Starting this next year, going forward, we’ll be slowing our roll on the number of updates per user request. Happy Holidays, folks.


  • Hume (Core Race): Unstoppable Magic changed to be Deep Magic.


  • All stamina pool classes/archetypes: Reduced the stamina pool and the stamina costs. I should have gotten all archetypes, if you see one that hasn’t been updated, let me know. Extra Stamina Pool feat, Restore-line spells, and alchemical items updated as well.
  • Azure Magister (PrC): Was renamed to Power Weapons Master and some abilities changed or removed
  • Black Mage (Core Class): Added Faith Magic as a mage talent. Added Mana Ward, Reserve Training, Spell Focus, and Think on It as mage talents. Added Meteor Magic as a mage talent.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Added Reserve Training, Spell Focus, and Think on It as azure talents. Added Advantageous Opportunity (9th) and Improved Advantageous Opportunity (13th). All archetypes with replaced analysis updated.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Alchemical Mixture scaling changed to 4th, 9th, and 14th levels for tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 respectively (was 4th, 11th, and 18th). Removed additional consumptions of the ability with higher tier alchemical items (previously consumed 1 for tier 1, 2 for tier 2, and 3 for tier 3). Also modified verbiage for clarity. Safeguard moved to 11th level (was 14th level).
  • Engineer (Base Class): Death Ray engineer trick starts off as a 1h or 2h weapon, requires a move action to switch. Delicate Death Ray renamed as Versatile Death Ray, makes switching between the two modes a swift action.
  • Fighter (Core Class): The following features have been changed: Sharp Reflexes > Combat Defences. Determination > Combat Offenses. Overhand Chop > Fighter Techniques. Dogged Obstinacy > Chosen Knowledge. Reliable Strike > Additional Techs II. Backswing > Additional Techs III. Rapid Attack > Additional Techs IV. Retaliation > Aggressor. Piledriver > Improved Rush. War Cry now uses stamina instead of x/day. Several other wording changes and action type changes. All archetypes have been updated to match.
  • Gambler (Base Class): Changed Gil Toss into an EX ability and able to use the coins as attack actions. Added a feat to Opportunity class feature. Added the following gambits: Counterfeited Gold, Crapshooter, Expert’s Fortune, and Safe Bet. Removed Stacking the Odds gambit.
  • Gunner (Base Class): Added Improved Skirmisher Step, Shot on the Run, and Skirmisher Step as gunnery talents.
  • Onyx Magister/Opal Magister (PrC): Were removed as PrCs and converted into archetypes for black mage and white mage respectively.
  • Ruby Magister and Mediator (PrC): Were removed and added as archetypes.
  • Time Mage (Base Class): Added Reserve Training and Spell Focus as temporal talents.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Added Faith Magic as a mage talent. Added Channel Holy Energy, Lorekeeper, Reserve Training, Spell Focus, and Think on It as mage talents.


