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Lawful Neutral god of earth and magma.Titan

Being born of the earth, Titan rose from a planet that was created long ago as a by-product of the planets creation, unbeknownst to the higher deities. His savage power kept people from cutting into the natural earth, as he overturned landscapes to cover settlements and force all to not touch his planet. Seeing the destruction and halt to progress that Titan was creating, the deities called on him to talk. After a long discussion, Titan’s rage was quelled, with a new station given to him, to look after the earth in times of dire need, but to allow for the natural progression of the inhabitants and planet. Several planets, and eons taught Titan quiet resolve and peace, taking to his role more and more, alongside Golem who had station over rock and minerals.

Titan is a hulking man in the guise of a Hume, standing at a large stature with muscles bigger than most creatures heads. He is slightly tribal and archaic in design, with a bone necklace and loincloth.

Followers of Titan are often close to the earth and natural forces, along with tribes following him in hopes he protects their kin.

Titles: Lord of the Land, The Archaean, Lord of Crags
Home Plane: Earth
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Allied Deities: Fenrir, Golem, Nophica the Matron, Oschon the Wanderer.
Rival Deities: Asura
Portfolio: Earth, Natural Land, Strength
Domains: Destruction, Earth, Protection, Strength.
Subdomains: Caves, Defense, Ferocity, Fist, Rage.
Favored Weapon: Earth Breaker