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Order of the Bird

Chocobo knights of the Order of the Bird pledge to defend tarutarus, tarutaru settlements, and other innocent folks by patrolling the wilderness and seeking out possible threats to both individuals and whole communities. These chocobo knights hunt down potential danger with a ruthless efficiency and determination that non-tarutarus find surprising and even somewhat alarming.

The order of the bird is an archetype of the chocobo knight class, available only to tarutaru chocobo knights.

Steady Riding (Ex)

At 1st level, an order of the bird treats his mount as one size lower for things related to his Ride skill.

Danger Ward (Ex)

At 2nd level, the order of the bird can ready his allies for impending danger. As a standard action, he can ready all allies within 30 feet of the danger ahead, granting a bonus on a single type of saving throw (Fortitude, Reflex or Will) that he chooses when he grants this boon. At any point in the next minute, when these allies fail a saving throw of that type, they can choose to reroll the saving throw with a +4 competence bonus as an immediate action, but must take the results of the reroll even if it is worse. He can use this ability up to three times per day, once for each type of saving throw.

This ability replaces steadfast mount.

Fowl Ferocity (Ex)

At 8th level, when the order of the bird uses his chocobo mount to perform a bull rush or overrun maneuver, the mount is considered to be one size category larger for the purposes of determining the size of creature it is maneuvering against and the mount’s CMB. He also receives a bonus feat, chosen from the following list: Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Skill Focus (Ride), Spirited Charge, Trample, or Unseat. He must qualify for the feat selected.

This ability replaces relentless steed.

Giant Slayer (Ex)

At 15th level, when the order of the bird hits the target of his challenge with a melee attack, and that target is at least two size categories larger than the chocobo knight, he gains a bonus on damage rolls equal to half his chocobo knight level. This damage is multiplied on a critical hit.

This ability replaces protect the meek.