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Dueling Slash

You practiced the rigorous techniques of mercenaries and warrior monks that follow Yojimbo. You channel a semblance of Yojimbo’s devastating cuts into your fighting style.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (Religion) 5 ranks, Weapon Focus (one handed exotic blades, such as a Katana).


As a standard action, make an Intimidate check to Antagonize an enemy creature. On a success, if the creature attacks you, regardless if they hit or miss, within the next round, you can make a life-threatening cut. You can spend an immediate action to make an attack roll at your highest base attack bonus. If you hit your antagonized opponent, in addition to your weapon damage, you can add double your critical modifier as precision damage. If it is a critical hit and you confirm it, you add triple your critical modifier on the damage roll. Creatures immune to critical hits and precision damage are immune to the effects of this feat. You can use this feat once per day, plus an additional time per day per every 5 ranks in Knowledge (Religion) you have. This feat does not function in regions or planes of existence that do not worship or have heard of Yojimbo.