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Gilsweepers are the mercantile tricksters of central Thanalan in Eorzea. Often seen as eccentric highwaymen, these nomadic thieves use improvisation, wit, and a bit of Qiqirn moxie to get the gil!

The gilsweeper is an archetype of the gambler class.

Class Skills

The gilsweeper knows the best trades routes and hidden crags for safety and surprise. He adds Knowledge (Geography) and Survival to his list of class skills.

Qiqirn Sensibilities (Ex)

The gilsweeper treats any pouch filled with at least 20 gil as a simple weapon (that of a light mace) and is proficient with them. A pouch filled with 100 gil or more acts as a heavy mace for a gilsweeper, with which he is proficient in.

This ability modifies the gambler’s starting weapon proficiencies.

Nomadic Roots (Ex)

A gilsweeper never forgets the qiqirn nomadic traditions. He holds his valuables close and are always prepared for long marches. At 1st level, the gilsweeper gains the Endurance feat as a bonus feat. In addition, the gilsweeper also gains a +2 insight bonus to CMD against steal and disarm attempts. This bonus increases by 1 for every five gambler levels he possesses.

This ability replaces beginner’s luck.

Gil-Thwack! (Su)

Also at 1st level, the gilsweeper knows how to make the most of any nearby item for a good thwacking! The gilsweeper gains the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat. When he uses gil toss against an opponent, he can sacrifice a piece of mundane equipment and convert it into “gil” to spend on his gil toss ability. He can sacrifice a portion of the item’s market value (no more than 5 times his gambler level per item in gil) as a free action during a gil toss. When used in this way, the item loses one hit point per 5 gil of its market value as part of the ability (This hit point loss ignores hardness). A destroyed item cannot be sacrificed in this way. Gear that lose all their hit points by this ability are lost or unusable. This reduction of gil expenditure for Gil Toss cannot go below 5 gil. This otherwise functions as Gil Toss.

This ability modifies gil toss.

Qiqirn Quirks (Ex/Su)

The qiqirn have their own unique handle on things. Whenever the gilsweeper would gain a gambler talent, he can instead choose a quirk. The gilsweeper can choose from the following:

Gil Scatter! (Ex): A gilsweeper has learned how to make gil dangerous in the right hands. When using Gil Toss, he may target a single square. When the gil is thrown at that square, instead of being ‘lost’, they, instead, spread out and act as caltrops, using his normal Gil Toss ability’s damage, rather than those of standard caltrops. In addition, the gilsweeper may also spend a luck point as a swift action to have this ability affect a 10-ft.-diameter square. The expended gil can be retrieved as caltrops can.

Gil-Splat! (Ex): When making a Gil Toss at an opponent, the gilsweeper can spend an extra 10 gil to make it turn into a splash weapon. When it hits an opponent, creatures adjacent to the target must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + half of the gambler’s level + his Charisma modifier) or take the normal damage of gil toss (slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing damage can still be chosen by the gilsweeper). A success makes the targets take minimum damage.

Gil-Whallop! (Su): A gilsweeper can make his finances cut deeper than crippling debt! Whenever the gilsweeper uses Gil Toss, he can spend 1 luck point or an additional 20 gil to add a +1 enhancement bonus to it, allowing it to bypass damage reduction as if it were magic. He can spend an additional luck point per enhancement or increments of 20 gil to increase this enhancement bonus, to a maximum of 5. A +3 gil toss counts as cold iron and silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. A +4 gil toss counts as crystal and adamantine. A +5 gil toss counts as all alignments. This enhancement bonus only lasts until the attack is resolved. This benefit only affects Gil Toss and any features that modify it.

How did he-!? (Ex): Whenever a gilsweeper performs an Acrobatics check to tumble, high jump or, long jump, he can spend a luck point to take a 10 on the roll. Should he succeed the check, he can go and extra 10 feet of movement if it would help him get to his destination. This extra distance does not help calculate the damage of feats and abilities based on distance.

Lucky Swig (Su): When the gilsweeper consumes a cure potion (or any alchemical item that with the cure spell attached to its spell prerequisites) to Heal hit point damage, he can spend a luck point to reroll the healing and take the higher result. If he pays 10 gil per caster level of the item, he can add his Charisma modifier to the result of the heal.

Mercantile Protection (Ex): A gilsweeper views gil as a weapon and shield. If the gilsweeper has a pouch filled with gil in his off-hand with at least 50 gil in it, he can treat it as a buckler with the same hardness, hit points, shield bonus, and armor class penalty. It also counts as a shield for the purposes of prerequisites and class features. If the pouch is filled with 100 gil, it counts as a heavy wooden shield. If the pouch is filled with 200 gil or more, it acts as a heavy steel shield.

Mollywhop (Su): When the gilsweeper uses Gil Toss, he can choose to make it a melee weapon attack instead of a ranged touch attack. When doing so, Gil Toss targets regular AC instead of Touch AC but the damage dice increase by 1 step (from a d6 to d8 as an example). If the attack misses, the gilsweeper can sheathe his gil as a free action and no gil is expended. The melee Gil Toss counts as a light mace for the purposes of feats.

Panzer-Snatch! (Ex): When making a charge attack at an opponent, the gilsweeper can instead make a steal or disarm with an additional +2 bonus to the attempt. This provokes as normal unless he spends a luck point as a free action during the attempt. Should he successfully steals or disarms his opponent of a manufactured weapon, piece of gear, or any other item on the target’s person, they are flat-footed to him until the start of their next turn.

Qiqirn Sneaky Sneaks! (Ex): When the gilsweeper hits a flat-footed opponent with Gil Toss and deals damage, the gilsweeper can spend an attack of opportunity to throw a card from his deck. The gilsweeper can also spend 5 gil to add the risk die from gil toss to his throwing card as part of the action. This can be performed once per round and only once per full attack1.

Sturdy Pockets (Ex): When using a bag of gil as a weapon, it gains a +1 enhancement bonus, effectively becoming a +1 weapon. At gambler level 7th and every three gambler levels thereafter, this enhancement bonus increases by 1, to a maximum of +5 at 16th level. If the gilsweeper also has the Mercantile Protection quirk, this enhancement bonus also applies to using bags of gil as a shield. Prerequisite: The gilsweeper must be at least 4th level to select this quirk.

These abilities may replace gambler talents.

Travel Light! (Sp)

At 5th level, the gilsweeper can hide his valuables in the crevices of his person, never to be found. The gilsweeper may cast the Secret Coffer spell once per day as a spell-like ability. He uses his gambler level as his caster level for the ability. He can designate one of his empty pockets (if any) to act as a mode of transport for stowing and drawing items from the coffer. His pocket acts as the opening for the coffer for a number of minutes equal to his gambler level, after which the opening to the coffer closes on its own, leaving the pocket as if it were empty. At 10th level, he can also cast Secret Chest once per day as a spell-like ability, but he must designate a different empty pocket to act as the opening.

This ability replaces professional gambler.

Entreat Fortune (Ex)

At 7th level, when the gilsweeper scores big, he scores big! Whenever the gilsweeper scores a critical hit with Gil Toss, he regains an amount of luck points equal to his half his Charisma modifier (rounded down). Any luck points gained over his maximum are lost. He can only regain luck points in this way once per round. In addition, should he succeed at any Profession checks related to gambling or selling goods, he gains additional gil equal to his gambler level.

This ability replaces double or nothing.