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Cie'th WladislausThe idea that what you see is merely a tall man is quashed immediately upon taking a better look at the Cie’th ahead of you. Bedecked in white crystal with turquoise and violet accents, its one lengthy arm grips the hilt of a sword almost twice as long as the Cie’th is tall. Tendrils line the other side of its body, clenching and unclenching like fingers eager to throttle you to death.– Manly Man

Cie’th, Wladislaus (CR 17)

XP 102,400
NE Medium Outsider (Cie’th, Native)
Init +12; Senses Blindsense 120 ft.; Perception +31


AC 36, touch 18, flat-footed 28 (+8 dex, +18 natural)
hp 314 (19d10+209)
Fort +21, Ref +19, Will +15
DR 15/adamantine and magic and good or crystal and magic and good; Immune bleed, curse, daze, death effects, mind-affecting, nauseating, sickening, stagger, stun; Resist fire/ice/earth/lightning/water/wind 15, holy/shadow 5; SR 28


Speed 50 ft.
Melee +3 large buster sword +39/+29/+24/+19 (3d8+27, 19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Mounting Contempt


Str 38, Dex 26, Con 31, Int 2, Wis 28, Cha 19
Base Atk +19; CMB +33; CMD 51
Feats Critical Focus, Furious Focus, Improved Critical (Buster Sword), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Staggering Critical, Stunning Critical, Toughness, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (Buster Sword)
Skills Acrobatics +21, Perception +31, Stealth +20
Languages Common (cannot speak)
SQ Concerted Effort, Strongarm


Concerted Effort (Su)

As a swift action, a wladislaus may imbue its allies with an empowering, supernatural fervor as it slices through its enemies. For 1 minute, whenever the wladislaus makes a successful attack, any single ally apart from the wladislaus itself within 30 ft. may be granted the effects of a protectshell, or wind runner spell for 1d6 rounds; if the ally is adjacent or the wladislaus lands a successful critical hit, they may grant an ally the effects of protect IIshell II, or haste instead. If the wladislaus lands a critical hit and the ally they grant an effect on is adjacent to them, they may offer protect II and barriershell II and elemental resistance (three elements of its choice), or haste and enspell II (element chosen by the wladislaus, applies to first attack made every round for the duration of the effect). Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th-level spell (Knowledge: Local DC 27).

Mounting Contempt (Ex)

Hatred and a desire to end life is part of a Cie’th’s very being, and the wladislaus can channel this into its blows to great effect. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the wladislaus makes a full attack on a single target. If any single one of the attacks is successful, then all of its attacks are considered successful hits, but critical hits are not applied to damage. The wladislaus must wait for 1d4 rounds before using this ability again.

Strongarm (Ex)

The single arm of a wladislaus holds strength far beyond that of mortal men, allowing it to wield weapons one size category larger than normal. All weapons it wields are considered to be wielded with two hands for the purposes of applying its Strength modifier to damage and when using the Power Attack feat.


Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, trio
Treasure none

Though many Cie’th are known and feared, the wladislaus is easily the most dreaded that has been seen in recent memory. Already a frightening opponent on its own, they are at their deadliest when working in groups. Entire cities have been vacated in the wake of a report of three of these fiends being sighted, and for good reason; those who survive a fight with a wladislaus are few and far between, and fewer still are those who have defeated one. The name of the last to have slain a wladislaus has already been lost to history, and the small number who have encountered one and lived to tell the tale are wracked with nightmares about the bloody trail of devastation that the Cie’th left behind. They have a tendency to be almost foolishly aggressive when solitary, but when they have allies, they fight far more carefully and make sure to use their enhancing powers to the best of their ability, causing even more mayhem for as long as possible before either the wladislaus or all of its victims are dead.

Wladislaus are 7 ½ feet tall and weigh 600 pounds.