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Dreamhare Family

Dreamhare Subtype

Dreamhares are docile, even relatively friendly creatures that somewhat resemble rabbits. Dreamhares have the following traits:

– A Dreamhare gets Perform (Dance) as a class skill. It does not get any other Perform skill as a class skill.
– Possesses the Wild Dance ability (See Below)

Wild Dance: Dreamhares with 6 or more racial hit dice can use Mystic Dances as a Dancer of their Racial Hit Dice. They learn one Mystic Dance at 6 hit dice and another every two hit dice after. If the Dreamhare does not possess a Ki Pool, they spend 3 MP per dance instead. A Dreamhare may not, however, spend Ki points to power Go-Go Dance or War Dance.
If a Dreamhare takes levels in Dancer, a Dreamhare’s racial hit dice stack with Dancer to determine its Ki Pool and Mystic Dance class features as well as its Dancer level to determine duration the duration, and to fulfil the prerequisites of, Mystic Dances.