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Boneshapers are necromancers who see the dead not as puppets, but as resources for their own forms. Very quickly abandoning their humanity and adjusting their bodies to fit, with bits and pieces from the fallen, they become horrific combat monsters.

The boneshaper is an archetype of the necromancer class.

The Flesh is Strong

A boneshaper’s base attack bonus increases by one step (from 1/2 BAB to 3/4 BAB). Also increases boneshaper’s hit dice from d6 to d8.

Class Skills

A boneshaper gains Heal (Wis) as a class skill, but loses Profession (Wis) as a class skill.

Limited Spellcasting

A boneshaper loses access to 7th through 9th level spells and has a lower Base MP as noted below.

Table: 3/4th MP Progression

LevelBase MPSpell Level

Macabre Modifications (Su)

A boneshaper is a person looking to move beyond his mortal flesh without the burden of lichdom. Starting at 1st level, and every level thereafter, a boneshaper gets one body limit, or BL, to modify themselves with, with an additional number of BL equal to his Constitution modifier. This denotes how many modifications a boneshaper can make to himself. The list of available modifications are listed below, as well as their prerequisites and what corpses a boneshaper will require to add modifications to himself. Corpses must be used within a week of their death, otherwise the essence is too weak for the boneshaper to manipulate, even if stored in something like a bag of holding

A boneshaper get half of his maximum BL, spent in 1 point modifications, for free at character creation.

Adding new upgrades takes a number of hours equal to the BL cost. This can be rushed by a Heal check, of DC 10 + 5 per point of BL being rushed. If the boneshaper fails, he adds an hour to the normal time and cannot rush. If he fails by 5 or more, the corpse is unusable at all. The boneshaper cannot take 10 or 20 on this check. The boneshaper can also spend an hour per BL to remove a modification. This does not require a Heal check, but whatever modification that gets removed is lost.

NameBL CostPrerequisitesCorpse RequirementsEffect
Arachnid Legs2NoneA multi-legged creature with a natural climb speed of the same size or larger.Adding the Arachnid family’s natural ability to scale sheer surfaces to his own body, the boneshaper gains a climb speed equal to half of his base movement speed. The boneshaper is limited to 8 legs total. This can be taken multiple times, each time adding half his base movement speed as a climb speed, up to a max of double base movement speed.
Bone Plating (Light)1NoneA creature with natural armor of the same size or largerSalvaging bone plates, tough skin or scales, the boneshaper adds it’s fortitude to his own, gaining a +1 natural armor bonus. This lets the boneshaper count as wearing light armor for feats.
Bone Plating (Medium)2Bone Plating (Light)A corpse with +2 or more natural armor of the same size or largerThe boneshaper can never have too much protection, so he increases his natural armor bonus to +2. This lets the boneshaper count as wearing Medium armor for feats.
Bone Plating (Heavy)3Bone Plating (Medium)A corpse with +3 or more natural armor of the same size or largerExtending further on his boney protection, the boneshaper increases his natural armour bonus to +3. This lets the boneshaper count as wearing Heavy armor for feats.
Canine Fangs1NoneA creature with a bite attack of a matching size or largerThe boneshaper gains elongated jaws with jagged, fierce teeth. He gains a bite attack that deals 1d6 (1d4 for small creatures) damage.
Carrion Scent1NoneA creature with Carrion Scent, of a matching size or largerThe smell of the dead is part of the appeal to a boneshaper, so why not refine it? The boneshaper gains the Carrion Scent ability, up to 30 feet.
Claws1NoneA creature with claws of a matching size or largerThe boneshaper replaces normal fingers with lengthened, slashing bones. He gains one claw attack that deals 1d4 (1d3 for small) slashing damage. This may be taken as many times as a boneshaper has limbs. This doesn’t include legs.
Extra Arm2NoneA corpse of the same size or larger, with opposable thumbsThe boneshaper can always use a hand… Just more of his own. This gives the boneshaper an extra limb with full dexterity, and can be used as a normal limb otherwise can be. This can be taken multiple times, with a maximum of 6 arms total.
Gills2NoneA creature who can breathe underwater of the same size or largerSalvaging a second respiratory system, the boneshaper gains the ability to breathe underwater without issue.
Improved Natural Attack1Natural Attack gained from Macabre ModificationsA creature with the same type of natural attack, of a matching size or largerEven what nature creates can be improved upon. The boneshaper selects one natural attack, related to the corpse used, and increases it’s damage die by one step. This can be taken multiple times, but only once per individual attack.
Lengthened Limb1NoneA creature with a natural reach greater than the boneshaper, of matching size or largerHuman arms are so short compared to those modified by bone. The boneshaper may add reach to one of his limbs, for natural attacks or for general use. This may be taken once per each individual limb, but not more than once for one limb. Declare which limb it is being selected for when taking this Macabre modification.
Life Senses3Boneshaper Level 12A corpse with Lifesense of a matching size or largerThe undead method of finding fresh corpses and soon-to-be corpses works so much better than normal sight. The boneshaper gains Lifesense up to 30 feet. This can only be selected once.
Mandibles3NoneA creature with a burrow speed greater than half your walking speedScavenging the mandibles and other digging abilities of the corpse, the boneshaper gains a burrow speed equal to half of his base movement.
Taur Hind Legs2NoneA four legged creature of the same size or largerAdding extra legs to his form, the boneshaper adds two legs and hind body to his form, gaining a +2 to CMD against tripping for each extra leg beyond the first two he possesses, and counting his Strength as 2 points higher for carrying capacity, as well as an increase of 10 feet to base movement speed. The boneshaper is limited to a total of 8 legs. Each pair of legs adds another 2 Strength for carrying capacity, and increases base movement speed by 10 feet.
True Scent2Carrion ScentA corpse with the Scent ability, of a matching size or largerSmelling just the dead or dying helps, but the whole spectrum, even more so. The boneshaper upgrades his Carrion Scent to the Scent ability, up to 30 feet. This can only be selected once.
Vibratory Senses3Boneshaper Level 6A corpse with Tremorsense, of a matching size or larger.Modifying bones in his legs (Or a single pair, even) to sense for tremors beneath the surface, the boneshaper gains Tremorsense up to 30 feet. This can only be selected once.

