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Llymlaen’s Compass

By living a life of exploration and adventure, your knack for finding your way earns the favor of the Navigator.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (Religion) 1 Rank, Profession (Sailor) or Survival 1 Rank.


Once per day, when you are subject to a Survival check to not become lost or explore uncharted regions, you can use this feat to take a 10 on the check even when you would normally not be able to. You can also spend a use of this feat to take a 10 on Profession (Sailor) or Perception checks to navigate through bad weather on land or at sea. Lastly, you can spend a use of this feat to always determine where north is from your current position, so long as you are in a plane of existence with discernible cardinal direction. You can use this feat an additional time per day for every 5 ranks in Knowledge (Religion) you possess.