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The ringing cracks of a desperado’s dual-wielded pistols can often sound like the worst storm of the year coming in. For small towns, overrun by bandits and the like, that’s never too far from the truth.

The desperado is an archetype of the gunner class.


A desperado must take a trainee pistol when he chooses a battered firearm at 1st level, although he gains two pistols instead of one. They are worth 2d10 gil each when sold.

This ability modifies gunsmith.

Deeds (Ex)

A desperado has some unique deeds, which replace some of the standard gunner deeds as listed in each entry. These deeds follow all the general rules and restrictions of gunner deeds.

Dual Reload (Ex): At 1st level, by spending 1 grit point, the desperado may reload two wielded simple pistols with one action, rather than just one, and may even do so without a free hand.

This deed replaces the deadeye deed.

Gun Spinner (Ex): At 1st level, as long as the desperado has 1 grit point, he can stow a simple pistol as a swift action rather than a move action.

This deed replaces the steady aim deed.

Empty the Chamber (Ex): At 7th level, whenever the desperado makes a full attack action, he can expend all of his current grit, and gain an additional attack using a simple pistol for every 2 grit points expended. The attacks are made at the desperado’s highest BAB and the desperado does not regain grit from critical hits or kills with the additional attacks.

This deed replaces the dead shot deed.

Akimbo Style (Ex)

At 3rd level, a desperado is so used to wielding two weapons at once, that he treats them almost as the same weapon. Whenever he takes an attack action with a simple pistol, he may also fire a single extra attack at his highest BAB with a simple pistol wielded in his offhand. The desperado incurs the normal penalties for two-weapon fighting on both attacks in the turn and he may not use Vital Strike with either attack. In addition, whenever he draws or stows a single simple pistol, he may draw or stow another simple pistol with his other hand as a free action.

This ability replaces cover fire.

Gun Training (Ex)

At 4th level, the desperado is not an accurate gunslinger; he is more concerned with the number of attacks than the damage of each shot. He does not add his Dexterity modifier to damage with his chosen firearm, although all other effects of the gun training feature apply as normal.

This ability modifies gun training.

Guns Blazing (Ex)

At 4th level, a desperado is so adept with his dual-wielded pistols, he can rival the speed of an automatic weapon. When firing a semi-automatic simple pistol and making the extra attack granted by the semi-automatic rate of fire, he may make a single extra attack at his highest BAB with another semi-automatic simple pistol wielded in his off-hand, increasing the penalty on all attacks by 1. He may also use this ability with the rapid shot feat, but if both are used with the same full attack action, he incurs the usual -6 penalty on all attack rolls, as well as an additional -3 penalty. The desperado applies penalties for two-weapon fighting on these attacks as well.

This ability replaces flanking fire.

Critical Onslaught (Ex)

At 17th level, when a desperado confirms a critical hit with a simple pistol against a target, all other attacks made by the desperado using simple pistols against that target increase his critical threat range by 1 until the end of the current turn. This ability stacks with itself, and stacks with Improved Critical and similar abilities, but is calculated after all other modifiers.

This ability replaces penetrating shot.

Let ‘Em Have It (Ex)

At 18th level, a desperado’s attacks are so numerous and deadly that it almost forms a cloud of lead. As a full round action, the desperado may instead attack in a 15-ft.-cone, and expend all their ammunition in two wielded simple pistols. The desperado may choose to split a number of attacks equal to the expended ammunition among all targets within the cone. Each attack takes a penalty on its roll equal to the total ammo expended.

This ability replaces death shot.