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Mercenaries fight for money or other recompense instead of fighting for ideological interests, whether they agree with or are against the existing government. Still, gold buys loyalty. As a result, they are well equipped and dedicate themselves to training in small-unit tactics, quickly communicating strategies and tricks to handle any threat to their charges.

The mercenary is an archetype of the fighter class.

Well-Paid Loyalty (Ex)

At 2nd level, a mercenary gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against compulsion spells, spell-like abilities, and effects. This bonus increases by 1 for every four fighter levels beyond 2nd.

This ability replaces a fighter talent gained at 2nd level.

Mercenary Tactics (Ex)

At 4th level, a mercenary can spend 1 minute discussing strategy, then choose a single teamwork feat possessed by him. For a number of minutes equal to the class level of the mercenary, allies who listened to the mercenary each gain the benefits of the selected feat even if they do not meet the feat’s prerequisites. If an ally benefiting from this ability moves more than 30 feet away from any other ally, it loses all benefits of this ability until it is again within 30 feet. Creatures cannot benefit from this ability more than once at any given time.

This ability replaces a fighter talent gained at 4th level.

Superior Tactics (Ex)

At 8th level, a mercenary who uses the mercenary tactics ability can allow all affected allies to gain a second bonus teamwork feat possessed by the mercenary.

This ability replaces a fighter talent gained at 8th level.

Esprit de Corps (Ex)

At 12th level, a mercenary grants all allies with whom he is sharing one or more teamwork feats through the mercenary tactics ability a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws. Each affected ally increases this bonus by 1 if another affected ally has been reduced to 0 or fewer hit points since the beginning of his last turn.

This ability replaces a fighter talent gained at 12th level.