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At 3rd level and every third level thereafter, the monk can select one blitz technique. These powerful techniques employ the monk’s ki, expending 1 ki point on usage, to accomplish amazing feats of mystical power and strength. Once a blitz technique is selected, it cannot be changed later. Unless otherwise noted, a monk cannot select an individual blitz technique more than once.

Table: Blitz Techniques

Blitz TechniquesPrerequisitesBenefits
Aura Blast (Su)Employ your martial spirit to strike a distant foe. Make a ranged touch attack against a target within 30 feet, and if it hits, the target takes non-elemental damage equal to 1d6 per monk level.
Ki Trap (Su)Conjure a pulsating ball of energy that harms nearby enemies. You summon a 5 foot ball of energy in an adjacent space that deals 1d6 per three monk levels in non-elemental damage to adjacent enemies, dealing maximized damage instead to those who share its space. The damage is dealt once the Ki Trap is created and every time a creature ends their turn in the area of effect. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the monk's Constitution modifier.
Mantra (Su)Sing an ancient mantra, amplifying healing effects on you and nearby allies. As a swift action, add an extra 1d6 + an additional 1d6 per three monk levels healing you and allies within 20 feet receive from healing with dice components. Fast healing effects are instead increased by 1 per 3 monk levels. This effect lasts for one minute. Healing received from effects with no dice components or fast healing are otherwise unaffected.
Meteor Strike (Ex)Suplex your foe crashing into the ground. Make a grapple combat maneuver check (this does not provoke attacks of opportunity) against an adjacent creature no more than one size larger than yourself with a bonus equal to half your monk level. If successful, you may reposition that creature to an open square adjacent to you, knocking them prone and dealing 1d10 per two monk levels + 1.5x your Strength modifier in bludgeoning damage to them.
Phantom Rush (Su)Monk 6Rush your target in a phantom-like blur, assaulting them with a barrage of blows. As a swift action, you empower your next charge against a target within 30 feet to not provoke attacks of opportunity from movement. Additionally, once you arrive at your target, you may perform a flurry of blows.
Purification (Su)Monk 6Release positive energy to remove status ailments. You remove one negative status effect for every six monk levels you possess to a target you touch. This changes to a swift action if you target yourself with this ability.
Raging Fist (Ex)Assail your foe with raging fury. As a swift action, you may make one additional unarmed strike at your highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack. This bonus attack stacks with all bonus attacks gained from flurry of blows, as well as those from Haste and similar effects.
Razor Gale (Su)Cut down distant foes with the power of wind. You may launch up to a number of gales equal to 1 per three monk levels, each dealing 1d6 + your Constitution modifier in wind damage to a visible target within 100 feet. These gales strike unerringly (no attack roll required), so long as your target has less than total cover or total concealment.
Rising Phoenix (Su)Invoke the wrath of a fiery phoenix, incinerating nearby enemies. You deal 1d6 per monk level fire damage to all enemies within 15 feet of you. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + half of your monk level + your Constitution modifier) halves this damage.
Shockwave (Su)Sunder the earth beneath your feet with your ki, harming creatures caught in its path. Grounded creatures within a 15 foot line take an amount of earth damage equal to 1d8 per monk level and suffer the Immobilized status effect for 1 round. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + half of your monk level + your Constitution modifier) halves this damage and negates the status effect.
Soul Spiral (Su)Monk 6Release your life force in the form of a dazzling spiral, invigorating nearby allies. You sacrifice a number of your hit points of your choosing, up to an amount that would bring you equal to your Constitution score in negative hit points (thereby killing you). Allies other than yourself within 20 feet of you are then healed for the amount of hit points you sacrificed.
Thunderclap (Ex)Gain a short burst of speed that allows you to travel faster than the speed of sound. As a move action, you rush to a visible, open square within 30 feet. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Unbridled Strength (Su)Greased Lightning class featureAmplify your battle instincts in a surge of raw fury. As a move action, you gain 3 stacks of Greased Lightning.