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While some try to quantify their understand of the world through study and experimentation, others seek deeper waters. By tuning their ears to mystic currents, mistwalkers count themselves among the latter. In opening themselves to the voice of the planet, in whatever form that may take, they develop a growing awareness of reality’s bounds and bridges–and in light of this grander perception of crude matter, these luminous beings may begin to blur the line between what is there and what is not, what is and what might be. To know the world through this lightest of touches is to grant some measure of control over its texture.

The mistwalker is an archetype of the white mage class.

Class Skills

The mistwalker adds Bluff (Cha) and Disguise (Cha) to her class skills. The mistwalker loses Appraise from her class skills.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level, a mistwalker receives the Limit Break (Perfect Illusion).

Perfect Illusion (Su): This Limit Break allows the mistwalker to become an illusion and essentially gaining the incorporeal subtype for a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four mistwalker levels after 1st. This limit break requires only a swift action.

This ability replaces one of the white mage’s standard Limit Breaks.

Illusion Magic

Mistwalkers gain access to all illusion spells from the illusionist spell list and lose access to all light spells from the white mage spell list, but is otherwise unchanged. In addition, any of the mistwalker’s class abilities and spells that make calculations based on her Wisdom may use her Charisma instead.

This ability modifies the white mage’s spellcasting ability.

Veil Pool (Su)

Starting at 1st level, a mistwalker draws power from a reserve of magical energy to strengthen her illusions. This veil pool has a number of points equal to her class level + her Charisma modifier. The pool refreshes once per day when the mistwalker rests for 8 full hours. As a standard action, the mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool to alter her appearance as per the spell disguise self. This is an illusion effect that lasts a number of hours equal to the mistwalker’s class level. The DC to disbelieve the effect is equal to 10 + half of the mistwalker’s level + her Charisma modifier.

At 5th level, the mistwalker can alter her perceived audible (sound) properties when she assumes her disguise.

At 9th level, the mistwalker can also alter her perceived tactile (touch) properties, and can imitate any voice with which she is familiar.

At 13th level, the mistwalker’s veil fools even extraordinary senses, such as scent, blindsight, or tremorsense.

This ability replaces white magery.

Mending Veil (Su)

Beginning at 2nd level, the mistwalker learns to weave the veils of illusion into her healing spells, making those that benefit from them believe they are more potent than they actually are, and benefit as such. When the mistwalker cast a healing spell, she can spend 1 point from her veil pool to attempt a Bluff check against a DC of 15 + the highest level among targets of that spell. If she passes the check, that healing spell increases its caster level by +2, and adds 2 dice of the appropriate type to the maximum amount it can heal by caster level. At 5th level and every four levels thereafter, both these bonuses increase, to a maximum of +6 to caster level and a an additional 6 dice of the appropriate type added to the maximum amount it can heal by caster level. However, if she fails the Bluff check, the targets of the spell disbelieve the illusion magic she has weaved into the spell, making it less effective on them. If they disbelieve the illusion magic, that spell is 25% less potent than it is normally. If the mistwalker would fail her Bluff check, she can spend 2 points from her veil pool to automatically pass the check instead. The mistwalker can use this ability a number of times per day equal equal to half her white mage level plus her Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces lay on hands.

Breath of the Wild (Su)

The mistwalker is in tune with the ambient energies of the world, and she may use them to slip in and out of danger more easily by taking on a measure of intangibility at will. At 3rd level, the mistwalker adds a +1 dodge bonus to her AC. This bonus increases by +1 for every four white mage levels thereafter.

By expending a veil pool point, the mistwalker may add an additional +1 dodge bonus for a number of turns equal to her Charisma modifier; she then becomes fatigued after the bonus expires. If she is already fatigued, she becomes exhausted. Beginning at 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th levels, she may spend an additional veil pool point, up to her Charisma modifier, to add matching dodge bonuses to her AC (maximum 5). At 11th level, she no longer becomes fatigued when expending a veil point to increase her dodge bonus.

This ability replaces focused caster and auto-regen.

Veil Powers (Su)

The mistwalker’s awareness grows over time to merge with the world’s spiritual energies, expanding her understanding of her surroundings and circumstances. Starting at 5th level, a mistwalker gains a veil power from the list below. She gains another veil power for every three levels of mistwalker attained after 5th level. Starting at 8th level and every time she gains a veil power thereafter, the mistwalker may spend an additional veil point up to her Charisma modifier to increase the insight bonus by a matching value (maximum 6).

Unveiled Body (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as a swift action to add a +1 insight bonus to her Heal checks for a number of rounds equal to her Charisma modifier.

Unveiled Heart (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as an immediate action to gain a +1 insight bonus to a save of her choice.

Unveiled Memory (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as a free action to add a +1 insight bonus to her next Knowledge skill check.

Unveiled Mind (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as a free action to add a +1 insight bonus to her next Spellcraft or concentration check.

Unveiled Sight (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as free action to gain a +1 insight bonus to her Perception and Sense Motive rolls for a number of minutes equal to her Charisma modifier.

Unveiled Soul (Su): The mistwalker can spend 1 point from her veil pool as an immediate action to grant a +1 insight bonus to another character’s attempt to stabilize, whether that character is stabilizing himself or rolling Heal to stabilize another.

This ability replaces metamagic enhancement.

Beyond the Veil (Su)

At 17th level, the mistwalker has come to recognize that the border between life and death is as malleable as mist. Once per day, as a move action, the mistwalker may select a dead (so long as it has not been dead for more than five minutes) or dying target within 30 feet with 0 or negative hit points and usher them back into the light of the living. The target is treated as though it had been Raised, but does not suffer negative levels, it may be returned even if it suffered a death effect, and it returns with a number of hit points equal to its HD + three times the mistwalker’s Charisma modifier.

Conversely, the mistwalker may give the weak and dying a final push into their next great adventure. The mistwalker may urge all enemies within a 30-ft.-radius of herself to depart from the realm of the living. If an enemy within this radius has less than 2 HD of its health remaining, it must roll a Will save (DC 10 + half the white mage’s level + her Charisma modifier). A failed save means that the enemy dies. If the enemy or enemies in question are undead, then they need only be at less than a quarter of their maximum health before they are forced to resist this ability.

This ability replaces bypass spell resistance.