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Archetypes (Monk)

Table: Monk Archetypes

Breath of Life MonkCoursing through their veins is pure life energy, managed by steady breathing and advanced, somewhat unorthodox combat techniques, breath of life monks manage their breath and powers from turn to turn, and use them to do immensely powerful things.
Chi MasterThe chi master believes that violence is sometimes necessary, but knowing and understanding is the true root of perfection.
Diminutive AdeptA diminutive adept turns his diminutive stature and unorthodox footwork into a powerful weapon. Effortlessly moving across the battlefield, he ducks under the legs of larger creatures and then topples them with surprising attacks. Available only to tarutaru monks.
Ironskin MonkThrough discipline and training, an ironskin monk hardens his body to withstand punishing blows. Though slow on his feet, his calloused hands and feet can shatter stone and stagger foes. Available only to galka monks.
Ki WarriorKi warriors are monks who have learned to harness the life energy called ki, and forge it into a deadly weapon enhancer, using their own bodies as weapons. These ki warriors are masters of the martial arts and hence are only hindered by the use of manufactured weapons and armors. A ki warrior’s ki infuses them with many abilities, and unlocks the legendary super transformations that grants them phenomenal strength and agility.
Master of Many StylesThe master of many styles is a collector. For every move, he seeks a counter. For every style, he has a riposte. Ultimately, he seeks perfection through the fusion of styles.
Monk of the WildMonks of the wild grow up in the wild and often emulate the animals they have seen in the wild.
Nimble GuardianSome mithra monks dedicate their graceful prowess to the defense of others, especially those dedicated to a similar ethos or who prove themselves as stalwart allies of the monk’s cause. Available only to mithra monks.
PeacekeeperMonks are warriors who hone their bodies into deadly weapons, but some garif monks eschew violence in favor of a more peaceful philosophy. While a peacekeeper realizes that combat cannot always be avoided—and is more than capable in a fight—he understands that all creatures are connected, and to harm another is to harm the self. Instead, he strives to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts, and in doing so, hopes to achieve inner peace. Available only to garif monks.
Scaled FistSteeped in traditions that trace their origins to the au ra warrior-monks who master the power of their draconic heritage, scaled fists eschew passive introspection in favor of unshakable confidence. Scaled fists learn to combine brutal intimidation with the brazen ferocity of an ancient wyrm to devastate their foes. Available only to au ra monks.
Student of the StoneBy following the path of the stone, students of stone give up much of monks’ mobility in favor of sheer resilience. Available only to dwarf monks.
Treetop MonkWhile many viera follow traditional monastic training and traditions, others learn to blend exotic combat and the mysterious forces of ki with the natural world, allowing them to move through trees and overgrowth to deliver devastating attacks. Available only to viera monks.
WandererSome monks wander the world in humility to learn and to share wisdom and philosophy from their teachers with those they meet, often aiding those who are in need. Available only to hume monks.
White MonkMonks that heed the call of tranquility in white magic are often called White Monks. They focus upon the healing and holy aspect of magic than the animalistic nature of their martial arts.