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Archetypes (Beastmaster)

Table: Beastmaster Archetypes

BattleragerAll beastmasters command respect, but the battlerager is an unrelenting physical force. The name of this archetype suggests rage, risk-taking, and that is certainly part of its effectiveness, but it would be a grave mistake to suggest that the battlerager is sloppy or undisciplined. It takes an incredible amount of control to know when to lose control. Battle momentum is the key: finding the balance between total commitment and over extending. The battlerager controls the pace of combat, setting a standard that the enemy can’t match. In turn, they can be sustained by the mayhem they produce, and find new energy in every fallen foe. While they stand, while stamina remains, they have no match, but they can’t stand back and let battle unfold. For the battlerager, battle always ends in glory, win or lose.
BerserkerRage rests within the heart of all people, but for some, it’s like some barely contained beast ready to tear its way out. For many, this frenzy allows them to face even the most dangerous of foes and survive. Their innate ability to hold on to this energy and ride it through the waves of battle has made them a feared and respected force. Yet some descend even deeper in this berserk state, harnessing it as often as they can, fighting on without care for themselves and showing no mercy to those in their paths. These are the berserkers.
DruidWithin the purity of the elements and the order of the wilds lingers a power beyond the marvels of civilization. Furtive yet undeniable, these primal magics are guarded over by servants of philosophical balance known as druids. Allies to beasts and manipulators of nature, these often misunderstood protectors of the wild strive to shield their lands from all who would threaten them and prove the might of the wilds to those who lock themselves behind city walls.
Feral GnasherFeral gnashers grow up in the wild, either raised by animals or scraping by on their own, and soon learn to fend for themselves. These beastmasters often utilize pieced-together armor and fight with their sharp teeth and whatever improvised weapons are within reach. Available only to ronso beastmasters.
Hateful RagerFrom a young age, many orcs are treated cruelly, bullied, ridiculed, and made outcasts. While some hide their shame, others foster a deep, burning hatred that they channel into a raw fury and unleash against their enemies. Available only to orc beastmasters.
MarauderThe marauder is a combat specialist whose weapon of choice is any two-handed weapon – a fearsome arm emblematic of Eorzea’s pirates. Their approach to battle is one of brute force, relying on strength and steel to crush enemies and sunder weapons. They are highly sought after for their ferocity and intimidating presence, and are often employed to hunt down monsters plaguing the land, or turning the tide of battle between warring nations.
Meowsterful RagerFurious at her small stature, the meowsterful rager seeks imaginary revenge on any who lord over her. Available only to palico beastmasters.
Natural StrikerTo truly understand beasts, one must become one themselves. Channeling their inner beasts, they attack using nothing more than their own raw strength and intuition. The natural striker is like a beast possessed, though still has their wits about them. Utilizing their own intellect, they work with their companion to give themselves an edge in combat, where survival is for the fittest.
Pack-Bonded HunterVargs works best with a pack, and a beastmaster with a hunter’s bond with his companions comes closest to duplicating this pack mentality. Some varg beastmasters strengthen this bond with their adventuring comrades, granting the ability to work well as a team when these varg beastmasters direct their activities. Available only to varg beastmasters.
Primal HunterMost beastmasters are skilled at awakening the primal beasts inside themselves. However, some can instead activate the primal essence within their animal companion. These primal hunters bestow upon their companions the ability to suddenly manifest new and terrifying powers—throwbacks to long-extinct beasts, bizarre mutations from extreme environments, or new abilities crafted from generations of selective breeding.
RangerFor those who relish the thrill of the hunt, there are only predators and prey. Be they scouts, trackers, or bounty hunters, rangers share much in common: unique mastery of specialized weapons, skill at stalking even the most elusive game, and the expertise to defeat a wide range of quarries. Knowledgeable, patient, and skilled hunters, these rangers hound man, beast, and monster alike, gaining insight into the way of the predator, skill in varied environments, and ever more lethal martial prowess. While some track man-eating creatures to protect the frontier, others pursue more cunning game—even fugitives among their own people.
TamerThe tamer befriends – or enslaves – monsters, calling on them to assist him in battle.
Tree GuardianSome beastmasters turn to the timeless growth of nature for solace, finding allies among the great trees themselves, and even leading the forest’s plants into combat. Available only to mandragora beastmasters.
WerewolfWerewolves usually trace their powers from a distant lycanthrope ancestor, though some gain their powers through totem worship. These warriors tap into the power and skill of the wolf, an animal feared and worshiped by many barbaric tribes. Their connection with this animal comes with a deep respect and kinship at times, though some shifters may turn their back on this fundamental connection. Just like the wolf, these shifters often travel great distances, partly from a keen wanderlust, and partly from unwelcoming treatment by common folk.
Wild ShadowThe isolation that some vieras feel leads them to live a life of isolation amid the wild places of the world. Such beastmasters stalk the wild like shadows, creating close bonds with the wild itself instead of seeking the solace and aid of companions. While ill at ease within cities and other urban areas, they are adept at using the terrain to tactical advantage; they dart through brambles and rough terrain with uncommon grace and use the land itself to lock down enemies. Available only to viera beastmasters.