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Archetypes (Knight)

Table: Knight Archetypes

Azure KnightAzure knights take the bits and pieces of creatures they fought and killed, to imbue their shields with the creature’s powers.
Choco GuardianThe choco guardian is a champion for the cause of chocobos. He embodies the spirit of a chocobo, emulating their abilities.
FoebreakerThese powerful defenders protect their allies from harm, standing strong against devastating blows with expert training and fierce determination. Enemies can’t kill them and usually can’t survive them.
Iron BruteTo many, a knight is the epitome of chivalry and honor. Towers of metal, bastions on the battlefield. In this manner, the iron brute is not that different. But make no mistake, there is neither honor nor chivalry in their methods. They are vicious street fighters first, pillars of unmovable steel second.
Judge MagisterThe elite guard and the chief arbiters and enforcers of Imperial law in the Lands of Ivalice. They are feared for their ability to bring in lawbreakers easily. Their unique armor, a badge of office, makes them intimidating to everyone. They excel at knocking down foes while fearlessly standing their ground.
JuggernautSome see the shindroid race as soldiers, built and trained, to follow orders and march into the face of certain death. While this is not true for all shindroid, many do follow that path and none do it more readily than the juggernaut. As a machine of war, the juggernaut is deadly combination of nearly unstoppable force and fierce battle-hardened skill. Known for charging into enemy lines, or through enemy barricades, the juggernaut is devastating in his ability to bring the battle to his foes. Available only to shindroid knights.
KnaveChivalry, justice, and honor. Most knights abide by these pillars of good, and use them to drive their every action. They are tied by oath to follow righteousness to the end, and must seek out evil wherever it may hide. However, it is never quite so simple. Good and evil are not always so clear cut. A knave is one knight who has broken their oath, for reasons of their own. They may have had good reason. But an oath, once broken, cannot so easily be mended.
Onion KnightWhy is it that we use the name of a certain vegetable to refer both to those who excel and also those without experience in the ways of the world? It is a well-known fact that all heroes in all tales disliked vegetables as children. Their legend begins with their overcoming of this weakness, and then continues with a journey filled with hardships. That noble vegetable, the onion, lives on as a symbol of hardships overcome, and as the mark of a true hero.
Primal KnightThe primal knight is a knight who harnesses a Primal’s power for his own.
SentinelMany knights believe the tower shield is a tool suitable only for troops on the battlefield, claiming it is too large and bulky to use in skirmishes or within dungeon corridors. Sentinels defy those notions, using their massive shields with startling skill and incredible effect. They use these seemingly clumsy shields to perform deft maneuvers that confound their enemies.
Shell KnightA shell knight forgoes the use of a shield and relies on its shell and makes it a formidable foe and a hard one to flank effectively. Available only to quadav knights.
TacticianWhile many knights focus on the fundamentals of melee and ranged combat, there are those who are trained to view the bigger picture on the battlefield. These knights use their training and tactical acumen to overcome challenges that would overwhelm mere brute strength and skill at arms.
Temporal KnightThese time crusaders harness the very fabric of time and space to manipulate it into defending himself and his allies.
WarlordA warlord is a leader on the battlefield, standing on the front line, commanding troops and offering aid to allies as the battle rages. They are brilliant tacticians, often spelling the difference between defeat and victory.