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Sensor Systems

Sensor SystemDescriptionCost
Class I Sensor SystemThis sensor system includes a radar that allows a magitek operator to scan the basic topography of the surrounding area and pick out targets well enough to aim weapons at them.2,000 gil
Class II Sensor SystemThis sensor system includes an electromagnetic (EM) detector array that localizes electromagnetic emissions, and an infrared detector that tracks targets by their heat signatures.4,000 gil
Class III Sensor SystemThis system combines the features of the Class II sensor system with an advanced night-vision unit. The magitek operator gains darkvision to a range of 90 feet. A Class III sensor system also grants a +2 equipment bonus on the operator’s Navigate and Perception checks.6,000 gil
Class IV Sensor SystemThis system includes electromagnetic (EM), infrared detector, hi-res video, and nightvision sensors similar to those found on the Class II and Class III systems. It also incorporates a radar system that uses low-powered laser beams to quickly locate and identify difficult terrain, distant obstacles, and targets.10,000 gil
Class V Sensor SystemThis system improves upon earlier sensor systems by replacing the radar with powerful multiband radar that quickly and effortlessly identifies and tracks magitek, creatures, and vehicles. It also combines the electromagnetic, infrared, and video scanners into a single, more powerful array. The Class V sensor system also extends the magitek’s nightvision capability.15,000 gil
Class VI Sensor SystemThis sensor system resembles the Class V sensor array, except that it replaces the multiband radar unit with multiphase radar capable of penetrating nearly any obstacle or barrier.20,000 gil
Enigma Sensor SuiteUsing a combination of thermal imaging, X-rays, and vibration sensors, the Enigma sensor suite enables the operator to effectively see through solid objects. Fine details can’t be detected, but a magitek using the Enigma suite could tell, for example, that three Medium-size humanoids were crouched behind a closed door, or that an escape tunnel runs from one building to another.15,000 gil
Oracle Targeting SystemThe standard computer-assisted targeting system for magitek combines holographic displays and heuristic target-prediction profiling to increase a magitek operator’s accuracy. The Oracle system has five different categories (denoted Mark I through Mark V). Varies