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  • A team can only have a single rostered Star Player.
  • A team with a rostered Star Player can only add one Star Player to their team through inducements, not two.
  • A Star Player can only be hired/rostered by a single team.
  • A Star Player who is rostered is unavailable for hire/rostering by other teams.


  • Star Players are kept as long as upkeep is paid.
  • Upkeep is paid during the end of Phase 4: Hire and Fire of the Post-match sequence.
  • Paying upkeep is optional.
  • If upkeep is not paid, the Star Player is available for other teams again.


Cost (gil)

Upkeep (gil)

Up to 15,000


16.000 – 20,000


21,000 – 30,000


31,000 and above




  • Rostered Star Players always count as having the Fan Favorite skill.
  • If injured, they are automatically treated as Badly Hurt (miss rest of match).
  • Cannot gain Star Player points in any way.
  • Can be awarded MVP (if the league uses a system of random allocation).

Table: Star Players

NameTeam/SkillsCost (Gil)MASTAGAV
2PNot Quite Human (Shindroid)23,0007348
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Loner, Pro, Thick Skull
AngantyrFarplane Explorers (Kindred)23,0006438
SkillsBlock, Fend, Guard, Loner, Wrestle
Ba'GamnanScaly Skirmishers (Bangaa)19,0006349
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Loner, Prehensile Tail
Brayflox AlltalksThe Backstabbers (Goblin)19,0006248
SkillsBombardier, Cannoneer, Cloud Burster, Dodge, Loner, Secret Weapon, Sneaky Git, Stunty
CibleroitThe Swarm (Gnath)16,0007348
SkillsDodge, Fan Favorite, Loner, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Stab, Stunty
EurytosBackstreet Brawlers (Half-gigas)28,00075110
SkillsBlock, Bone-head, Break Tackle, Grab, Loner, Mighty Blow, Multiple Block, Thick Skull
FranDefenders of the Green (Viera)22,0008359
SkillsBlock, Catch, Jump Up, Leap, Loner, Sprint
Freya CrescentAllstar 9 (Burmercian)24,0007359
SkillsDodge, Jump Up, Leap, Loner, Very Long Legs
GippalMachina Mobsters (Al Bhed)18,0007357
SkillsBombardier, Cannoneer, Dodge, Loner, Secret Weapon
HoplomachusThe Swarm (Antica)19,0007339
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner
JecktZanarkand Abes (Hume)27,0006449
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Fend, Kick, Loner, Pro
JovyBackstreet Brawlers (Seeq)22,0006439
SkillsArm Bar, Block, Fend, Loner
Kaim ArgonarNot Quite Human (Immortal)23,0007439
SkillsBlock, Disturbing Presence, Fan Favorite, Fend, Guard, Loner, Pro, Thick Skull
Kelger VlondettClaws & Honor (Varg)26,0008449
SkillsBlock, Claws, Dodge, Fend, Frenzy, Loner
KimahriThe Lion Guard (Ronso)22,0006439
SkillsBlock, Fan Favorite, Horns, Jump Up, Leap, Loner, Pro
Krile BaldesionRock-N-Roll Crew (Tarutaru)19,0007258
SkillsCatch, Dodge, Loner, Pass, Titchy
LycopodiumDefenders of the Green (Mandragora)20,0006246
SkillsCatch, Dodge, Loner, Photosynthesis, Right Stuff, Stitchy, Tentacles
Meowscular ChefThe Lion Guard (Palico)25,0007438
SkillsAlways Hungry, Block, Dodge, Loner, Throw Teammate
Nehd Sorn GahrScaly Skirmishers (Syricta)32,00075310
SkillsBlock, Bone-head, Loner, Mighty Blow, Multiple Block, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull
NerrickRock-N-Roll Crew (Dwarf)20,0006349
SkillsBlock, Dauntless, Fend, Loner, Tackle, Thick Skull
PugThe Backstabbers (Tonkin)23,0006349
SkillsBlock, Disturbing Presence, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner, Secret Weapon, Sneaky Git, Stab
Quina QuenAllstar 9 (Qu)25,0007449
SkillsAlways Hungry, Disturbing Presence, Fan Favorite, Foul Presence, Leader, Monstrous Mouth, Projectile Vomit, Strong Arm, Throw Teammate
SeymourFarplane Explorers (Guado)22,0006348
SkillsCatch, Dodge, Loner, Pass, Sure Hands
Steelbiter GudrudBackstreet Brawlers (Orc)20,0006439
SkillsBrawler, Loner, Mighty Blow, Wrestle
TesleenFarplane Explorers (Forgiven)23,0007448
SkillsBlock, Catch, Dodge, Loner, Pass
TidusZanarkand Abes (Hume)23,0007348
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Kick, Loner, Pro
TrachraetThe Backstabbers (Kobold)19,0006248
SkillsChainsaw, Dodge, Loner, Secret Weapon, Side Step, Sneaky Git, Stunty
WakkaMachina Mobsters or Zanarkand Abes (Hume)23,0007348
SkillsDodge, Kick, Kick-Off Return, Loner, Pro
Y'shtola RhulThe Lion Guard or Thundercats (Mihtra)29,0008358
SkillsAccurate, Catch, Dodge, Fan Favorite, Loner, Pass, Pro, Sprint
Yugiri MistwalkerClaws & Honor (Au Ra)21,0007438
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Fan Favorite, Horns, Loner, Pro
Zenos GalvusMachina Mobsters (Garlean)24,0007449
SkillsBlock, Fan Favorite, Fend, Gun Arm, Loner, Secret Weapon
Zidane TribalAllstar 9 or Not Quite Human (Genome)21,0007348
SkillsBlock, Dodge, Loner, Pro