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Archetypes (Sword Saint)

Table: Sword Saint Archetypes

Ace StrikerAgile and fleet of foot, these swordsman dances around their foes with unparalleled acrobatics to get the jump on their enemies. Their style of swordplay focuses on quick hits to disorient foes and leave them wandering where the swordsman will strike next.
BiskmatarThe world is full of dangerous magic, and many recoil in the face of such power. The biskmatar, by contrast, learns to recognize and resist certain types of magic, wading through waves of magic to reach her foes.
BladedancerSwift and fearless on the battlefield, bladedancers are an exceptional kind of sword saint that forgo the safety of armor in order to instead be more mobile as they hit their targets with lightning fast speed.
BlademasterMasters of the sword, these wandering swordsmen learn to focus their blade into precise and powerful strikes to take on armies. Rather than lead his allies’ midfield, he fights where the fighting is thickest. When not in war, these warriors wander aimlessly looking for a fierce challenge, ever honing their blade skills to perfection.
HeritorHeritors are master swordsman that rely on the bound with their weapon and pure instinct to push themselves through the heat of combat and life it self.
Sword CaptainThe sword captain is a warrior who has the knowledge to wield most swords in existence. they use mystical techniques long thought lost to the world to summon physical manifestations of swords to hinder foes from afar.
SwordlordFurious as a blaze, these swordsman fight with two swords or double swords, rushing into combat as a flurry of steel. The rage of battle seems to fuel them as they unleash never ending attacks of singing blades. These warriors, who study the art of fighting in such an aggressive manner, and rejoice in the glory of combat, are known as swordlords.
SwordsmanA warrior of the sword. A swordsman focuses on unleashing the true potential in his swordplays and using his warrior spirit to fuel his skills and perfecting the style. Instead of learning to lead others, he instead focuses purely on his skill with swords.
Unbending BladeThese warriors walk onto any battlefield, blade in hand, and devastate their foes with sheer force and skill. Other swordsmen may opt for flashy techniques, but unbending blades fight for the skill of it, using their swords in a more physical manner to become unmatched on the battlefield. A single unbending blade is known to fight like a score of men, and those are met with their challenge and think they can best them swiftly meet their end.