraded from once per day every 5 levels to 3 + Constitution modifier per day.

1/19/2012 - Minor update: Finished the Alchemical Item list for Chemists and those who took the Craft Alchemical Item feat. And reworked the Thief base class. It seemed lackluster compared to the other classes.

11/17/2011 - Major update: Updated the website for Weapons, Armor, Materia, and Goods and Services.

11/13/2011 - Minor update: Updated the website with the changes.

11/9/2011 - Major update: Chocobo Knight base class created.

11/8/2011 - Major update: Chemist base class created.

11/6/2011 - Minor update: Dark Knight/Holy Knight got a couple of revisions. Berserker, Geomancer, Mystic Knight, and Ruby Magister prestige classes got a few changes.

11/5/2011 - Minor update: Changed/updated some of the Fighter's and Monk's abilities.

11/4/2011 - Major update: Fighter and Beastmaster got a major overhaul. Blue Mage's limit break changed. Engineer got a major overhaul as well.

11/3/2011 - Red Mage: Nerf the amount of Convert uses to equal 3 + Cha Mod and removed the improved versions of Convert. 5:1 is fine as it is. Dark/Holy Knights are no longer subsidiaries of the Knight class. They are now their own Base Class and to reflect such, each got a minor change. Monk's martial arts ability is now based on monk level and not at specific monk level (I know that doesn't make sense, just read it.) Now Monk PrCs gain the benefits of increased unarmed strike damage and critical hit threat range. Monk's Capstone ability changed for the better, gaining a +2 strength/dexterity/wisdom. Engineer's Automaton changed to reflect the changes in Animal Companions.

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