  • Blade Adept (New Sword Saint archetype): A select group of sword saints are called to carry a rakshasa blade—a sentient weapon of often unknown and possibly unknowable purpose. These weapons become valuable tools and allies, as both the sword saint and weapon typically crave power, but as a rakshasa blade becomes more aware, its true motivations manifest, and as does its ability to influence its wielder with its ever-increasing ego.
  • Bushi (New Au Ra Fencer archetype): Some warriors spend their lives studying the blade, selected from an early age to train under a sensei. Those among the guard of the Ruby Princess have developed a style of fighting that shifts as the tides do, combining the swordplay of samurai with more defensive, flexible techniques.
  • Diminutive Adept (Monk archetype) and Filcher (Thief archetype): Are now moogle racial archetypes.
  • Dollmaker (New Necromancer archetype): In place of raising the dead, there are sometimes attempts made to replicate the living in the form of life-like dolls, be they souls in mourning or simply those fascinated by the humanoid body they devote their work in creating life-like constructs, hoping to one day make living dolls.
  • Doom Slayer (New Gunbreaker archetype): In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred, he found no peace; and with boiling blood, he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him.
  • Gunbassist (New Gunbreaker archetype): The gunbassist mixes it up with melee attacks and bard songs, often at the same time. While more fragile than the standard gunbreaker, these performers play a more supportive role on the battlefield while still pumping out the hits – on the charts and in faces. 
  • Hawkeye (Archer archetype): Talent trees now replace archery talents instead of aim/other aim class features.
  • Hell Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Changed spellcasting to only gain elemental (fire) and dark spells from black mage spell list, but gave the imp familiar a bunch of spell-like abilities.
  • Ishgardian Heretic (New Syricta Red Mage archetype): By drinking the blood of dragons, the syricta can become more of hulking draconic humanoids.
  • Item Master (Chemist archetype): Quick pick changed into safe pick. Fixed wording on Fast Activation. Replacements changed slightly on Safe Pick and Fast Activation.
  • Meowskateer (New Palico Fencer archetype): Meowskateers are smooth-talking palicos with a distinct accent, usually wearing a cavalier’s hat, a belt with a sword, a small black cape, and small boots. They often use their cute natures to distract opponents. In the hands of a trained warrior, a well-sharpened blade is deadly regardless of size. A meowskateer moves in close, using her size and skill as an advantage.
  • Mystic Fencer (New Fencer archetype): While many may dedicate themselves to the sword in one way or another, few can explore so demanding and arcane a discipline as mystic fencers do. These paragons of elegant swordsmanship blend the power of the blade and materia through obscure technologies, and construct their own weapons accordingly; no other device can support their highly specialized techniques, and no one can mistake a mystic fencer once he draws his magitek weapon on the battlefield. This weapon is his life, and his devotion to it shines as brightly as its blade.
  • Outlaw (New Gunner archetype): Outlaws, brigands, and highwaymen hone their craft along the roadsides and byways of the world, where they leap from the shadows to plunder the spoils of passing travelers. Outlaws tend to have a variety of skills; sometimes these skills are similar to a thief’s, but a outlaw’s tactics always deal with surprise followed by intimidation, with the clear threat of naked force if intimidation does not do the trick. But not all outlaws are ruthless thugs. There are those who become outlaws in opposition to tyrants or similar oppressors. These outlaws target the status quo and distribute their spoils back into the needy hands of the peasantry.
  • Primordial Samurai (New Lizardman Samurai archetype): Some lizardman tribes claim to have invented the arts of the samurai long before human civilization, and use them while wearing their traditional primitive weapons and armor. In the hands of these primordial samurai, even stone weapons like the terbutje and tepoztopilli are highly lethal.
  • Retainer (Samurai archetype): Updated Gil Toss ability.
  • Scaly Skirmisher (New Lizardman Fencer archetype): Some lizardmen use a fighting style of darting in and out of melee range and thrusting or throwing deadly spears at their prey, rather than standing and trading blows in melee combat.
  • Sea Wolf (Roegadyn Fighter archetype): Added abilities to spread out replacements.
  • Shadowcaster (Illusionist archetype): Added Umbral Gear (2nd), replacing Mirror.
  • Star Sibyl (New Tarutaru Astrologian archetype): Star Sibyls guide the tarutaru people by reading the moon and the stars to foresee future events. They wear a blue orb called the Diza Star which is essential to the application of their powers.
  • Spellfencer (New Fencer archetype): Even beyond red mages, there are those who combine blade and spell at once. While not having the same innate magical prowess, spellfencers can harness the powers of their allies to wield magic through their blades. There are enough similarities that the layman may mistake these arcane warriors for red mages.
  • Superhero (Freelancer archetype): Added Creation as a superpower (Power). Added Ninjutsu Performance and Song Performing enhancements to the Spellcasting power. Modified Power Pool to add additional JP or PP every 2 levels. Added Spellcasting as a super power (Power). Added Intelligent Iconic Item enhancement to Iconic Item super power (Item). Added Adjustable Anatomy enhancement to Alter Appearance power Added Easy Domination and Expanded Domination enhancements to Dominate Animal power Added Empowered Element, Enfeebling Element, Inflict Weakness, Metal Attack, Penetrating Element, Rare Metal Attack, and Spread Weakness Enhancements and Powered Boost limitation to Energy Burst power. Added Cleanse, Greater Restoration, Improved Restoration, and Restoration Enhancements and Health for Health Limitation to Healing Touch. Added Absolute Destruction, Destruction, and Ranged Destruction Enhancements to Gremlinism power. Added Liquid Anatomy Enhancement to Liquid Form power. Added Environmental Adaptation as a superpower. Vacuum Adaptation was removed and added as an enhancement to Environmental Adaptation. Added Class Training and Familiar to their list of advantages. Added Animal Companion to their list of superpowers (traits). Added Poison to their list of superpowers (powers). Reduced JP costs for Flight, reduced JP Value for Winged Flight limitation but changed it into a trait and power costs were reduced to 0.
  • Trader (Thief archetype): Removed archetype, melded with Merchant. Updated Gil Toss ability.
  • Vampire (Necromancer archetype): Updated archetype with a few changes and added abilities.
  • War Warlock (New Tarutaru Black Mage archetype): Tarutaru gain their magical powers through strange and mysterious ways. While most tarutaru might be content with their strange powers, some adventure far and wide in search of a greater understanding of the genesis and history of their eldritch talents. These spellcasters are known as war warlocks, after their obsession with researching ancient texts and obscure ruins for any clues they can find about their heritage and histories.


