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One of the only teams to transition from Blitzball to Blitz Bowl. They are usually led by the Star Players, Tidus and Jeckt.

Table: Zanarkand Abes

Qty.TitleCost (gil)MASTAGAVSkillsSkillsets
0-16Hume Linemen6,0006338NonePrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-4Hume Blitzer8,0006338BlockPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Al Bhed Thrower7,0006347Pass, Sure HandsPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Al Bhed Catcher7,0006347Catch, DodgePrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-4Hume Blocker10,0006339Block, FendPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-8 Re-rolls: 5,000 gil each