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These gun arm wielders specialize in using the double-bladed gunblades, attacking with a flurry of crimson swings and firing from range on unsuspecting foes.

The crimsonbreaker is an archetype of the gunbreaker class.

Armor Proficiency

The crimson breaker loses heavy armor proficiency.

This ability modifies the gunbreaker’s starting armor proficiencies.


The crimsonbreaker must choose double gunblade as his starting gun arm.

This ability modifies gunsmith.

Double Weapon Training (Ex)

The crimson breaker gains Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat without needing to meet the prerequisite when wielding a double gunblade gun arm. At 6th level, he gains Improved Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat. The firearm of the gun arm is also treated as light to determine bonuses from two weapon fighting.

This ability replaces keen edge and a gunbreaker talent gained at 6th level.

Gun Arm Mastery (Ex)

The following replaces the Parry Mastery choice from gun arm mastery.

  • Blade Mastery: Decrease the penalty from two weapon fighting by 1.

Crimson Flurry (Ex)

At 11th level, the crimson breaker gains Greater Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat when wielding a double gunblade gun arm, and when he performs a full attack action with this weapon, he adds his Wisdom modifier to the attack rolls.

This ability replaces royal guard.