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Neutral Good god of fire and rebirth.Phoenix

As guardian over rebirth, Phoenix is the one who instilled knowledge of revival magic into all beings, giving them the ability to bring back those most dear. Besides gifting the ability of magic, Phoenix will also rarely bring back those who have passed if their quest was just enough and the world under his domain needed their help. Due to the harvesting of Phoenix Downs and Pinions on previous worlds, the deity does not travel to the material plane often, instead allowing the races to craft these items through magical means rather than from his own self or that of his kin. Phoenix also caters to the power of the sun and the fire it has within the sky, sharing duties with Azeyma to keep the star healthy and proper.

Depicted as a giant fiery bird, Phoenix has several pinions and feathers covering his body, which contain the power of flame and revival. Early conceptions of the bird were also that it was made entirely of fire.

Worshipers of Phoenix are devout casters of revival magic, bringing back the recently dead if their souls are deemed to be pure. Cleansing fire is also sought after when following this deity.

Titles: Phenix, Rebirthing Flame
Home Plane: Ethereal
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Neutral Good
Allied Deities: Azeyma the Warden
Portfolio: Air, Animals, Birds, Fire, Rebirth, Sky, Sun.
Domains: Fire, Good, Healing, Sun.
Favored Weapon: Katana.
Relic: Tenzen’s Great Katana.