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Life Trickster

Combining the life energies from his heritage, or training offshore in hellish island terrains, with sheer unadulterated chutzpah, the life trickster blends oddball weapon techniques and tools to baffle, belittle, and defeat nigh on anyone, even those more powerful than he is. Especially those more powerful.

The life trickster is an archetype of the gambler class.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level, the life trickster receives the Limit Break (Your Next Line Will Be!)

Your Next Line Will Be! (Su): This Limit Break allows the life trickster to get so into his target’s psyche, he can predict what they will do, and what they will even say. This limit break is used as an immediate action when the life trickster is targeted by an attack. The target makes a Will save (DC 10 + half of the gambler’s level + his Charisma modifier). If the target fails, the life trickster redirects the original attack or spell, using the original attacker’s weapon or spell and their stats with the origin of the spell or attack as the new target. In addition, the target is antagonized for a 1 round plus 1 additional round per four gambler levels after 1st if they fail the save.

This ability replaces the gambler’s Limit Break (Slot Machine).

Trickery and Tenacity (Su)

At 1st level, the life trickster gains two reservoirs of points that he can draw upon to fuel his powers. The first is a Trickery pool, which has a number of points equal to his gambler level + his Charisma modifier. The pool refreshes once per day when the gambler rests for a full 8 hours. With these Trickery points, he can spend them to either reroll any single roll for himself with 1 Trickery point as an immediate action or take a swift action that does not count against the gambler’s normal limit of one swift action per round that can be used with gambler class features. This does not increase the normal limit of one swift cast spell per turn. These trickery points are also used in other class features he receives as he levels. If used on an ability or skill, the ability/skill check cannot take more than 1 round. If a base gambler feature refers to using Luck points, the life trickster uses Trickery points instead.

The second pool is Tenacity. This is a set number per day, equal to half the life trickster’s level (minimum 1) + his Constitution modifier, and is used to power his more life-focused abilities. Whenever the life trickster hits a target with his Balls of Steel, he may spend one Tenacity point to substitute the Strength or Dexterity modifier to damage with his Charisma instead. This only functions on the Balls of Steel, even if another weapon has Versatile Design to count as Bolas.

This ability replaces luck pool, but counts as it for class features and feats.

Balls of Steel (Ex)

The life trickster begins play with a pair of uniquely made steel bolas which he is proficient in. These weapons are designed to both allow for the full range of movement for the life trickster’s shenanigans, as well as being effective melee and ranged weapons.

Steel Bolas
Weight: 3 lbs.
Damage: 1d4 (Small), 1d6 (Medium) Critical: x3 Type: Bludgeoning
Range Increment: 15 ft (Thrown)
Category: Ranged Proficiency (Exotic)
Special: Trip, Conductive (life trickster abilities only)

Steel Bolas suffer no penalties for being used in melee, and count as a light weapon for the purposes of dual wielding. Their conductive property is not magical, but is part of their construction, and only counts for life trickster abilities.

This ability replaces throwing cards and sharpened cards.

Trickster of Life Tricks (Ex)

At 2nd level, and every two gambler levels afterwards, the life trickster can either select a gambler gambit, or one of the following tricks. Unless a trick lists a different cost, the life trickster must spend a Tenacity point to activate these.

Bubble Barrier (Su): As an immediate action, the life trickster can spend 3 tenacity points to add his Charisma modifier to his AC (including touch) for one incoming attack. If the bubble barrier is the difference between the attack hitting and missing, the attacker suffers 1d6 + the life trickster’s Charisma modifier in damage, half holy half water. Alternatively, if using a weapon, they can drop the weapon to avoid the damage.

Bubble Cutter (Su): As a standard action, the life trickster can make a ranged touch attack at a range of 50 feet using this Trick. This attack deals 1d8 + his Charisma modifier in water damage. If this hits, the target must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + half of the gambler’s level + his Charisma modifier). If they fail, they are inflicted with the Blinded status effect for a number of rounds equal to 1d4 + Charisma modifier. Prerequisite: The life trickster must have the Bubble Launcher trick to select this trick.

Bubble Launcher (Su): As a standard action, the life trickster can make a ranged touch attack at a range of 30 feet using this trick. This attack deals 1d6 + his Charisma modifier in physical and water damage, and is reduced by both DR and elemental resistance, but counts as magical for the purposes of bypassing DR.

Rebuff Overdrive (Su): Charging a body part with life energy to parry and injure an opponent on the offensive, the life trickster can use Rebuff Overdrive as an immediate action. When he is attacked, he can roll 1d6 and add it as a dodge bonus to his AC. If this number is the difference between being hit and the attack missing, the life trickster may attack the target with his Balls of Steel immediately, resolving at his highest Base Attack Bonus.

Ripple Overdrive (Su): Forcing life energy through his body, and into a foe, the life trickster can overwhelm even mundane defenses. As part of an attack action or full attack, if the life trickster lands at least one attack, he, at the cost of one Tenacity point, makes a free sunder check against the target’s armor, using his Charisma modifier for his CMB for this one check. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Snake Muffler (Su): The life trickster can use the Snake Muffler as hempen rope, with the additional adjustment: Any undead creature bound by the rope suffers 1d6 points of holy damage as long as the life trickster has one Tenacity point, and is holding at least part of the rope.

Tricks Of The Trade (Su): The Ultimate Trick, the life trickster tugs on a network of woolen ropes and channels his life energy through it, trapping the targets for a barrage of life-infused clackers. The life trickster spends one Tenacity point per target in a 20 feet cone in any direction along a surface, and can make a ranged attack using the Balls of Steel, against their flat footed AC without provoking for using a ranged attack. The damage for these attacks is half holy, half bludgeoning. Prerequisite: The life trickster must be at least 12th level to select this trick.

Zoom Punch (Su): Using his life energy to extend his natural range, dislocating limbs painlessly to do so, the life trickster can make one attack action as though he had reach. This can be used with any weapon.

Secret Trickster Bloodline Technique (Su)

At 5th level, the life trickster is taught the most valuable technique of his heritage, and is apt at using it to turn the tide of any fight. The life trickster gains the Run feat as a bonus feat, and can apply this feat while using the Withdraw full round action.

This ability replaces professional gambler.