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As a monk gains experience, she learns a number of talents that aid her and confound her foes. Starting at 2nd level, the monk gains one martial arts talent. She gains an additional martial arts talent for every 2 levels of monk attained after 2nd level. Unless specified otherwise, a monk cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Table: Martial Art Talents

Martial Art TalentPrerequisitesBenefits
Athlete (Ex)A monk adds half her monk levels as a bonus to all Acrobatic skill checks. A monk is considered always taking 10 on any Acrobatic skill checks. The monk can also take 20 in half the time.
Clear Mind (Ex)When the monk fails a Will saving throw, she can attempt another Will saving throw at the end of her next turn (using the original DC). If the second saving throw is successful, the monk is treated as if she succeeded at the first saving throw, negating or reducing the effect as determined by the spell or effect. If this second saving throw fails, the monk suffers the full effects of the spell or effect as normal.
Combat FeatA monk that selects this talent gains a bonus combat feat. This talent may be taken only once.
Crowd Control (Ex)Improved Grapple featThe monk can grapple two adjacent creatures at a time, performing a separate attack roll for each opponent.
Defensive Jab (Ex)When the monk is unarmed and takes the Fight Defensively action, she can make a single unarmed attack as a swift action against an adjacent target.
Devastating Unarmed SmashUnarmed Smash martial arts talentOnce per encounter, the monk can attempt a Devastating Unarmed Smash. She must declare this special melee attack before making the attack roll. If the attack rolls succeeds, she adds half her monk level to the damage, instead of the normal +1 bonus for the Unarmed Smash talent.
Disarm and Engage (Ex)Improved Disarm featWhen the monk successfully disarms an opponent, as a swift action, she can make an attack with the disarmed weapon at a -5 penalty. If she is not proficient with the weapon, she takes the penalty for non-proficiency as well.
Experienced Brawler (Ex)The monk knows how to fight when the odds are against her. She can use each of the following actions as a standard action once per encounter:

