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NPC Classes

Below is a list of NPC classes, used when creating NPCs for the party or monsters to fight against or alongside. NPCs are far weaker than normal PC classes, and as such are counted as 1 CR lower than normal, a level 3 Lil’ Witch would only be a CR 2 encounter. NPCs created for encounters also follow the Creating NPCs rules, so they do not max their first HD and do not have any starting wealth listed. If you are having players use NPC classes, you should balance encounters around the lack of power, and for starting wealth should use 1d6 × 10 gil (average 35 gil).

ClassDescriptionHDSkill PointsBABFort SaveRef SaveWill Save
CommonfolkCountless people are counted among the commonfolk, and this person is no different. Little money, little experience, and little chance outside of the protective walls. What they lack in individual strength they make up for in a strong and tight-knit community.d62 + Int modifier1/2GoodBadBad
InfluencerMingling amongst the commoners, influencers are townsfolk who have a higher standing within a settlement, either due to their own actions or passed down to them through hereditary.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
Lil' WitchWhile normal folk aren’t always wealthy or lucky enough to gain teaching for magics or even afford the books to do so, there are a few that pick it up from observation or studying a single tome from the local library enough to get the basics.d62 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
MalefactorWhilst being a part of a settlement the malefactor has seen its best and worst features, gaining themselves a disdain for either its populace or its government. Working as robin-hoods for the people, stealing from the rich for the poor, or as fiends who take anything that is easy for them to get their hands on.d84 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
Studious MeisterThose who are wealthy or lucky enough to be put through education, books in hand and knowledge flowing along with their upbringing. Studious meisters are the first the townsfolk flock to for answers to their questions.d66 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
WatchmanWhen a villager works hard through training their body and knowledge of the law they are often scouted or accepted to become a part of the city watch or guards. Watchmen gain more training in arms and armor as well as slightly higher pay for a more dangerous job.d102 + Int modifierFullGoodBadBad