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Materia FAQ

Q: How many Materia can I have attached to my equipment?

A: You may have 1 Materia per individual weapon, shield, armor and wondrous items that grant an Armour Bonus (This does not include Deflection, Dodge etc).


Q: Is there a limit to the amount of Materia I can have attached at once?

A: Generally you will have around 3 Materia attached in total. However, technically, you can attach up to 14 via Magic Items if you manually craft wondrous items of Armour Bonus, 2 for weapons, 2 for bucklers or more.


Q: For Materia that grant a 1 time passive, like Life Materia, if I equip more than 1 can I benefit from them several times?

A: Yes, 1 will activate when the conditions are met, the 2nd Materia will then activate once those conditions are met again.


Q: How does MXP work?

A: When you gain EXP, divide it by 10 to find your MXP. Split this evenly among all currently attached Materia, but only if they are slotted within at least Masterwork gear. Once a Materia has enough MXP it will level up, check the Materia Advancement table to find the correct values.


Q: Do mastered Materia gain MXP?

A: No, do not calculate the split MXP for mastered Materia.


Q: Do Materia stack?

A: No. You take the highest value.


Q: Can I attach Materia to an Amulet of Mighty Fists or similar wondrous item?

A: No.


Q: I have a level 0 Uncommon or higher Materia, what happens?

A: The Materia is dormant and does not function, you need to have it gain MXP to become level 1 before it can be used for anything.


Q: I am using Milestone Levelling, how do I fit Materia into that?

A: Materia was not designed for Milestones, however, you may grant 10% of the EXP gap between levels to the players to split among their equipped Materia as a dirty fix.


Q: How do I cast a spell through a Materia?

A: You must make a Use Magic Device check to attune to it first, at DC 20 (25 in combat), this requires a standard action. If you have a Caster Level of double the Spell level you may then cast with a standard action if the spell is within your class’s spell list or make a UMD 20 check to cast from the Materia. Materia can only cast 3 times per day, once those are used it becomes dormant and stops any benefit, recharging after 24 hours. Read the skill for more information.


Q: How many charges do Materia have for spells?

A: 3 per day.


Q: What happens if I use all the charges in a Materia?

A: It stops providing any passive bonuses, it will recharge in the next morning.


Q: Can I use the spell 24 Hours to recharge the Materia?

A: No.


Q: Do you need to attune to a Materia to gain the passive bonus?

A: No, it just needs to be slotted within a piece of sufficient masterwork or enchanted gear.


Q: I already know a spell from a Materia, do I still need a UMD check?

A: No, if the spell is in your class’s spell list, you do not require a UMD check, it acts similar to wands.


Q: What are the bonuses and DCs for Materia spells?

A: They use the lowest possible modifiers. For example, a Cure I would have a CL of 1 and Mod of 0 whereas a Cure II would have a CL of 3 and a mod of 1.


Q: How many Materia can I have attuned at once?

A: 1.


Q: Do Materia need to be attached to a piece of equipment to cast spells?

A: No, all they need is to be attuned.


Q: Can a Red Mage use Materia with Spell Combat?

A: Not normally, but if they take the Ruby Arcana of Wand Wielder they can.


Q: Can I use the Steal Combat Maneuver to take Materia away from someone?

A: Yes, but you must know it is attached, either by seeing it used or being told about it. The DC is increased by 5 if they are attached.


Q: Can spells from Materia critical hit?

A: Yes, if they have an attack roll.


Q: When an Ability Materia is mastered, what copy does it create?

A: It creates a blank Ability Score Materia, you choose what ability it will affect when it reaches level 1.


Q: Do enhancement wondrous items stack with Ability Boost Materia?

A: No, they are both enhancement bonuses, they do not stack, take the highest.


Q: Is there a class that focuses on Materia?

A: Not anymore.


Q: Do Monks have no options for gear to slot Materia into?

A: No, you may slot Materia into Weighted Hand/Footwraps and/or Bracers of Armor.


Q: Can Materia be slotted into Shindroid Plating?

A: No.


Q: Do Materia affect unarmed or natural attacks?

A: Materia affects Unarmed, but not Natural.