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Chaotic Neutral astral of trains and ferrier of the dead.

Another Astral who takes on a form unlike any creature, Doomtrain is one who follows in Alexander’s footsteps of being made of metal. Doomtrain ferries the recently deceased to their next location, be it their plane of faith or the underworld. He does not generally take bodies or possession, only souls, but unlucky passerbys may find themselves on the Ghost Train to the underworld with little to no hope of getting off. Doomtrain makes no stops, except when to pick up souls, so when you’re on his cars you either have to jump and risk death, or allow him to take you to the great beyond. He is also the one to instill the knowledge of trains into sentient beings in his image. Doomtrain also has a huge dislike for monks due to being suplexed on a previous world.

Doomtrain is a gargantuan connection of train cars, going on for an uncountable amount of cars. His skull-like face is often demonic, with a devilish mouth and flesh, its eyes are often white with red pupils.

It is rare for someone to follow Doomtrain, as his worship does not help with much in the real world besides trains. Though there are people who appreciate his service in helping souls pass on.

Titles: The One Who Never Stops, The Ghost Train
Home Plane: Ethereal
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Allied Deities: N/A
Portfolio: Ascendance, Ghosts, Traversal, Undead.
Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Death, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Glaive.