This ability replaces bone commander.

Horrific Visage (Ex)

A boneshaper care little for the considerations of others. He gains a bonus to Intimidate equal to half his necromancer level, rounded down, but suffer a penalty to Diplomacy of the same number.

This ability replaces spell proficiency.

Undead Body (Su)

At 2nd level, a boneshaper does not receive the DR from Undead body. Instead, he receives spell resistance equal to 10 + his necromancer level.

This ability alters undead body.

Shifting Bone (Su)

At 5th level, a boneshaper can adjust his modifications on the fly. He may, for a duration of one minute, change a number of BL equal to his necromancer level as a standard action. The boneshaper returns to the original configuration after the time limit is up, and can use this a number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier

This ability replaces fear aura.

Bodily Repair (Su)

At 8th level, the boneshaper can use his Harm Touch to heal himself as if he is undead. In addition, he may apply the effects of Bolster to himself as well.

This ability replaces unlife healer.

Body Mastery (Su)

At 12th level, the boneshaper completely sheds his humanity, and focuses himself completely in one of three areas to which he garners more choices to modify himself. These three areas are listed below

  • Blade: Able to modify bones and other body parts to substitute for manufactured items, the boneshaper manufactures facsimiles of equipment using the corpses of the fallen with brutal effects.

  • Claw: Taking more from nature than from magic, the boneshaper gains access to more powerful abilities from natural monsters and creatures, and expands on what he already can do

  • Beyond: Inspired by creatures from beyond the plane, the boneshaper take corpses of outsiders, devils, demons and celestials and creates twisted copies of their powers in bone and flesh.

The specialized Macabre Modifications lists are listed below. In addition, the boneshaper counts as an undead for the purposes of how healing spells affect him, and absorbs shadow damage.

Blade Macabre Modifications: Enchantments and special materials from weapons, armor and tools used in Blade Macabre Modifications are lost and do not carry over.

NameBL CostPrerequisitesCorpse RequirementsEffect
Armor Facsimile4Bone Plating (Heavy)A corpse with either DR 10 or higher, or +4 natural armor or above, and a mundane version of the armor the boneshaper wishes to copyAdding another layer to his defenses, the boneshaper mixes bone and the armor to form a permanent second shell. The boneshaper gets a copy of the armor sacrificed, with 1 less max dex, 1 less armor check penalty, and the same AC bonus. It is the same category of the armor copied and the boneshaper is proficient in wearing Armor Facsimilie armor. The Armor can be enchanted as per normal enchanting rules, and is considered masterwork for such purposes, but does not get masterwork bonuses.
Bone Blade2, 3, or 4NoneA corpse of the same size or larger, and a mundane version of the weapon the boneshaper wishes to haveWorking a corpse’s bones into a weapon, replacing a hand or arm is a big step in the boneshaper’s skills. At a cost of 2 BL for a light weapon, 3 BL for a one handed weapon or 4 BL for a two handed weapon, the boneshaper may create a bone facsimile of a melee weapon. This weapon melds with a limb (or two in the case of two handed weapons) and replaces the hands or other natural attacks there, thus rendering them unusable for anything else. The weapon counts as a primary natural attack, rendering all other natural attacks not from Bone Blades as secondary. The Bone Blade counts as a masterwork version of the original weapon used for enhancement purposes, but does not provide masterwork bonuses.
Crafter’s Facsimile1 (+1)NoneA corpse of a Tiny or smaller creatureUsing fine bones from delicate creatures, the boneshaper can add a crafting tool or kit of his choice to one of his limbs. This can be taken multiple times for each Craft (with the exception of Alchemy) and can be taken twice to make the tool count as masterwork. The limb cannot be used for anything else while the Crafter’s Facsimile is attached.
Projectile Facsimile3 or 4NoneA corpse of the matching size or larger, and the weapon you wish to make a copy of.Sometimes the boneshaper needs a physical combat option for further than in people’s faces. Turning a limb into a bone and sinew facsimile of a firearm or other projectile weapon, at a cost of 3 BL for a crossbow, longbow shortbow, or similar, and 4 points for any firearm. The weapon still requires a second limb to use, reload and/or fire, and hands of effort still applies. If using a firearm via Projectile Facsimile, a misfire instead causes the weapon’s damage, along with any normal modifiers, to the boneshaper, bypassing any DR or other protections. The limb the weapon is attached to is otherwise unusable for any other purpose.