  • Class Feats: Extra Stamina Pool has been re-added to the system.
  • General Feats: Added Augment Summoning. Added Spell Specialization.
  • Style Feats: All the shapeshifter style feats are now usable with wild shape.
  • Teamwork Feats: Added Magicked Strike
  • Weapon Skill Feats: Added Fast Blade (Burning Blade, Red Lotus Blade, and Flat Blade), Shoulder Tackle (One Inch Punch, Backhand Blow, and Raging Fists), and Wasp Sting (Gust Slash, Shadowstitch, and Viper Bite). Based on FFXI’s weaponskills. If these are well-received, I’ll finish the rest of them: Axes, Hammers, Polearms, Staff, Archery, Markmanship, Katana.


  • Bard Songs: Added the following songs to the Bard’s Song List. 1st: Fear Filled Tune, Lion’s Song. 2nd: Doubtful Backing Track. 3rd: Draconic Theme Song, Guardian’s Ballad (Maintained), Harrowing Song Partner, Life’s Anthem, Stage Fright, Worst Fear Elegy.
  • Black Mage spells: Added Shadow Body (8th)
  • Druid Spells: Added the following spells to the druid spell list: 4th – Hunter’s Howl.
  • Illusionist spells: Added Distract (Cantrip), Unearthly Terror (Cantrip), True Terror (2nd), Moment of Terror (4th), Fear Cascade (5th), Sensory Cascade (5th), Mindchasm (9th).
  • Necromancer Spells: Added the following spells to the Necromancer’s Spell List. 1st: Instant Clot, Phantom Blood. 2nd: Adhesive Blood, Blood Armor, Blood Transcription, Detect Relations, Mark of Blood. 3rd: Blood Biography, Waves of Blood. 4th: Blood Crow Strike 5th: Blood Tentacles, Half-Blood Extraction. 8th: Blood Mist 9th: Transmute Blood to Acid. Added Speak with Dead (3rd).  Added Deathwatch to 1st level spells. Added Rotting Touch (2nd), Claws of the Vampire (3rd), Disable Breathing (3rd), Brutalize Wounds (6th), Withering Touch (7th), Delay Fatality (8th), Leech Field (8th), Shadow Body (8th), Suspend Life (8th), Assimilate (9th), Destroy Spells (9th). Added the following spells to the necromancer spell list: 1st – Curse Water, Decompose Corpse, Grasping Corpse, Interrogation, Itching Curse, Night Blindness, Restore Corpse, Sculpt Corpse. 2nd – Calm Spirit, Crafter’s Nightmare, Death Candle, Sentry Skull. 4th – Interrogation, Greater.
  • Summoner Spells: Added Plane Shift to Summoner 7th. Summon Equipment I now allows the caster to summon items up to medium size, II and above allow up to large size.
  • Time Mage spells: Balance: Changed to Time Mage 6 (previously belonged to White Mage).