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Welcome to Final Fantasy d20!

In this handbook, you will find all the information needed to run a Final Fantasy d20 game, or to add Final Fantasy flavor to your normal Pathfinder campaign. The series is designed for electronic distribution, made to for modular access to the game system in PDF format that is easy to print out and use as you need them for your games.

This particular chapter is only the beginning. It is designed as an introduction to the FFd20 game, to give interested parties the overall design philosophy. This chapter is an introduction to the game itself.

It is important to note that this game is built entirely with the Pathfinder rules in mind, and thus often very closely resembles those rules. Departures from the core system were carefully considered and studied to measure their impact on the game. Those departures that were ultimately embraced were those that added a significant “Final Fantasy Feel” to the tabletop game, which includes emulating some aspects of a computer RPG (CRPG) in Pen-And-Paper format, and adopting some of the more archetypal FF trappings. Departures include things like the magic points, limit breaks, FF spells, summons and plenty of other ways in which FFd20 is distinguished.

Even with these diversions, care has been taken to ensure a balance with non-FFd20 sources. Any materials made for the core system of Pathfinder should work side-by-side with the FFd20 rules without much complication. It is largely assumed, however, that in using the FFd20 system, you will be largely using things designed for the FFd20 system. Final Fantasy d20 puts you in control of the vast worlds of Final Fantasy. Regardless of how you use the material in these documents, it is your world now.

What is Final Fantasy d20?

Final Fantasy d20 (abbreviated as FFd20) is a table-top role-playing game that uses Pathfinder rules combined with the style of the Final Fantasy videogames to create a pen-and-paper RPG that is capable of putting the epic, save-the-world adventure, deep characterization, and story philosophies that have become the hallmark of the Final Fantasy games into the control of any group of gamers.

In doing this, FFd20 takes Pathfinder as its rules base, and supplements it with new races, new classes, feats, skills, spells, prestige classes, characters, monsters, meanings, and iconography of the Final Fantasy games. Rather than focus on emulating the mechanics of the FF games, FFd20 cherry-picks from various games in the series, utilizing trends that unite them to forge a table-top game system that can successfully drive home a unique Final Fantasy feel in play.

In short, the rules and advice in these documents is not just for any night of normal gaming. FFd20 promotes episodic, narrative-focused, character-driven gaming, in which the players put themselves in the roles of heroes, not just adventurers. More dramatic and involved than dungeon raids, the campaigns of FFd20 focus on philosophical themes of humanity, such as death, love, truth, evolution, time and space, and true human nature, entwining these ideas into the heroes and the villains and the world itself.

FFd20 explores these stories with imagery drawn from the Final Fantasy series, and through that series, through world myth and legend. At the center of FFd20, like at the center of any FF game, is the concept of envelope-pushing storytelling, examining the meaning behind the myths, and drawing them into a blending of logic and passion, coupled with fast-paced, interesting battles and epic struggles the entire way. FFd20 does for tabletop role-playing what FF has done for video games, creating a dynamic and robust system for pushing the meaning of RPG Fantasy to its final limits, and breaking through. Enjoy it!

Legal Notice

This is a fan project, not an official product by any means. Though I have endeavored to hold myself to professional criteria wherever possible, it remains a fan project. I have no ownership of the trademarks used herein, and such things are not owned or operated by me. This material is presented for simple personal use, not for sale or re-sale. The mechanics were either my own design, or arrived at based on a combination of Final Fantasy and Pathfinder rules as they already exist.

FFd20 is a synthesis made by someone with a passion for a good story and a good twenty-sided die. All the artwork in these documents is taken from artwork done for the games, by various artists, or from the games themselves. It was not done specifically for this project, and remains the property of the respective owners, just like every other trademarked phrase, character, or concept given in these documents. Again, the only original product in these documents is my own game design, built upon the game design of the Pathfinder and Final Fantasy.