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Preferring firearms of the past, and making use of their unique quirks, antiquarians maintain, master and use firearms of the flintlock variety. They provide more utility in return for less… reliable firearms.

The antiquarian is an archetype of the gunner class.

Antique Weapon Proficiency

Antiquarians are only proficient in early firearms, and no other form of firearms. They cannot use any other firearms with their Antiquarian Class features.

This ability modifies the gunner’s starting weapon proficiencies.

Studies of Guns’ Past

An antiquarian gains Knowledge (History) (Int) as a Class Skill, but lose Knowledge (Technology).

This ability modifies class skills.

Gun Archaeology

An antiquarian must take a Pistol, Blunderbuss or Musket from the early firearms section as his starting firearm, and must use the core pathfinder version of Gunsmithing, not the FFd20 version.

This ability modifies gunsmithing.

Flintlock Style (Ex)

The antiquarian gains Rapid Reload as a bonus feat, without needing to meet the prerequisites. If he already has Rapid Reload, he may take any feat listed in Gunner Style at 1st level.

This ability replaces gunner style, but otherwise functions the same.

Knowledge of the Past (Ex)

An antiquarian still rely on Grit, but he calculates all of his Gunner class features off of Intelligence instead of Wisdom.

This ability modifies grit.

Deeds of the Past

The antiquarian can use the following deeds:

Shredding Fire (Ex): By loading shaped ammo specially designed for the barrel-loaded nature of older firearms, the antiquarian can cause lethal, hard to heal wounds. The gunner deals an additional 1d4 of bleed damage, at the cost of 1 grit. The target gains 50% less healing from any internal (such as fast healing) source until the gunner’s next turn, if the attack hits. Shredding fire must be declared and the grit point spent before the attack is rolled.

This deed replaces deadeye.

Kickback (Ex): By over-priming his antique firearm with more black powder, the antiquarian can use it as a means of keeping distance while still outputting attacks. By spending one grit point as part of an attack, the antiquarian can move himself back 5 feet for every 15 feet in his firearm’s range increment, up to double his movement. This is not without its drawbacks, however. For the attack that the Kickback deed is used with, the misfire chance is doubled. This deed can only be used with two handed early firearms. A blunderbuss has an effective range increment of 60 feet for the purposes of Kickback’s movement only.

This deed replaces gunner’s dodge.

Fast Antiquity (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as the antiquarian has 1 grit point, he can reload any two-handed early firearm as if it were a one-handed firearm.

This deed replaces utility shot.

Flintlock Flurry (Ex)

At 3rd level, the antiquarian gains Quick Draw as a bonus feat, without needing to meet its prerequisites. If he already has Quick Draw, he may take a feat listed by Gunner Style at 1st level.

In addition, the antiquarian can make a full attack action, making each shot with a different one handed early firearm, sheathing each one back after firing. The antiquarian can fire as many times as he can attack based on his Base Attack Bonus. Pistols count as light weapons for the purpose of Two Weapon Fighting for the antiquarian.

When using Flintlock Flurry to full attack, the antiquarian applies the highest enhancement bonus from the firearms he is using, reducing it by one for each subsequent shot. The other enchantments apply to all shots used.

This ability replaces sharp shooting.