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Infernian’s Blaze

By channeling the inner heat of the soul, as described in the traditions of the Amal’jaa, you can light flammable objects on fire with a touch

Prerequisite: Knowledge (Religion) 1 Rank.


You can focus and touch an object as a standard action. Flammable objects will be set on fire immediately. Fire generated in this manner is non-magical and can be put out with mundane means. You can also attempt to touch a creature using this feat as a melee touch attack. On a successful hit, you deal 1 point of fire damage equal to the number of ranks in Knowledge (Religion) you have. You can use this feat once per day, plus an additional time per day for every 5 ranks in Knowledge (Religion). This feat does not work in regions or planes of existence that does not worship or have heard of Ifrit.