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Gods are the divine beings that bring life, reason and purpose to all of creation. They come together to build new planets and systems, but are vastly dissimilar from one another. While they may have opposing thoughts, they know they are all needed to make a working pantheon. Gods are referred to as both Gods and Deities as the term is interchangeable for most sentient beings.

Divine beings come in 3 variations, Greater, Old and New.

Greater gods have been around for almost all of creation, with only Kefka being the newest addition to the fold due to his power. Minerva counts as a greater god due to her creation by the greater ones, along with the power instilled within her, though her station is much lower than that of the other greater gods.

Old gods are deities that have moved between different planets along with the greater gods to aid in their creation and management of such. They are some of the more well-known gods due to being around for so long, with larger religions surrounding them than newer gods.

New gods are deities that have been recently created within the current planet, or planets. They take over very specific fields, with tasks assigned to them based on their expertise. New gods tend to have help from other gods as well as Astrals. New gods are also attached to the calendar of the planet, often giving this knowledge to the sentient beings that live there.

Old and New gods share a similarity in the fact that they are all of lesser power, answering to the greater gods as well as asking them for help when the lesser beings cannot handle issues.

All Greater gods grant access to five domains, with the exception of Althena and Bahamut, while Old gods and Astrals grant access to four domains, and new gods only granting access to three domains

Greater Gods

Table: Greater Gods

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
AlthenaNGBeauty, Creation, Healing, Light, Love, Magic, WisdomCommunity, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protection.Longsword
BahamutLGCreation, Destruction, Dragons, Kings, Planets, Power, SpaceDestruction, Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Scalykind.Knight Sword
HydaelynNGLight, Destruction, Life, Creation, BalanceMagic, Good, Healing, Repose, SunPower Rod
KefkaCEChaos, Destruction, Insanity, Knights, Magic, MagitekChaos, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Trickery.Power Rod
MinervaTNDeath, Healing, Life, Mana, RebirthAnimal, Earth, Healing, Magic, Repose.Power Staff
ZodiarkTNChaos, Destruction, Darkness, Magic, CreationDarkness, Chaos, Destruction, Death, VoidPower Staff
ZomalaLNBalance, Planes, Teleportation, TimeDeath, Destruction, Law, Time, Void.Scythe

Old Gods

Table: Old Gods

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
AlexanderLGCities, Divinity, Judgment, Law, Protection, TrialsArtifice, Good, Law, Protection.Knight Sword
EdenTNBounty, Evil, Gardens, Good, Knowledge, Men, Paradise, WomenCommunity, Knowledge, Protection, Trickery.Gunblade (Standard)
EtroCGBalance, Birth, Death, Primordial Chaos, Rebirth, TimeChaos, Good, Repose, Time.Greatbows
HadesNECorrupt Souls, Death, Decay, Disease, Illness, SicknessArtifice, Death, Evil, Repose.Scythe
IfritTNFire, Heat, War, VolcanoesDestruction, Fire, Strength, War.Scimitar
LeviathanTNEnvironment, Oceans, Sea-Life, WaterGlory, Protection, Water, Weather.Trident
PhoenixNGBirds, Fire, Rebirth, Sky, SunFire, Good, Healing, Sun.Katana
RamuhCGElderly, Knowledge, Lightning, Magic, StormsChaos, Good, Knowledge, Lightning.Power Staff
ShivaTNBeauty, Children, Cold, Compassion, Ice, Love, ProtectionCharm, Community, Ice, Protection.Longsword
TitanLNEarth, Natural Land, StrengthDestruction, Earth, Protection, Strength.Earth Breaker

