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While Eidolons and Astrals are commonly mixed in conversation there is a distinct difference between the two. Astrals are the progenitor of the two, with Astrals being immortal beings. Created by the Gods, Astrals harness, control and create the natural energies of the planet, from elements of water or fire to disease and phenomena. While they are immortal, Astrals can be killed, once they are killed another Astral shall materialize to take the dead beings place. Astrals hold leagues more power than that of normal Eidolons, as well as wisdom due to their long existence. They are also sometimes referred to as Primals or Aeons, though those names are less common.

Astrals can be followed like any other deity, bestowing their power onto their devout followers.

The old Gods Alexander, Hades, Ifrit, Leviathan, Phoenix, Ramuh, Shiva, and Titan are both of godly power and Astral profession.

Bahamut the Greater God is also seen as an Astral by many sentient beings, normally as the King of all Astrals, Eidolons and Avatars.

Notable astrals outside of the normal Pantheon are:

Table: Astrals

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
ArkLNAir, Airships, Preservation, TransportAir, Artifice, Liberation, Protection, TravelHalberd
AsuraLNAstrals, Benevolence, Fists, Joy, Queen, SireCommunity, Glory, Law, Magic, Strength, WarKatana
CarbuncleNGAnimals, Humanity, Protection. ShieldAnimal, Charm, Community, Good, Healing, ProtectionShortsword
CerberusLEAnimals, Dogs, Flame, Gates, HellAnimal, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, Protection, StrengthSpiked Chain
Chocobo and Fat ChocoboNGChocobos, Gysahl Greens, TransportationAnimal, Community, Good, TravelClaw Blades
DiablosCEDemons, Devils, Gravity, Planes, Shadows, VoidChaos, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Magic, Time, Travel, Trickery, VoidScythe
DoomtrainCNAscendance, Ghosts, Traversal, UndeadArtifice, Chaos, Death, TravelGlaive
FenrirTNCanines, Electrical Current, Motorcycles, SpeedArtifice, Lightning, TravelBuster Sword
GolemLNMinerals, Natural Formations, Rock, StoneArtifice, Earth, Law, Protection, RuinsWarhammer
Good King Moggle Mog XIILGCourage, Knights, Moogles, Peace, RoyaltyAnimal, Community, Good, Liberation, NobilityFlail
IxionTNHorses, Lightning, StormsAnimal, Lightning, WeatherLance
OdinLEDarkness, Duels, Horses, Scythes, SwordsDarkness, Death, Erosion, Evil, Glory, Law, StrengthScythe, Knight Sword, or Scimitar
QuetzalcoatlLNBirds, Explosions, Pulse, Squalls, Static ElectricityDestruction, Lightning, StrengthGunblade
SirenCNDrowning, Rain, Sailors, Sea, SleepChaos, Charm, Luck, Trickery, Water, WeatherShortbow
ValeforLNFlying, Freedom, WindAir, Animal, Glory, LiberationWhip