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You’re able to deal an additional effect with your power weapon.

Prerequisite: Caster Level 13th, Improved Power Weapons feat.


Select one element chosen with the Improved Power Weapons feat. When using that feat and successfully hitting an enemy already affected by that element’s corresponding status effect, instead of increasing the duration of the status effect, you may remove it to inflict a spell effect (DC is equal to 10 + half your caster level + your highest mental stat modifier). If your caster level is 16th or higher, it is subjected to the second level variant. If your caster level is 19th or higher, it is subjected to the third level variant. All spells use your highest mental stat modifier for their effects instead of your intelligence. If the spell affects an area, you are immune to it.

Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time this feat is taken, it applies to a different element, but must be the same element as the element chosen with Improved Power Weapons feat.