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WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireCapacitySizeWeightCost
A3X Dragon Flame-Thrower4d620Fire120 int.Large75 lb.2,750 gil
Avenger Electro-Scimitarvaries¹18-20S + Lightningvaries¹varies¹
LK8 Armor-Piercing Pikevaries¹19-20/x3Pvaries¹varies¹
LT-5 Longshot Mass Driver15d620/x4B+P120 ft.110 boxHuge90 lb.6,500 gil
M-300 Rhino Mass Cannon8d1220B+P100 ft.1Huge65 lb.27,500 gil
M-53 Firestar Rocket Launcher10d62016 int.Huge35 lb.6,500 gil
M-55 Crud Rocket Launcher10d620S16 int.Huge35 lb.6,500 gil
M-70 EMP Rocket Launcher10d6²2016 int.Huge35 lb.15,000 gil
M-75 Cricket Rocket Launcher10d6²2016 int.Huge35 lb.9,000 gil
M-87 Talon Missile Launcher15d62014 int.Huge20 lb.5,000 gil
M-9 Barrage Chaingun5d620B+P60 ft.1, AbeltHuge100 lb.2,750 gil
PS-15 Panther Clawsvaries¹19-20Svaries¹varies¹
PS-25 Tiger Clawsvaries¹19-20Svaries¹varies¹
T-95 Cavalcade Chaingun7d620B+P60 ft.1, AbeltHuge80 lb.3,500 gil
Thunderbolt Shock Rodvaries¹20B + Lightningvaries¹varies¹
Warpath Recoilless Rifle10d620/x4B+P40 ft.1, A20 boxHuge50 lb.3,500 gil
XJ-A Python Electro-Whipvaries¹20Lightningvaries¹varies¹
¹: See the weapon's description for details.
²: See the weapon's description for collateral effects to crew and passengers.

Damage: The damage the weapon deals on a successful hit.

Critical: The threat range for a critical hit.

Damage Type: Ranged weapon damage is classified as Piercing (P).

Range: Modern firearm attacks are against the target’s touch AC for the first 5 range increments and have a full 10 range increments.

Rate of Fire: How many rounds the firearm fires per round.

  • Single Shot (1): This is a single shot per each attack granted by the PC’s Base Attack Bonus.
  • Semi-Automatic (S): As part of a full-attack action, you can fire one additional time this round at the cost of all your attack rolls taking a –2 penalty.
  • Burst Fire (B): As a standard action, the character fires 3 – 10 rounds. On a successful attack, the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the target’s Armor Class, the character gains an additional hit.
  • Automatic Fire (A): Automatic is a full round action and a character can fire in a cone (see below). All individuals within the cone (30′) are targets and each must be rolled separately, with a modifier of -4. In addition, targets are unable to use any concealment abilities. Machine guns only have autofire settings and can’t normally fire single shots. These weapons can fire as cone (60′) attack, each with a -4 to hit. If there is only one target aimed at, as a full round action on a successful attack, the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the targets Armor Class the character gains an additional hit.
  • Note: A critical hit or sneak attack damage is only applied to the first bullet-strike, regardless of how many rounds end up hitting the target.

Capacity: The weapon’s magazine capacity and type are given in this column.

  • Box: A box magazine is any type of magazine that can be removed and reloaded separately from the weapon.
  • Cylinder (cyl): A revolver keeps its ammunition in a cylinder.
  • Internal (int): Some weapons keep their ammunition in an internal space, which must be loaded by hand.
  • Belt Feed (belt): Machine guns use linked ammunition.

Size: A Small or smaller weapon is considered a light weapon. A Medium-size or smaller weapon can be used one-handed or two-handed. A Large weapon requires two hands. A Huge weapon requires two hands and a bipod or other mount.

Weight: This column gives the weapon’s weight when fully loaded.

Cost: This is the purchase cost to acquire the weapon.