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Cannoneers specialize in the very largest—cannons, bombards, and firedrakes. A few cannoneers make a living renting out their services and the use of their personal collection of siege weaponry to causes in which they believe or to the highest bidder.

The cannoneer is an archetype of the gunner class.

Grit (Ex)

A cannoneer relies less on luck and intuition and more on cold calculation and wit. The number of grit points a cannoneer gains each day and her maximum grit are based on the cannoneer’s Intelligence modifier rather than her Wisdom modifier as well as her class features. Any Gunner class features also use Intelligence modifier instead of Wisdom.

Engineer Training (Ex)

A cannoneer is trained in all aspects of siegecraft, including the workings of siege engines and knowledge of the structures that are often the target of their assaults. Starting at 2nd level, a cannoneer gains a bonus on Knowledge (engineering) checks equal to half her gunner level.

This ability replaces precision aiming.


A cannoneer swaps a pair of deeds for the following.

Targeted Blast (Ex): At 1st level, when using a firearm or siege engine that targets an area rather than a specific creature, the cannoneer can spend 1 grit point to focus the brunt of the blast on a single creature within the target area. The target creature takes 1 additional point of damage for each level the cannoneer possesses. This is precision damage and is not multiplied on a critical hit. At 5th level and for every five levels the cannoneer possesses beyond that, she can select an additional creature to target with this bonus damage. Targets must be selected before any attack rolls or saving throws are made.

This deed replaces deadeye deed.

Scattershot (Ex): At 3rd level, if the cannoneer has at least 1 grit point, she can increase the effectiveness of shotgun pellets and blast shots from siege engines. The effectiveness of shotgun pellets or blast shots increases by 5 feet at 3rd level and an additional 5 feet for every seven gunner levels thereafter (to a maximum of 15 feet at 17th level).

This deed replaces gunner initiative deed.

Cover Fire (Ex)

When the cannoneer uses the cover fire ability, it affects creatures in the targeted square and all adjacent squares.

This ability modifies cover fire.