Claw Macabre Modifications

NameBL CostPrerequisitesCorpse RequirementsEffect
Improved Unnatural Attack4At least 2 different attacks gained from a Macabre ModificationA creature of the same size or larger with the same attack type as the one being chosenFocusing on combat, the boneshaper may select a secondary natural attack gained from his Macabre Modifications to count as primary.
Poisonous Bone3At least 1 attack gained from a Macabre ModificationA creature of the same size or larger with the poison wanted, and the poison gland intact.Adding nature’s deadliest invention to his limb, the boneshaper adds the poison from the corpse to one natural attack. Its DC changes to 10 + half of his necromancer’s level + his Charisma modifier.
Poisonous Marrow2NoneA creature with poison and of matching size or largerSometimes, a boneshaper must make precautions against getting eaten himself. The boneshaper gains the Poisonous Blood special feature, using the poison of the source corpse.
Savage Rending2At least 2 attacks gained from a Macabre ModificationA creature with the Rend special feature, of a matching size or greaterTaking the animalistic ferocity of the source, the boneshaper gets the Rend special feature, with the caveat that the Rend Damage is that of the lowest damage die from all natural attacks that hit.
Sound Mimicry1NoneA creature with the Sound Mimicry feature.Creatures able to mimic the sounds of the living are something so enviable. The boneshaper gains the Sound Mimicry special feature.
Spring Legs2 (+2)None1 creature of the boneshaper’s size or larger with the Leap or Spring Attack featuresDeciding that just running to charge isn’t enough, the boneshaper gains the Leap (Ex) special feature. This can be taken a second time, requiring a second corpse and also granting Spring Attack

Beyond Macabre Modifications

NameBL CostPrerequisitesCorpse RequirementsEffect
Cie’th Resistance2Bone Plating (Heavy)A Cie'th corpse of the boneshaper’s size or largerTaking on the crystalline defenses of the Outsider Cie’th, the Boneshaper gains DR / Adamantine or Crystal equal to half his necromancer level. This can leave the boneshaper open to the L’cie’s influence of the Cie’th used for this power, however.
Elemental Shaper2NoneA corpse or residue of an elemental of one of the elemental planesAbsorbing the power of another plane via the elemental sacrificed, the boneshaper becomes resistant to the element of the sacrificed corpse or residue, and weak to the opposing element. This can be changed once a day by sacrificing another corpse or residue.
Float2NoneAn outsider with the Float abilitySometimes touching the ground can cause issues. So, the outsider boneshaper adapts. They gain the Float special feature, although this nullifies all bonuses from extra legs from the boneshaper’s race or other modifications.
Outsider Aura3Alignment within one step of chosen effectAn outsider corpse with the alignment of the chosen effect.Deciding to go even further from living creatures, the boneshaper can take on an aura of the alignment of the corpse, appearing as such and appearing as an outsider to any detection spells of alignment or outsiders. The alignment can be changed once a day by sacrificing a creature of a different alignment.
Outsider’s Spell Facsimile2 + spell levelNoneAn outsider’s corpse with the spell the boneshaper would likeTaking into themselves the powers of the corpse, the boneshaper gains a 1/day use of one of the creature’s spell like ability, if it can be learned by blue mages. Any DCs are changed to factor the boneshaper’s Charisma modifier not any other attribute for mental, and Constitution modifier for physical.
Protective Aura2Outsider’s Aura of the same type (Good/Evil)An outsider with Lesser Protective AuraThe boneshaper delves into the angelic, be it good or evil, for protection. They gain the Lesser Protective Aura special feature against the opposite alignment.

This ability replaces master of undeath.

True Boneshaper Body (Su)

At 20th level, a boneshaper is no longer limited by his level for how many BL he can have. Instead, it is now limited by his Constitution score and his Charisma score added together. IN addition, he may take a number of BL from other advanced Macabre Modifications based on his Constitution modifier. This does also count towards his total BL.

This ability replaces lich transformation.