• Avoid Attack: The monk makes a single unarmed attack against an opponent within her reach. Until the beginning of her next turn, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to her AC against a single attack.
• Fortified Mind: The monk makes a single unarmed attack against an opponent within her reach. Until the beginning of her next turn, she gains a +3 bonus to either her Fortitude or Will save against a spell.
• Focused Stance: The monk makes a single unarmed attack against an opponent within her reach. At any time until the beginning of her next turn, as an immediate action, she can move up to 10 feet. This movement does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.
Expert Leaper (Ex)When using the Acrobatics skill to jump, a monk with this talent is always considered to have a running start and adds her monk level to the check result. Whenever she deliberately falls, a successful DC 15 Acrobatics check allows her to ignore the first 20 feet fallen. For every 5 by which she exceeds the DC of this check, she can ignore an additional 10 feet of distance fallen.
Hardened Fortitude (Ex)A monk only requires half as much sleep or meditation as normal and can survive twice as long without food and water before needing to make checks. In addition, the monk gains a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution checks made to continue running; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march; Constitution checks made to hold her breath; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments; and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation. This talent counts as the Endurance feat for feat/talent requirements.
Hardened Strike (Ex)If the monk deals damage with an Unarmed attack to a creature that has Damage Reduction, she reduces the value of that Damage Reduction by 1 until the end of the encounter. Cumulative attacks against the same target do not stack.
Improved Boost (Ex)Boost class featureA monk with this talent that uses Boost also reduce attack roll penalties when using blitz techniques to 0. In addition, boost can used as a free action, once per round.
Increased Ki (Ex)Ki pool class feature or martial arts talentThe monk’s maximum ki pool size increases by 1 additional point per two monk levels she possesses.
Ki Deflection (Su)Ki pool class feature or martial arts talentThe monk receives a +1 deflection bonus to AC and to Reflex and Will saves so long as she possesses at least 1 point in her ki pool. This deflection bonus increases to +2 at 6th level.
Ki Pool (Ex)Must not have a ki poolA monk with this talent gains a small ki pool, but the her ki pool does not grant any extra attacks. The monk gains a number of ki points equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). These ki points replenish at the start of each day. If she gains a ki pool later, she gains half her Wisdom bonus (minimum 1) as bonus ki points to her ki pool. She can spend a ki point to gain a +10-foot bonus to movement until the end of her turn.
Ki Power (Ex or Su)Ki pool class feature or martial arts talentA monk can select a new ki power.
Ledge Walker (Ex)This ability allows a monk to move along narrow, uneven, or slippery surfaces (such as ice) at full speed using the Acrobatics skill without penalty. In addition, a monk with this talent is not flat-footed when using Acrobatics to move along such surfaces, and retains her Dexterity bonus to AC.
Melee Power (Ex)A monk with this talent adds +2 to damage with unarmed strikes or one-handed weapons with the "monk" special feature.
Melee Tenacity (Ex)A monk with this talent may reroll 1s for damage with all weapon dice with unarmed strikes or one-handed weapons with the "monk" special feature.
Nimble Dodge (Ex)Dodge and Mobility featsIf an enemy misses the monk with a melee attack, as an immediate action, she can move up to 10 feet, but she must end her movement adjacent to her attacker. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Pick a Fight (Ex)During the surprise round, the monk and all allies within 30 feet of her gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls. Additionally, until the end of the encounter, she retains this bonus to attack rolls against any target she or her allies damage during the surprise round.
Positioning Attack (Ex)Once per encounter, when a monk with this talent hits a creature with a melee attack, she can move up to 30 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity. The monk must end her movement in a square that threatens that creature hit with the melee attack.
Pressure Points (Su)A monk with this talent can strike at an opponent’s vital pressure points, causing weakness and intense pain. Whenever the monk deals a critical hit, she also deals 1 point of Strength or Dexterity damage, decided by the monk. Unlike normal ability damage, this damage can be healed by a DC 15 Heal check. Each successful check heals 1 point of damage caused by this talent.
Punishing Strike (Ex)When the monk scores a critical hit with an Unarmed attack, she can make an immediate Unarmed attack (In addition to other effects of a critical hit) against a single target within reach. She can use this talent only once per turn and only while wearing no armor.
Quick Reflexes (Ex)The monk can make one additional attack of opportunity per round.
Redirect Force (Ex)If the monk has a feat that allows her to attempt a combat maneuver without provoking attacks of opportunity, she can choose to provoke them anyway when she performs that maneuver. If she does so and takes damage from the attack of opportunity, the monk adds the damage as a bonus on her attack roll instead of as a penalty.
Retaliation Jab (Ex)If an enemy misses the monk with a melee attack, as an immediate action, she can automatically deal damage equal to her Strength modifier (minimum 1 point of damage) to her attacker, if the attacker is within her reach.
Reverse Strength (Ex)The monk knows how to use an opponent's strength against it. Whenever she successfully grapples an opponent, she deals damage equal to the opponent's Strength modifier (minimum 1 point).
Shove Aside (Ex)Evasion class featureWhen a monk and an adjacent ally are both in the area of an attack that requires a saving throw, she can take a –4 penalty on her saving throw to grant her ally a +4 bonus on his saving throw. She loses the evasion ability against this attack. If she has improved evasion, it is reduced to evasion for this attack instead.
Slow Fall (Ex)Monk 4A monk with this talent within arm’s reach of a wall can use it to slow his descent. When first gaining this ability, he takes damage as if the fall were 20 feet shorter than it actually is. The monk’s ability to slow his fall (that is, to reduce the effective distance of the fall when next to a wall) improves by 10 feet for every two monk levels until at 20th level he can use a nearby wall to slow his descent and fall any distance without harm.
Slow Metabolism (Ex)The monk has a slower-than-normal metabolism. She can hold her breath for twice as long as normal before needing to make Constitution checks (four times her Constitution score). In addition, whenever the monk is poisoned, the time between saving throws (the poison’s frequency) is doubled. Thus, a poison that has a frequency of “1/round for 6 rounds” would instead be “half rounds for 12 rounds.”
Stand Up (Ex)A monk with this talent can stand up from a prone position as a swift action. This still provokes attacks of opportunity for standing up while threatened by a foe.
Stinging Jab (Ex)Once per encounter, when the monk hits a target with an unarmed attack, she can choose to deal half damage with her attack. If she does so, her enemy also deals half damage on all melee attacks he or she makes until the end of her next turn.
Style FeatA monk with this talent chooses a Style Feat or a feat that lists a Style Feat as a prerequisite. You gain that as a bonus feat. This talent be taken up to 3 times. The monk must still meet prerequisites for the style feat or any other feat selected with this talent.
Sucker Punch (Ex)Once per round, when the monk's unarmed attack damages an opponent that is denied its Dexterity bonus to its AC, that opponent cannot take Attacks of Opportunity until the end of its next turn.
Superior Senses (Ex)A monk with this talent has a mastery over her senses, and can detect presences by smell and sound as well as she can with sight. She gains a +10 to her Perception rolls to locate creature who benefit from invisibility (or the vanish spell).
Tavern Brawler (Ex)While being flanked, the monk gains a +1 bonus on Unarmed attack rolls and damage rolls.
Unarmed Smash (Ex)A monk deals an additional +1 point of damage with unarmed strikes.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex)A monk with this talent can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A monk with this talent can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against her.
Unrelenting Assault (Ex)Melee Power martial arts talentThe monk launches herself at her foe, attacking with weapons, limbs, or anything else available. Whenever she misses with a melee attack or the attack is negated, she still deals her Strength bonus in damage to the target (minimum 1), or 1.5 x her Strength bonus if she attacks with a weapon she is wielding two-handed.

Advanced Martial Arts Talent

At 12th level, and every two levels thereafter, a monk can choose one of the following advanced martial arts talents in place of a martial arts talent.

