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Whether it be to atone for past mistakes, or out of an innate sense of self-sacrifice, those who pick up the mantle of the benefactor have tossed aside their need for self-preservation in their devotion to preserving life in all it’s forms.

The benefactor is an archetype of the medic class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

The benefactor only has proficiency in simple weapons and no type of armor or shields.

This ability modifies the medic’s starting weapon and armor proficiencies.

Neglect of Self

Due to the benefactor’s near total lack of self, he is noticeably lacking in many important physical areas. A benefactor’s base attack bonus and hit dice decreases by one step (from 3/4 BAB to 1/2 BAB and from d8 to d6). In addition, a benefactor’s Will save progression becomes good while his Fortitude save progression becomes poor.

This ability modifies the medic’s standard hit dice, BAB, and saving throws.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level the benefactor receives the Limit Break (Preserve Life).

Preserve Life (Su): This Limit Break allows for the benefactor’s will to preserve life to manifest in the form of a warming aura around them. The benefactor and all allies within 30 feet gain DR/- 2 and Fast Healing 2 that each increase by 2 per four medic levels after 1st, and lasts for a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four medic levels after 1st. This limit break requires only a swift action.

This ability replaces one of the medic’s Limit Breaks.

Enhanced Triage (Ex)

In his efforts to preserve life, the benefactor has sought to perfect his triages to better keep those around him alive and well. The healing dice of the benefactor’s triage increases by one step (from d6 to d8). The benefactor also gains an additional daily use of triage every odd level, this stacks with the normal amount of daily uses of triage a medic has.

This ability modifies triage.

Specialized Practices (Ex)

The benefactor has specialized to deal as little harm as possible to others while maximizing how much help he gives to others. The benefactor loses access to the following medical practices: Combat Training, Greater Medical Training, Martial Healer, Refined Precision, Rough Treatment, and Wrathful Healing. In place of these medical practices, the benefactor gains access to the medical practices shown below.

Emergency Evac (Ex): When an ally within 5 feet of the benefactor is knocked unconscious, a benefactor may move up to half his movement speed as an immediate action, moving the fallen ally with him. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Perfected Medical Training* (Ex): Through a great deal of effort and training, a benefactor has perfected his triage. A benefactor with this medical practice increases his base triage die to a d10. Prerequisite: The benefactor must be at least 8th level to select this practice.

Resolute Healer* (Ex): When the benefactor uses his triage ability to heal an ally, he gains a morale bonus on his next skill check until the end of his next turn equal to his Wisdom modifier.

Skillful Treatment* (Ex): When a benefactor with this medical practice uses his triage ability to heal a single ally, he may make a Heal check and add half of the check’s result to the healing to his triage. The benefactor may perform this practice a number of times per day equal to his Wisdom modifier. If the Heal check were to result in a roll of a natural 1, no extra healing is applied and a daily use of this ability is still used up. Prerequisite: The benefactor must be at least 6th level to select this practice.

Teamwork Focus: The benefactor gains a bonus teamwork feat for which he qualifies for. This practice may be taken more than once. Each time, a different feat must be selected. They may select this practice one additional time when they are at least 8th level, and a third time once they are at least 16th level. Prerequisite: The benefactor must be at least 4th level to select this practice.

Vital Preservation* (Ex): When a benefactor with this medical practice uses their triage ability on an unconscious ally, he may heal 1.5 times the normal amount of triage dice. Prerequisites: The benefactor must be at least 4th level and have the emergency evac medical practice to select this practice.

Self-Sacrifice (Su)

Starting at 2nd level, a benefactor has learned how to sacrifice some of his own vitality to give to his allies. A benefactor may sacrifice an amount of hit points of up to three times his medic level and transfer the amount sacrificed as healing to an ally within 5 feet as a standard action. A benefactor cannot be reduced to less than 1 HP in this way and an ally cannot be healed past their maximum hit points in this way either.

At 5th level, and every three medic levels thereafter, the range of which a benefactor can heal an ally from increases by 5 feet, up to a maximum of 30 feet at 18th level.

This ability replaces surgical precision.

Devout (Su)

At 3rd level, a benefactor’s devotion to his cause rivals that of a cleric, going so far as to even gain the powers granted by such devotion. A benefactor chooses and gains the benefits of one cleric domain from the following: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Protection, Repose, or Unity. Domain abilities use the benefactor’s medic level – 2 in place of cleric level and use his Wisdom modifier for it’s abilities. Any ability that requires or modifies a spell instead requires and modifies his triage.

This ability replaces combat medic technique, precision expertise and advanced combat medic technique.

Perfected Preservation (Ex)

At 19th level, a benefactor has perfected his ability to preserve the life of others. As a full-round action, a benefactor can grant an ally within 5 feet Fast Healing 10 for 1 minute.

This ability replaces perfect body.