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Flight Systems

Flight SystemDescriptionCost
Afterburner SystemThe afterburner system dumps a shot of raw fuel into the magitek’s thruster system, giving the magitek a temporary speed boost. The magitek’s fly speed is doubled for 1 round. The afterburner system is good for only one use; additional activations require additional afterburner systems.5,000 gil
Jet-Assist WingsJet-assist wings allow a flying magitek to maneuver more effectively, but do not provide the magitek with the ability to fly. A magitek with jet-assist wings improves its flight maneuverability by one category (clumsy to poor, poor to average, and so on).7,500 gil
JetpackA jetpack combines vectored thrust with simple avionics, granting the magitek a fly speed of 100 feet (clumsy). The jetpack carries enough fuel for the magitek to travel a total of 1,000 feet; refueling costs 1,000 gil.10,000 gil
Magicite Thruster BootsThe best thruster system available uses magicite technology to improve the performance of the thruster boots, granting the magitek a fly speed of 200 feet (poor).40,000 gil
Thruster BootsThruster boots combine powerful thrusters to give the magitek a fly speed of 150 feet (poor).25,000 gil