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Woodland Stalker

The woods are a dangerous place for those unfamiliar with its inhabitants, beasts prowl unseen, moving swiftly and silently in pursuit of their prey. One would never know of the wolf stalking them unseen, or of the snake that hangs just out of sight and ready to strike, or the wildcat hidden in the brush with cold calculation in its eyes. But none of these dangers compare to that of those who have ascended beyond the beasts in their prowess, the mighty few Viera who train for this know one thing, let no prey escape.

The woodland stalker is an archetype of the ninja class, available only to viera ninjas.

Instinctive Stealth (Ex)

At 1st level, a woodland stalker adds her Wisdom modifier (if any) to Stealth checks.

This ability replaces throw anything.

Natural-Born Killer (Ex)

The woodland stalker is practically born to strike down her prey with the utmost efficiency. A woodland stalker adds her Wisdom modifier (if any) to damage rolls against flat-footed opponents.

This ability replaces the ninja trick gained at 2nd level.

Vieran Pride

When a woodland stalker may gain access to a new ninja trick, she may instead choose a feat from the viera racial feats that she meets the prerequisites for.

This ability may replace ninja tricks.

Nimble Stalker (Ex)

The woodland hunter gains a +1 insight bonus to Acrobatics checks if she has moved at least half her base movement speed this round. This bonus increases by +1 for every three ninja levels thereafter.

This ability replaces no trace.

All-Terrain Mobility (Ex)

At 6th level, when utilizing light steps, a woodland stalker may also gain a climb speed equal to her base movement speed. This climb speed is not doubled by light steps, but may be increased with effects such as that of haste. This functions the same as light steps, except removing the limitation of not being able to move across vertical surfaces.

This ability modifies light steps.