New Gods

Table: New Gods

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
Althyk the KeeperTN12th Month, Earth, Future, History, Space, Surveying, TimeEarth, Nobility, Time.Greataxe
Azeyma the WardenTN9th Month, Fire, Inquiry, Judges, Sun, TruthFire, Nobility, Sun.Fighting Fan
Byregot the BuilderNG7th Month, Architecture, Arts, Industry, Lightning, Smiths, StudyArtifice, Good, Lightning.Warhammer
Halone the FuryCN1st Month, Fury, Ice, War, WarriorsChaos, Ice, War.Greatsword
Llymlaen the NavigatorTN5th Month, Fishing, Navigation, Seas, Waves, WindAir, Travel, Water.Trident
Menphina the LoverCG2nd Month, Ice, Love, Romance, Moons, NightChaos, Charm, Ice.Combat Wok
Nald’thal the TraderTN10th Month, Commerce, Fire, Merchants, Trade, UnderworldFire, Travel, Trickery.Dire Flail
Nophica the MatronNG11th Month, Earth, Farmers, Farming, HarvestsEarth, Good, Plant.Scythe
Nymeia the SpinnerTN4th Month, Divination, Fate, Planets, Space, WaterTime, Void, Water.Rapier
Oschon the WandererTN6th Month, Archery, Travelers, Vagrants, Wanderers, WindAir, Community, Travel.Longbow
Rhalgr the DestroyerLE8th Month, Destruction, Lightning, Magic, WarDestruction, Law, Lightning.Power Staff
Thaliak the ScholarLN3rd Month, Libraries, Magic, Research, Rivers, Scholars, Teachers, Water, WisdomKnowledge, Law, Water.Power Staff


Table: Astrals

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
ArkLNAir, Airships, Preservation, TransportAir, Artifice, Liberation, Travel.Halberd
AsuraLNAstrals, Benevolence, Fists, Joy, Queen, SireGlory, Law, Strength, War.Katana
BismarckTNBounty, Devouring, Fish, Fishing, Vanu Vanu, Water, WishesAir, Animals, Protection, Water.Rifle
CarbuncleNGAnimals, Humanity, Protection. ShieldAnimal, Community, Good, Protection.Shortsword
CerberusLEAnimals, Dogs, Flame, Gates, HellAnimal, Evil, Law, Protection.Spiked Chain
Chocobo and Fat ChocoboNGChocobos, Gysahl Greens, TransportationAnimal, Community, Good, Travel.Claw Blades
DiablosCEDemons, Devils, Gravity, Planes, Shadows, VoidChaos, Darkness, Evil, Travel.Scythe
DoomtrainCNAscendance, Ghosts, Traversal, UndeadArtifice, Chaos, Death, Travel.Glaive
FenrirTNCanines, Electrical Current, Motorcycles, SpeedAnimal, Artifice, Lightning, Travel.Buster Sword or Feral Claw Gauntlets
GarudaCEAir, Birds, Devotion, Ixal, Loyalty, SpeedAir, Animal, Chaos, Evil.Quarterstaff
GolemLNMinerals, Natural Formations, Rock, StoneArtifice, Earth, Law, Protection.Warhammer
Good King Moggle Mog XIILGCourage, Knights, Moogles, Peace, RoyaltyGood, Law, Liberation, Nobility.Planson
IxionTNHorses, Lightning, StormsAnimal, Community, Lightning, Weather.Lance
KirinLGElderly, Healing, Horses, Passing, RegenerationGood, Healing, Law, Repose.Hooves
KujataCNBulls, Destruction, Disaster, Earth, Fire, Gravity, Ice, LightningChaos, Fire, Ice, Lightning.Gore
LakshmiNGAnanta, Beauty, Courage, Embrace, Fertility, Fortune, Light, Luck, Mercy, Shelter, Wealth, WisdomGood, Healing, Luck, Sun.Mace
MaduinLNAstrals, Co-Existence, Elements, Patience, WisdomFire, Ice, Law, Lightning.Power Staff
OdinLEDarkness, Duels, Horses, Scythes, SwordsEvil, Law, War.Scimitar or Scythe or Knight Sword.
PandemonaCNAir, Gas, Speed, Tornadoes, VacuumsAir, Chaos, Destruction, Madness.Chakram
QuetzalcoatlLNBirds, Explosions, Pulse, Squalls, Static ElectricityAir, Destruction, Law, Lightning.Grenade Launcher
RavanaLEBattle, Duels, Strength, Swords, WarEvil, Strength, WarScimitar or Two-Bladed Sword
SirenCNDrowning, Rain, Sailors, Sea, SleepChaos, Charm, Trickery, Water.Shortbow
ValeforLNFlying, Freedom, WindAir, Animal, Glory, Liberation.Whip
YojimboLNBargaining, Dogs, Fire, Gil, MercenariesLaw, Strength, Travel, Trickery.Katana, Wakizashi, or Nodachi