Table: Advanced Martial Art Talents

Advanced Martial Art TalentPrerequisitesBenefits
Center of Combat (Ex)A monk with this talent gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC for every adjacent opponent beyond the first.
Cobra Breath (Su)Diamond Body advanced martial arts talentWhenever a monk with this talent would be affected by a poison, she can instead release that poison as a ranged touch attack against a single foe within 30 feet. If the attack hits, the foe must succeed at a saving throw (using the poison's original DC) or suffer the poison's effects, even if it was not originally a contact poison.
Devastating Melee Smash (Ex)Melee Power martial art talentOnce per encounter, before making the monk's attack roll, she may choose to add her monk levels to damage with her unarmed strike or one-handed weapons with the "monk" special feature. If she misses, this attempt is wasted. This talent may be selected multiple times, each time granting one additional attempt per encounter.
Diamond Body (Ex)A monk with this talent gains immunity to poisons of all kinds.
Diamond Soul (Ex)A monk with this talent gains spell resistance equal to his current monk level + 10. In order to affect the monk with a spell, a spellcaster must get a result on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) that equals or exceeds the monk’s spell resistance.
Fast Tumble (Ex)When a monk with this talent uses Acrobatics to tumble at full speed through a threatened square without provoking an attack of opportunity, the DC of the Acrobatics check does not increase by 10.
Hard Minded (Ex)A monk with this talent is hard to fool with mind-affecting effects. At the start of her turn, if she is still subject to any mind-affecting spells or effects, she can make a Will saving throw with a standard DC for the effect’s level, and if she succeeds at the check, she is no longer subject to the mind-affecting effect. She can make this saving throw even against mind-affecting effects that normally don’t allow a saving throw. In those cases, generate the saving throw as if the spell or effect did allow a saving throw.
Hustle (Ex)Fast Movement class feature or martial art talentWhenever the monk would be allowed to take a 5-ft.-step, she may take a 10-ft.-step instead. Any ability, effect, feat, or rule that applies to a 5-ft.-step now applies when she takes a 10-ft.-step.
Improved Ki Pool (Ex)Ki pool class feature or martial art talentA monk with this talent increases the number of points in the ki pool that she gains from the ki pool martial art talent to be equal to half her monk level + her Wisdom modifier. In addition, she can spend 2 points from her ki pool as a swift action to gain the skill unlocks for one skill of her choice as appropriate for her number of ranks in that skill. This benefit lasts for 1 minute.
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex)Uncanny Dodge class feature or martial art talentThe monk can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a thief the ability to sneak attack the character by flanking her, unless the attacker has at least four more thief levels than the target has monk levels. If a character already has uncanny dodge (see above) from another class, the levels from the classes that grant uncanny dodge stack to determine the minimum monk level required to flank the character.
Light Steps (Ex)A monk with this talent can move effortlessly across nearly any surface. The monk can cross any solid surface, even if it would normally not support her weight. This does not allow her to walk on liquids.
Light Walker (Ex)Ledge Walker martial art talentThe monk can move at full speed through difficult terrain and can take 5-foot steps into difficult terrain.
Quivering Palm (Su)Monk 16A monk with this talent can set up vibrations within the body of another creature that can thereafter be fatal if the monk so desires. He can use this quivering palm attack once per day, and he must announce his intent before making his attack roll. Creatures immune to critical hits cannot be affected. Otherwise, if the monk strikes successfully and the target takes damage from the blow, the quivering palm attack succeeds. Thereafter, the monk can try to slay the victim at any later time, as long as the attempt is made within a number of days equal to his monk level. To make such an attempt, the monk merely wills the target to die (a free action), and unless the target makes a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + half the monk’s level + her Wisdom modifier), it dies. If the saving throw is successful, the target is no longer in danger from that particular quivering palm attack, but it may still be affected by another one at a later time. A monk can have no more than 1 quivering palm in effect at one time. If a monk uses quivering palm while another is still in effect, the previous effect is negated.
Redirect Attack (Ex)Once per day, when a monk with this talent is hit with a melee attack, she can redirect the attack to strike at an adjacent creature with a free action. The creature targeted must be within melee reach of the attack that hit the monk, and the creature that made the attack against the monk must make a new attack roll against the new target.
Reinforced Fortitude (Ex)If a monk makes a Fortitude save that has an effect on a successful save, she takes no effect on a successful save (i.e., ‘Fortitude partial’ becomes ‘Fortitude’negate'). This ability can only be used if the monk is wearing no armor. A helpless monk does not gain the benefit of the Reinforced Fortitude ability.
Reinforced Will (Ex)If a monk makes a Will save that has an effect on a successful save, she takes no effect on a successful save (i.e., ‘Will half’ becomes ‘Will negate)’. This ability can only be used if the monk is wearing no armor. A helpless monk does not gain the benefit of the Reinforced Will ability.
Tongue of the Sun and Moon (Ex)Monk 16A monk with this talent can speak with any living creature, regardless of language barriers.