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Defenders of the Green (Mandragora and Viera)When the forest got threatened by those barbarians with their Machina and Magitek, a pact got forged to protect their realm from everyone who endangers it. For that, they will earn influence in the Blitz Bowl league one bloody victory at a time.

Table: Defenders of the Green

Qty.TitleCost (gil)MASTAGAVSkillsSkillsets
0-16Mandragora Vinemen5,0005236Photosynthesis, Right Stuff, Stitchy, TentaclesPrimary (G/M), Secondary (A/P)
0-4Viera Blitzer9,0008348Block, DodgePrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Viera Thrower8,0007357Pass, DodgePrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Malborokin10,0005439Disturbing Presence, Foul Presence, Monstrous Mouth, Photosynthesis, TentaclesPrimary (G/S/M), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Treantkin15,00035110Mighty Blow, Photosynthesis, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Timmmber!Primary (G/S/M), Secondary (A/P)
0-8 Re-rolls: 7,000 gil each