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Lawful Neutral astral of the skies and preservation.

The first of all Airship kind, Ark instills the knowledge of air travel onto any creation he has a hand in. Be it through magic, combustion, or some other means, Airships will soar the skies in the name and design of Ark. Ark is also known to have allowed several planets to migrate to close ones in times of dire need, summoned by the inhabitants to ferry across breed-able participants of all races and species.

Ark takes on the visage of a colossal ship that can fly through the sky with ease. Often using magic to fly, Ark can remain airborne almost indefinitely. Many airships are designed after Ark, with worshipers inscribing his name and symbols onto any aircraft they build. When Ark wishes to attack, or defend, it can morph and rotate its body into that of a giant Mech, with appropriate weapons to fire at enemies.

Engineers, Sky pirates and anyone who dreams of reaching the clouds worship Ark in the hopes their dreams come true and without error.

Titles: Lord of Airships, Savior of Races, The Cruise Chaser
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Allied Deities: Valefor.
Portfolio: Air, Airships, Preservation, Transport.
Domains: Air, Artifice, Liberation, Travel.
Subdomains: Construct, Exploration, Freedom
Favored Weapon: Halberd