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Miscellaneous Systems

Advanced DiagnosticsMultiple redundant systems coupled with the ability to detect and correct minor system faults allow the magitek to repair moderate damage. Advanced diagnostics restores 1d10 points of damage per hour, during which time the magitek cannot move or attack.9,000 gil
Cockpit, CopilotThis extra cockpit provides a comfortable station inside the magitek for a Small or Medium-size copilot.2,000 gil
Cockpit, PassengerThis extra cockpit merely provides a comfortable place inside the magitek for a Small or Medium-size passenger to sit.2,000 gil
Comm SystemThe magitek is equipped with a radio transceiver that can transmit on multiple frequencies in either LOS (line of sight) or omnidirectional mode. It can handle up to ten simultaneous two-way conversations.2,750 gil
Crackerjack Neural LinkThis unit links the operator’s brain directly to the magitek, making it feel less like a machine and more like an extension of the operator’s body. While driving or piloting the magitek, the operator gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks. In addition, the operator can use any of his nonmagitek-specific feats while operating a magitek. (This ability does not grant the operator any new feats.)9,000 gil
Finessing StructureFinessing the structure with advanced technology made the magitek dexterous. This grants the magitek an enhancement bonus to Dexterity of +2, +4, or +6. Varies
HV-5 Haven Escape PodThe HV-5 Haven escape pod jettisons the cockpit and the magitek operator from the rest of the magitek (typically because the magitek is about to be destroyed).9,000 gil
Life Support SystemThe magitek’s life support system provides a closed environment, allowing the magitek operator to ignore the effects of inhaled poisons and immersion in water.350 gil
Magicite CoreThe Magicite Core crosses the threshold between magic and technology. The Magicite Core imbues the magitek the ability use materia as beam cannons.20,000 gil
Nanorepair UnitState-of-the-art nanites swarm over the surface of the magitek at the first indication of damage. The magitek automatically heals 5 points of damage per round. The nanorepair unit ceases to function if the magitek loses all its hit points.90,000 gil
Null-Magic UnitThe Null-Magic Unit provides a decent defense against spellcasters. It grants the magitek spell resistance 21.90,000 gil
Planar-Void UnitThe Planar-Void Unit provides a decent defense against elemental magic. It reduces elemental damage (of all types) to the magitek by half.64,000 gil
Stealth SuiteBased on high-tech low observables technology, this combination of sound baffles, heat dispersers, and nonreflective paint combines to give the magitek a +10 bonus on Stealth checks. Cost and the size penalty combine to make this structural option impractical on all but the smallest magitek.2,000 gil
Strengthening StructureStrengthening the structure with advanced technology made the magitek stronger. This grants the magitek an enhancement bonus to Strength of +2, +4, or +6. Varies
Structural EnhancementSignificant advances in engineering inspire a series of modifications to the magitek’s superstructure, granting it an additional 50 hit points.9,000 gil