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Sub Jobs

Throughout the Final Fantasy series that has been times where characters could take a second job or class or even fulfilled two roles naturally. This optional playstyle is here to portray that for your tabletop game. The Sub Job system is much like the gestalt system you likely know of, but is far more limited in what you get. You get a Primary Class and a Secondary Class, or Sub Job. As you level your primary class, your sub job will level with it albeit much slower. This allows GM’s who want to gestalt but is afraid of the power rise, or those who want to dabble into the prospect of it. For the players this allows them to gestalt in the same manner as powering up a normal class or choosing a second class to help the primary or just make up their own concept all together.

Below is the process of using this optional playstyle.

Choose your Primary Class. This is like choosing your normal class. You gain all the benefits of this class as normal. This class can be multi-classed into other classes other than your Sub Job, and if choosing to gain a prestige class, the primary class is replaced by the prestige class when leveling. Freelancers cannot be picked as a primary class nor sub job, however. Your Primary class is considered to be any class you start out with at creation, multi-class, and prestige into. The same as creating a normal character. It is a blanket term to separate it from the sub job.

Now, choose your Sub Job. This secondary class will always be half the level of your character level (minimum level 1). You only get the class skills and class features of this class. This includes proficiencies, Limit Breaks and anything else listed under Class Features. You do not get the sub job’s BAB, HD, Skill Points, Saves, or Starting Wealth. If the class is a spellcasting class, you get the MP of the same level as well. However, if your primary class is a casting class and you choose another casting class as your sub job, you only get half the MP from the sub job (any primary class that doesn’t begin with spellcasting, but later on receives it, doesn’t count as a casting class).

Your sub job is capable of helping your primary class achieve requirements for feats, and prestige classes as if it was your normal class. However, class features that treat your sub job as another class to fulfill feat requirements, (such as fighter training) do not stack with your primary class.

If your subjob changes an aspect of the class that is used for your primary, some are ignored while some are kept. Any changes to base attack bonus, skill points, or saves are ignored. Any changes to HD, changes the HD of the primary class by the same amount to a max of d3 or d12. (If the sub job would change the HD from a d6 to a d4 and your primary is a d10, your primary would fall to a d8) Any class skill changes still apply.

Your sub job may never change, or multiclass out of. Your sub job can never be the same as your primary class. If desired, you may pick an archetype of a class as your sub job, but you still cannot choose a class the same as your primary class even if its a different archetype.

Limitation: Class features that two classes share (such as uncanny dodge) accrue at the rate of the faster class. Features from and pertaining to your subjob that refer to ‘character level’ are of the subjob’s level.

Example: At level 1, both classes should be level 1, when your primary class hits level 2, your sub job will stay 1 until your primary hits level 4. When your primary class hits level 4, your sub job goes to level 2 and will not level again until your primary class hits level 6.

Below are examples of final fantasy characters using Sub Jobs. While it may not be a perfect representation, these are the likely ways to go about it. (Primary Class/Sub Job, may include Archetypes)

  • Warrior of Light: Holy Knight / Knight
  • Cloud: Fighter (Soldier) / Knight
  • Yuna: Summoner / White Mage
  • Dagger: White Mage / Summoner
  • Auron: Samurai (Warrior Monk) / Knight
  • Squall: Gunbreaker / Fighter
  • Rikku: Thief / Chemist
  • Zell: Monk / Fighter
  • Snow: Black Belt / Red Mage (Paradigm Shifter)