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What do you get if you combine the craftmanship of the dwarves with the magic prowess of the tarutaru? The finest tech you can find! And they found a way to use it in this fine sport and its strangely enough not against the rules.

Table: Rock-N-Roll Crew

Qty.TitleCost (gil)MASTAGAVSkillsSkillsets
0-16Dwarven Blocker7,0004329Block, Tackle, Thick SkullPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-4Dwarven Blitzer8,0005339Block, Thick SkullPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Tarutaru Thrower7,0006257Dodge, Pass, Sure Hands, TitchyPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Tarutaru Catcher7,0006257Catch, Dodge, TitchyPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Dwarven Gigas-Slayers9,0005328Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick SkullPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-8 Re-rolls: 6,000 gil each