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Archetypes (Gambler)

Table: Gambler Archetypes

Card SharkTrouble always finds a card shark, whether he is a con artist or an honest gambler. Quick with his throwing cards and no stranger to barroom brawls, he can hold his own when spells and weapons start flying.
CorsairA corsair is a pirate that hails from the near east continent in the Arrapago Reef. They rely on their martial prowess with a gun and their luck-based abilities...though some skillful “adjustments” may be present.
FoolWhile most who play the fickle fate of fortune focus on positivity, the fool instead turns the other cheek, making the worst out of a good situation.
GilsweeperGilsweepers are the mercantile tricksters of central Thanalan in Eorzea. Often seen as eccentric highwaymen, these nomadic thieves use improvisation, wit, and a bit of Qiqirn moxie to get the gil! Available only to qiqirn gamblers
MagicianSome lucky souls play the odds, but others stack the deck for the sake of putting on a show. These canny entertainers live by the saying, “Fortune favors the bold,” and they profit by it in both reputation and compensation.
Lady LuckLady lucks are incredibly lucky, so lucky that they tend to bestow bad luck to those around them. Despite the female-focused name, the archetype is not female only. The male version is known as Lord Luck.
Life TricksterCombining the life energies from his heritage, or training offshore in hellish island terrains, with sheer unadulterated chutzpah, the life trickster blends oddball weapon techniques and tools to baffle, belittle, and defeat nigh on anyone, even those more powerful than he is. Especially those more powerful.
ScoundrelSometimes playing the odds too much leads someone down a rough path where luck alone will not ward off all the consequences. In these cases, an edge of mercenary ruthlessness might be necessary to save a gambler’s skin. Often surfacing in seedy underbellies, these sorts of scoundrels excel at taking dirty jobs and making quick getaways while saving face with their roguish charm and resolve.
SwindlerIf life is a game, swindlers play to win. When skill and luck aren’t enough, cheating is often the best option.